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Found 39 results

  1. Hello kind humans who have stumbled upon this post: I applaud your effort to find this topic, please allow me to introduce moi, moi-self et moi. I am currently am, at the moment a student attending grade 8 at the York region PUBLIC school board, and I’m attending St. Robert Catholic School in Thornhill, Ontario for the 2020-21 school year, and will graduate at St. Robert (hopefully) in the spring of 2024. I have successfully made it into the predatory IB program at the school and have already submitted that gigantic package that came after the acceptance letter and gave it to the office, accepted with no problem. But, since it is a York Region CATHOLIC school, and I’m transferring from a public school I’m not going to be able to select my courses through the MyBlueprint/MyPathwayPlanner system like everyone else staying in the public school system. I am aware that YRCDSB also has the same system; but I cannot access that system to put in my courses, and all course selection is on that sheet that I gave to the office. Is that enough information to have me get into the required pre-ib classes at St. Robert? Because the high school panic is also staring to set in because I’m seeing everybody choose courses at guidance while I sit and do nothing because I’m “that” kid who’s going to a catholic school. Also, I am also aware of the fact that I need to take a full course load, plus religion. I’m wondering if the religion takes up one elective slot or is there some courseload schedule that has 8 courses instead of the 5 requirements, two electives, plus one religion? Thanks for coming on this topic, hope you can give an answer! Will be looking forward to a reply thanks! Thanks sheeple, Weird 8th grade human being.
  2. Hello people 💕💕 May i ask, can i used advertisement video as my 'text' in writting ee under language A category 3? How i should use the video through out writting the essay? How would i treat the videos during the submissions of ee in the future? Through links or should i send also all the videos to ib? Or am i needed to somehow screenshot some needed parts from the videos and include them throughout my discussion in the essay?? Can anyone help me cuz i really confused rn 😭
  3. Hello, I am currently at a school running the IB diploma for the first time ever and my grade has become the Guinea pigs. This is fine but students are convinced that the school is not running it properly. At the moment, my predicted grades are a concern. In french class, my teacher has not converted any of our grades from IB to the regular diploma scores. In addition, she is not weighting the ib-styled exams as much as content for the province’s curriculum. Meanwhile in math class, my ib-styled exam was higher, so was my IA and so is the mean of all my tests and assignments this year. I have risen my math mark up 20% since the beginning even though before this year they did nothing ib (did not mark ib, no ib tests, no ib times for tests etc). How are they getting their marks?! What can I do?!
  4. Hey guys, Im not sure whether or not IB goes into Permutations and Combinations too deeply or even at all. I've asked my seniors and other IB schools if they did this topic, for which i got a reply saying no. IB HAS stated Permutations and Combinations in their 2016 syllabus so does that mean it's going to be in IB diploma exam? btw i start the IB program in 2 days
  5. Hi Im considering taking Chemistry as a subject in IB because I am yet to start school but I am not too sure about it as I did not take Chemistry as a subject for my IGCSE/GCSE. I wonder what you guys think about this and it would be really helpful if i could have a general comparison of chemistry as a subject in IB and IGCSE Thanks a lot
  6. Okay, my chapter 2 exam is coming up now... I am just wondering what to expect most on the test, because I heard that there are some concepts in the new IB curriculum that are less important than others. So far, I have learned: Atom Theory(model theories), Nuclear Reaction, Geologic Dating (Decay), Electromagnetic Spectrum, Continuous Spectrum, Rydberg Calculations, Electron Configuration, Calculation (Wavelength, Period, Frequency), and Ionization Energy. I have heard that there is more focus on the concept-based subjects which requires explaining, but I want some reassurance. How should I prepare? Thanks everyone!
  7. Our TOK teacher is not a teacher, he has no idea what TOK is neither do I and my whole class. The TOK Essay is due in a month and I have literally no clue of exactly what to do with the TOK essay. Is it like a normal essay? How do I use the TOK terms? Do I make an argument? Do I need a knowledge question? Do I need to cite everything I say? Like personal knowledge or shared knowledge? And yes, I'm concentrated during class it's not my fault that I don't know what to do. I've read many guides and sample essay and I still don't know exactly what to do. Plz help. THANKS!
