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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, guys. I'll just give out a list of my subjects in case it helps: HL: Biology, Chemistry, English SL: French, Psychology, Maths I'm currently thinking of going into the medical field, but I've been having some doubt recently. I want to do Psychiatry and if my calculations are correct, it would take 10+ years to finish my education. So I might just go into the healthcare field, not necessarily Medicine, but something similar. Although, as I said, I'm not sure yet. So I currently am a right disgrace in Chemistry. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like the subject and am incredibly interested in the sciences. But I'm afraid my teacher isn't exactly the best (okay, she's really...well, she's just not good at teaching concepts from scratch) and I'm literally failing my tests. I'm great at everything else, like the lab experiments, lab reports, and things that require you to be logical/practical. I actually ENJOY writing the lab reports, analysing data, etc. But when it comes to writing the tests, I am not doing well at all. And it feels terrible. I legitimately considered just dropping the subject as a whole because of how much I loathed Chemistry class. Now obviously that wouldn't look good on my university application if I actually do intend on doing Medicine. I want you guys to know that I am absolutely sure of that fact that I enjoy Chemistry. After looking at the situation from different perspectives and approaches, I've settled on the problem being the teacher. I sat back with her for some extra classes but it did not work out. I still didn't understand anything. I then thought that I could try to study it on my own but it was taking too much of my time and that would lead to me losing progress in other subjects. I really don't want to drop Chemistry. So I was wondering if shifting from HL to SL would help me enough to get a decent score in the subject. I'm not even asking for a 6/7, I personally think a 4 or 5 would do, that's how bad I am at it right now. I'd have to switch my levels in Psychology since that's the only SL subject I have that I can viably change levels in. My mid-year exams (just a series of summative exams that follow the pattern of the actual IB exam) end on December 9 (Friday), and after that, it'll be the last chance I have to drop the subject and take up something else. So if I choose to keep Chemistry, I'll have to stick with it. I can change levels for another year, however, so that's more under control. But do you guys think that I should switch from Chem HL to SL? Or just drop the subject as a whole? Will switching to SL be easier enough for me to not just drop the subject? Please keep in mind I DO enjoy the subject. I just don't enjoy the class. I think that's a pretty valid difference. Do you think I can handle Chemistry on my own? Not the whole subject, but most of it here and there? It's not possible to change to another class+teacher because the schedules are super tight. If I come across stuff that is too difficult for me to study on my own, I'll go to the teacher. But would it be better if I just switched to SL later? Is it "easier" to score in, by a large number? Also, I'm thinking of going to university in Canada. I think that information might matter as this question also concerns university applications. Thank you for your time. Sorry if I missed any important details. Sincerely, A really confused/afraid student who has a lot of potential but doesn't know what to do.
  2. Heyo So I'm taking my exams starting Monday. I talked to a friend today about History, and we were rather confused. I'm a HL student, she's a SL student. However, apart from HL studying more topics and having more lessons and the extra paper 3, we couldn't really find any differences in the levels when it comes to the criteria and grade breakdowns. Is this true? Because to me, it seems a bit odd that there is no difference in the assessment between the levels, as there is in all by other subjects.
  3. analyzeHM.docx View File analyzeHM.docx Submitter Amina Huseynli Submitted 04/17/2016 Category World Wars
  4. Short intro: 10th grader, planning on doing HL: Math, Physics, English A Course ; SL: German A LangLit, Economics, Chemistry My question: What exactly is the difference between the 'Literature' and the 'Language and Literature' courses? (Especially in English A). I understood that the 'Literature' course is very literature focused (and analysing, etc.) but then what exactly do you do in the language and literature course? I looked at the each syllabus but still did not quite understand what exactly the difference is... Thanks for replies
  5. Guest

    IB1 vs IB2

    Hi! I will start IB1 the 18th (have gone PDP this year) and I was wondering if IB1 is harder than IB2 or does it depend on if you do all your homeworks/assignments or not?? The difference between the homeworks, assignments, tests, CAS and everything else you can think of! Is it true that if you do everything properly the first year, the second year will be easier?? If you have any tips, write them!! (Can help me and my class alot - we get very tired of school early!)
  6. Hello, I have heard good things about this forum so I decided to check it out:) I have a question about the differences between topics covered in Math HL 1 and 2. Currently, I am a Junior taking Math SL1 but I feel motivated to take both Math HL 1 and 2 my senior year. I am not sure if other IB schools allow double blocking but it basically means you are taking Math HL 1 and 2, separate classes of course. Although this is allowed, few students take this option and from what I hear about Math HL, I don't blame them. But I feel confident and I am upto the task. I have had a consistent 94-95% in SL this year. The thing that worries me though is whether I will be able to manage the subjects in Math HL 2, prior to taking Math HL 1? Will I be at a significant disadvantage compared to students going from Math HL 1 to Math HL 2? Is the curriculum different enough between HL 1 and 2 for me to do decently well in both classes? Anything and everything about the switch from SL Math to HL, or just advice about HL 1 and 2 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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