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Found 88 results

  1. Hey guys, I’m new to IB survival so I’m not sure that i post this in the right place!! So I’m IB and i decided to do my EE on english b category 3. I am considering doing it on a book which has symbolism in it. I searched a lot of books and found out that animal farm by George Orwell is a good one. However i am not sure if it is over done or not! Can you guys help me? The deadline is on next week!!
  2. Hey! I've just started IBY1 and until the end of September, I can make changes to my subjects. So I'm wondering if I should take English B HL instead of English A HL (which I'm taking now). I've always been quite good at English however it's not my native language and that's why I'm afraid if I can handle English A HL. I'm most stressed about the interpretations and analyses of the texts during the final exams. I'm quite good at writing but I'm not sure about analyzing. I'm also already taking 3 other HL subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Geography) and I want to make it easier for me and have the best results possible and since I'm not planning on studying anything especially English- or even humanities-related (such as English literature, law etc.), I think I won't really use the knowledge I gained in English A classes, will only have to struggle with it during the 2 years and never use it again. Thanks in advance for any pieces of advice!!
  3. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE based on my English B subject. I'm actually having quite a hard time forming a solid question, but I've thought of a couple of topics. - the book "No Longer Human" by Dazai Osamu. I could talk about how the author showcases the struggle of the main character, a social outcast, trying to fit in the society, before he decided to commit suicide. -"Animal Farm/1984" by George Orwell and how it reflects the modern society/government. Since I'm living in Thailand I'd mainly focus on the Thai politics. -How mental illness was portrayed by the show "13 reasons why," and what impact it may have on the viewers. These are the topics I've thought about so far. I really want to start my EE as soon as possible, but I'm still not confident about my research questions/topics. Please take some time to help me out. Thanks.
  4. hey guys! I am new here. I am starting writing my extended essay in English B but I am so confused. I want to write about Disney movies. I think of portraying the way how women stereotypes have been broken from "Cinderella" and "Snow White and seven dwarfs" to "Frozen" and "Brave". Do you think this is a good enough topic? any suggestions or advice?
  5. Hi, I want to write my extended essay for English B, and my topic is about the book and the film "Gone with the wind", I choose it because I love this book and I read it for several times. I have a research question: To what extent does Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell show the theme of racism in US culture? But I'm not sure this is good enough or not to discuss and since I'm not from the US, I don't really know the American culture. I also want to talk about the sexism, do you think talk about sexism is better than racism? OR DO I NEED TO CHANGE TO A BETTER RESEARCH QUESTION? please help me to value, thank u and love u guys!
  6. I do English A language and literature HL and i am flunking bad.. i am really considering dropping it for English B HL. will it affect my chances of attending a good university? please help!!!! i'm dying right now. my current subjects are: English A HL L&L (2) French B HL (6) Economics HL (7) Bio SL (5) Psychology SL (6) Math SL(4)
  7. Hi guys, my EE sort of 'proposal' due date where we seriously consult to the EE supervisors and all that are next week's Wednesday, and honestly I'm still so so confused and I need help or just some suggestions or anything, please. Here are the subjects I am taking: Economics HL, Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chemistry SL, English A SL, MandarinAB. So, since the start, I've always intended on taking Economics EE because from all my other subjects, it seemed impossible for me. (I've been getting rock bottom scores for Math and the school have no more supervisors for Physics). So, I've been researching a lot for like a few months now, but until now I've got nothing. Initially, I wanted to do about impact of K-Pop in Korea's economy, which would certainly interest me, but the Econs EE supervisor said to do something related to your country, and I'm an Indonesian. I've also searched about topics like tourism, transport, food, etc, but it's really hard for me to relate it to the economics concept especially when it's like about a particular brand like for example McD, etc. And lots of people say that it's leaning more towards Business, and I don't take Business. My economics EE supervisor has been chasing me and all that about topics topics and topics for Econs since he knows that I want to take it, but yesterday he talked to me and said that it's really important for everyone to do an EE on a topic that will surely interest us and something that you are passionate about. He kept on also encouraging the whole class to take a Language EE, like Indonesian B and the subject allows you to talk about a wide range of things like analysing songs, brochures, ads and all that, etc. So, I was quite persuaded by that and I really want to do on something about K-Pop. So, I noticed I could write about K-Pop on these language EEs, but the problem is I don't take Indonesian B and I don't take English A HL (I take A SL), so it would surely be a challenge for me. Even though Indonesian is my first language, I don't know if I could write well, but I really feel like I wanna do this you know, or maybe do English A EE. Another problem is, I don't know how I could relate the topic of K-Pop to these language EEs, can anyone maybe share me your thoughts on my issue please? I really need help. Thank you!!...