  8. Hello IB folks, I will go straight into my topic. So, my stoichiometry unit exam is in 2 days... (Im grade 11 btw) and I am so stuck on some of these questions.... I am very much familiar with the sub topics (molar masses/conversions/solution/dilution/etc.), but when it comes to actual stoiciometry word problems, I am just stumped... I find it so hard to solve them because often times, I don't know where to start or the approach to the questions...(although not all of them...) I am sitting here with a batch of sample word problems, and they are just so hard to get by because they are worded all differently... And most of all, Im so scared because this is my first big chem test and the past averages for this test were 60% in the past years! I would like to seek help mainly on steps or procedures(if there are any...) to solving these word problems from you friends Any helpful tips or experiences with this unit would be greatly appreciated as well. It's not that I don't know the concepts, but I am having a hard time with the approach. Thank you very much all!
  9. Hello, I have recently received two unsuccesful Uni applications, In a chosen field of nursing. My top applications being rejected, hits hard especially knowing entry requirements were bare minimum (24 points) . ( I'm predicted 35 -36) I would really appreciate some advice; do I need to have work experience in a hospital?
  10. I've been working on my biology EE and I have already gotten a lot of work into it and I don't want to restart the whole thing again like I did before. I was wondering, is it really necessary to do an experiment for a biology EE to pass and receive the diploma? What is the maximum score that I could expect if I do not conduct an experiment? If possible, could I look into the raw data of other studies and maybe do some calculations from there? *I'm writing an EE on GMOs and their effects on biodiversity*
  11. Hey guys, My school is terrible at explaining the way CAS works, and I'll be starting IB this year (in summer at the moment). I have heard that in order to "fulfill" CAS, you basically have to tick off objectives, which are given by the school and vary by institution? Can someone give me a basic explanation on how CAS works, and how not to fail it? Sorry for being a noob, Thanks!
  12. Hey guys (IB Survival), I recently had a IB year 11 chemistry test on the topic "atomic structure". One of the questions in the test completely baffled me and due to this I could not get full marks or a 7 out of 7 for my year 12 chemistry grades. The question was (may be worded wrong since I don't really remember): "How many periods in a proton?" Can anyone help??
  13. So I'm calculating the length of a road going around the hill and I'm dealing with both elevation and length of the road. Separately it's very simple to calculate, all I do is plot the points, get a progression mean line and use integration to find the distance. The problem comes into play when I have to use both these graphs. I have a vague idea that I have to somehow relate these two graphs onto one single graph but I am clueless I'm not asking anyone to directly answer the question, but just guide me in a way for possible solutions
  14. My IA topic is on roller-coasters and i am afraid that its too physics based and there is not enough math to support it. I am confused about how to format it and basically what to do. My teacher never gave us a guideline...
  15. This is my school's first year of IB and although we have made it through, but my peers and I finished off in complete confusion on what to do with the EE. I was able to come up with a rough idea to write about the effect of GMOs (foods) on people susceptibility to diseases (disease(s) not yet specified) but failed to make the question precise. On top of that, I don't have the slightest idea on whether the question falls in the field of ESS, Bio, World Studies, or any other subject. Thus, I do not know which format to follow. I know that there would be no way in which I could conduct my own experiments so I would have to rely solely on information that I can find on sources such as books, websites, and documentaries. May someone please clarify these things for me? I am pretty sure that I have got everything else handled, it is just that these problems above are preventing me from moving further on. I appreciate all the help received to help me clarify this situation.
  16. I do Business and Management(SL) I'm meant to create an action plan for my IA by Thursday but I'm confused about how I should be doing this? What should I be including in my action plan? I still havent picked my business and research question.. So I have to do that first. But I would highly appreciate it if someone could explain what the action plan should entail.
