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Found 9 results

  1. Richard Stifler

    World War 1 - Historiography

    Guys, I was practicing the answer to the classical question of the causes that led to the outbreak of WW1 (examine the role of colonialism rivalry that led to the outbreak of WW1), and lacked some specific examples of historians from each current (revisionist, marxist, and those who blame the politicians and ministers for incompetence). The historiography only includes historians, right? We cannot include, for example, Lenin or Lloyd George? My teacher didn't really develop this and I am essentially for the first time looking at this to answer questions in History. Could you help me out in explaining how I can use historiography to achieve top marks in my essays, and give me specific details of historians who defend revisionism, marxism (communism), the blame to politicians and many other currents you find important to develop? Grateful, Richard
  2. josephapakesch

    October Revolution

    These Are notes on the October Revolution with Pictures
  3. josephapakesch

    October Revolution

    October Revolution View File These Are notes on the October Revolution with Pictures Submitter josephapakesch Submitted 04/04/2016 Category Russia
  4. jinnie0311

    Paradise of the Blind

    Hello people, I have an Interactive Oral --if you don't know what it is, it's an oral presentation + leading discussion by group-- on the history of the novel "Paradise of the Blind" by Duong Thu Huong. I have got Communism part of the history, and I have a few question that I need to answer. I sort of get the answer, but I am not clear how to gather my little pieces of ideas into a clear answer, since the question covers a wide field. Questions: Where does the author allude to history (communism) in the text? How are these important to our response & understanding of the text? Are there any motifs used in the text that connect to this topic? Are there any themes in the text that come out of this topic? The first two questions are very important and I have least knowledge about those two questions. Please help me, and please add some quotations and the number of chapter if you know some well-supportive questions. And please recommend me some questions that I can use for discussion leading if you have some interesting questions. Thank you so much.
  5. Schrodinger's CAS

    Best Form of Government?

    As Plato suggested in the Republic, the best form of government is a dictatorship in which the dictator is both benevolent and competent. Some examples of such dictators off the top of my head are: Peter I of Russia, Den Xiaoping, and Kemal Ataturk. However, every type of government has it's faults. But some are arguably better than others. So what form of government do you guys think is the best in terms of efficiency, justice, economy, etc? Thought?
  6. letmeaskmymum

    Politics EE on Communism/Marxism

    Hi, I am thinking of doing my EE on something around the topic of communism. Preferably, I would be analysing ideology under the EE Politics subject guide, but I don't take Politics as a subject (I do take history though). For my topic, I was thinking something like 'Is communism a relevant ideology in the 21st century' or something along those lines... I'm thinking it might be a bit too general. Additionally, the Politics subject guide it doesn't say much about EE's dealing with theoretical issues rather than around the issues surrounding an event. I'm just looking for a bit of guidance in relation to my topic (Is it too broad? If so, what are some suggestions to narrow it), The subject choice (Is it a really bad idea to do politics in the first place?), and just a bit more information on what would be the included in the content (Would it largely be scholar debate driven?) Thanks!
  7. tusonliu

    IA History Question

    To what extent was Mao´s success for rising communism in China due to his charisma and leadership? too broad? too narrow? any suggestions? any other good question about Mao and/or communism in China? I will appreciate any comment, thank you.
  8. My original thesis for my EE was "How did the end of communism in Albania contribute to an increase in human trafficking" , but my advisor kept telling me that this is more of a report rather than a research paper because of the "how did" in the first part of the question. She then suggested that I put "To what extent" instead. Does using "How did" in the beginning of my question make it a report? I dont understand how it could. My research teacher originally told me that I could do this, but then my advisor said that i couldnt.... So i just need someones opinion on whether i should use " how did" or " to what extent"
  9. Callum van den Enden

    Summary/Analysis of major events (1914 - 1991)

    Here's a summary and analysis I have compiled of many of the major events of the 20th Century (Prescribed Topics 1 and 3 of new Syllabus). Some have been written, others researched and drawn from other sources. Hope it helps with the study!

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