  8. I will write my ee on Neverwhere by Neil gaiman and this is to be my rq, to what extent was existentialism the guiding factor for portraying dispossessed in Neil Gaimans Neverwhere? Is this a good research question and if not how can i improve it?
  9. Hi guys! I’m choosing the topic of my English B EE topic. Most of the topics I’ve seen in the internet are related to the books but I was wondering if I could do it on more “social” topic like for example how does the development of the internet affects sth?
  10. SMMM


    HI, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME CATEGORIZE THIS RESEARCH QUESTION? : How are the issues of racial tension, social class and gender bias portrayed in the 1940´s American society through “The bluest eye”? DO YOU THINK IS A GOOD IDEA TO DEVELOP THIS OTHER RESEARCH TOPICS?: - Influence of Anti-War Songs on Youth at the Turn of the 1960s and 70s in the USA - Media bias in the portrayal of asylum seekers and refugees IN THE UK PRESS. To what extent do media representations of refugees and asylum seekers limit their integration within society?
  11. I have really decided my topic of my English B EE to be metaphors in The Fault In Our Stars since it's deeply moving and unique in rhetorical strategies. But in this forum, I saw many past discussions about John Green's books that they are not classical and it might be risky to write my EE on this topic. My optimal career choice for the future is material science/ optics and electrical engineering, but I don't have enough resources to conduct a research to finish my EE on natural sciences. I have another choice, which is on analyzing the oligopoly in airlines competitions(extent of collusion,the role of government and state owned airlines,price discrimination,etc.), but I am a Eco SL student who just entered two extra HL classes per week. The truth is SL Eco does not cover any section of oligopoly, so I have to study an extra bit of work. Give me some suggestions on whether I should write English B EE or Economics EE, thanks!
  12. Hello! I'm currently thinking about doing an EE on Joyner Lucas' "I'm Sorry" I'm thinking of the RQ being: How does Joyner Lucas use language to illustrate suicide in modern society from two different viewpoints in his song "I'm Sorry"? The question is still being heavily developed, and I'm still unsure about the topic choice. I don't want this to be a Music EE, since I'm only going to be focusing on the language. I was wondering if the general idea is in the right direction, sound okay, and if it fits EE guidelines. Thanks in advance, Marts
  13. Ewa

    English B EE

    Hi, I am writing my extended essay in english b, in literature category. I know it has to be a research work, not a descriptive essay, so I'm not sure whether my topic will be accepted. I wanted to write about development of a character and their adaptation to the changes around. Do you think it would be alright? How about comparison of the two characters?
  14. Hi, guys! I was wondering if I could do an EE on the persuasive language, literary and rhetoric devices used in Martin Luther King's speech "I Have A Dream"? It's something that really interests me, analyzing speeches, what makes them effective, what doesn't and so on. Thanks ahead of time!
  15. I am doing a language B EE. I know that we can use a movie as "cultural artifact" for category 2(b). However, I am analyzing it from more of a literature point of view. The EE book says: "Category 3: An analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work of literature exclusively written in the target language?" So, Does a movie fit in category 3? Thanks.