  17. Please help me! I am supposed to design my chemistry IA, but I honestly have NO IDEA on how to even start. Chemistry is my worst subject and I have a lot of trouble in understanding it. I always try so hard on my IA's but I always end up making B's. I have to decide on one factor that affects the rate of a reaction to investigate in my design lab IA and this lab is supposed to be easily reproducible. Here's my IA guidelines: Aspect 1 includes: Formulating a focused problem/research question and identifies the relevant variables. Aspect 2: Designs a method for the effective control of the variables. Aspect 3: Develops a method that allows for the collection of sufficient relevant data Can some one please help me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
  18. I am a junior, currently taking - HL: Math, Econ, Lang&Lit SL: Physics, Chem, Spanish Ab initio I've never taken an AP course before, but my school offers them. Although I do not plan on majoring in Engineering in college, I kinda want to take "AP Computer Science A" next year (grade 12). I haven't taken Computer Science before but it seems like such a vital subject to learn to keep with the times. I am interested but don't know if I can keep up with it; considering college applications, EE, IAs and exams, is it a viable option? Also, do you know if AP Computer Science A is alright for a complete beginner? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks a ton!
  19. Hi, I am in my first year of Ib diploma, i take physics SL, English A1 SL, Maths SL, Chemistry HL, Business HL, Arabic B HL, i still do not know which career path to choose and which university course to pick, i have to choose my EE topic soon and i would like it to be relatable to my course choice, can you please help me choose which courses are available to pick for university from the subjects i take? Thank you in advance,
  20. Hello, i take physics SL, English A1 SL, Maths SL, Chemistry HL, Business HL, Arabic B HL, i was wondering if you could tell me the possible courses i can take in university with these subjects, i was sort of thinking of taking business as a course in university, but it seems very light considering what the good grades that i get, and i could take it anyways later. Thank you in advance
  21. Guest

    I'm confused :(

    Hi everyone! I'm a first year IB student and so far my school has covered ways of knowing and about to give us the titles for our presentations... However, I feel like I'm confused about everything that is in TOK. The concepts seem to be very intertwined to one another and every now and then I find myself doubting what I've already learnt and trying to put everything together. Is there any way I can make TOK more simple, enjoyable and relatable? Thank you
  22. Hello, I have a chemistry SL Kinetics Design Lab due tomorrow The formula given is You will be investigating a factor that affects the rate of the following reaction: CaCO3(s) + 2H+(aq) ïƒ Ca 2+(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l) o Identify a problem you wish to solve and frame your problem as a hypothesis, you o Identify your variables (MV, RV, and relevant CVs) o Design an experiment that will enable you to test the validity of your hypothesis. must be able to explain the hypothesis. Assume you are given any equipment you need (available in any high school laboratory).  Be sure you procedure answers your problem statement AND is designed to control other variables that might affect the outcome. These are the guidelines, honestly, chemistry is not one of my strongest subject, and it would be great if anyone can give me some helpful tips thanks
  23. I'm in 11th grade in the United States, and I've just started the IB Diploma Program. It started out well enough, but now I feel as if I'm drowning in school work. I know that my teachers are disappointed in me, but I just am completely choking, and I don't know how to get myself out of this hole into which I've dug myself. Between IAs and my daily homework, as well as swimming on my school's team, and taking piano lessons, I feel like I cannot complete anything. And for my art class I'm supposed to be doing extra work outside of class... I don't know how to get myself back to an acceptable place with the workload that I have on a daily basis. I'm considering dropping, even though I truly enjoy my classes, and I really don't want to drop. I really just don't know what to do. Please help. Any advice is welcome.
  24. Hello! I´ve just been introduced to the ToK presentations, but my teacher is useless and he has not given me any actual explanation about what it consists of. I´m trying to think up a title/question for the presentation, but i´m confused about what it has to be about. Is it a problem? An issue? I´m also not sure how to structure it. Some sites that I visit say that I need to have two sides of an argument, whilst others just say to relate it to a real life situation. Fell free to include any other tips! Thank you so much!
  25. so i am basically done with my EE so this is probably a bad time to ask.. but my ee is on film, my RQ question is "an analysis of the evolution of women in the horror film genre from the 60's to current day" well, something along those lines, thats not the exact wording. but would this fall under film directly?? bc i don't speak about camera angles and lighting etc. so idk hellpppp
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