  16. Hi! So, I've just finished my first month of the IB programme. I am planning to apply to medicine in the UK. Theoretically, I have picked all of the subjects that are required (chemistry&biology HL). However, I am concerned about English even though I'm aware the choice between English A and B is not that important for universities (and there is nothing mentioned about in in entry requirements). Currently, I'm attending English B classes, but it is the last possibility to transfer this week. On the one hand, English B is more likely to provide me with a 7 on the exam + it would allow me to focus on biology and chemistry for medicine (as there is definitely less work) However, my tutor claims that English A would prepare me better for the interview and would make my language sound "native". I do like literature, but I dread that it would be too time-consuming and that writing and literature would continuously have a negative impact on my grades from bio and chemistry. The case is: which option should I choose to maximize my chances of applying to medicine with success? Is English A really that demanding and tough? Is it worth to risk my bio-chem grades in order to strengthen my language skills? Is choosing English A really crucial to do well on the interview or staying on English B is enough? Thank you for your opinions
  17. Hello, my fellow IB students. I'm seeking help for my English B Extended Essay, I already have my topic, RQ, but I'm struggling with the overall approach to it. The EE is going to be focused on how Trump effectively used communication (persuasive language, tweets, etc.) to succeed in his presidential campaign because I'm fascinated by this crazy phenomenon. I have plenty of info and ideas already, I'm just not sure how to appropriately put them all together and that is why I need help very bad. If anyone is willing to give me working tips suitable for my EE, I'd be more than happy. I don't want to give my exact topic, rq, etc. online, so comment here and I'll send you a private message.
  18. Can I use mythology in my English b literature EE as a primary source or it has to be a secondary source? The book's author is Robert Graves
  19. I was wondering if introduction for 300 words is enough or not. What do you think? Should I extend it?
  20. Hey guys, What do you think about paper 1 and paper 2? I found both of them really easy. For mocks, we had papers from November 2016 and the texts in paper 1 were really confusing, so May 2017 was a really nice surprise.
  21. I only have two weeks left to finish the essay, although i haven't finished the book yet. i should in 2 days. i am torn that i won't chose the right topic or write a good work. please advise me on the topic, if it is good, isn't too broad etc. right now i only have several ideas, among them an example of a research question "how does fear influence the surrounding physical and mental reality in "house of leaves"?" It's a work in literature and i wonder if such topics would work since they lead towards different subjects, like psychology in this case. If the essay is based on a book would it still be an obstacle? if someone who is acquainted with essay work and criteria in literature or even the book itself could advise me once or more, durning work, I would highly appreciate it.
  22. Hello, I'm starting IB and I really want to start working on my EE this year so that next year isn't so rough and that way I don't do it carelessly. Anyways, I was thinking of doing it on English B, and Immigration (I'm only starting so I don't really know what I'm gonna focus on) is something I find really interesting and my teacher is someone who I adore and I get along very well with. Is it a really common topic? I really like it, but if it's something that's way too used I want to change it and pick something thats a bit less used. ☺️😬
  23. In the IB guide for language b, it says that the written assignment needs to be handwritten. I saw this after finishing it, and started to worry! my teacher told me that did not count anymore , that it was fine that we wrote in on the computer, and she is going to send it in to the IB very soon so I am a bit worried. so my question is this, does it have to be handwritten?? Another question I have is about the word count. It says in the guide that we need to write a rationale of 150 words. Is this the maximum requirement? Again my teacher said that we could write up to 250 words, which I have done, and that that would be ok. Is this right? Thank you for any help, hope someone has some answers!:D
  24. Hey everyone, I read through the English B EE guide and I'm getting confused with category 2b. Can laws fall under the category of an artifact? And am I allowed to write about specific social issues such as the integration of Muslim women into the British society and the influence of the legalisation of an alternative dispute body like Sharia councils under the Arbitration Act 1996? Or is it better to look at how British media portrays British Muslim women? Hope someone can help me! I'm so lost... I had an interesting EE topic but it didn't fit under the English B criteria.
  25. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out on choosing a topic for my English B HL WA. My book is The Great Gatsby and I previously thought about writing a new ending for it, though the teacher argued writing a very idyllic ending in which he would not die and be with daisy would not be attainable (spoiler alert: he died and daisy ran away with Tom). I mean I could do a news report on Gatsby's assassination, but that is too "mainstream" and besides doing something creative, the Written Ass. has to be coherent and make sense: the type of text must allow it to include "connections" with the literary work chosen. I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice out here, Richard
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