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Found 43 results

  1. So coming up is my first ever English A1 IOP. My topic is the significance of the title in "Far From the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy. Any presentation ideas/tips? thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I need help coming up with ideas to use for my Written Task 1 on Part 2 of the English A LangLit course: Language and mass media, basically we have to pick something from mass media (an article, news report, ad campaign, etc.) to analyse and we can choose from different text types. I want to write it in the form of a letter to the editor, so I was wondering if anyone had any good articles or campaigns they recommend?
  3. i cant choose the damn books My teacher suggested comparing one lit. work originally written in english and one translated to english but i cant find 2 books that share the same theme/context. It's been over a month since the deadline and i'm still struggling to find a translated book. I thought of comparing the portrayal of women in "Beloved" by Toni Morrison and another book written in a different language. There isn't a single book out there that has a similar theme to beloved so i'm thinking of choosing another book. ( if you know any books i can compare with beloved feel free to suggest). So I was thinking of comparing 1984 and 19q4 but it's overdone i guess (is it really though? because i have a tiny bit hope of comparing these two but if it really is overdone i cant) ANYWAYS just a minute ago i came across lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, i haven't read it but i watched it's movie adaptation (great movie) do any of you know any book similar to lolita? or some book i can compare it with? TO SUM IT ALL, i have several questions for you all: 1) Which books should i avoid? 2) Should i give up on "Beloved"? 3) If you're doing your ee on english, which books did you choose? 4)Is lolita/1q84 a good choice? 5)At this point I would really appreciate if you could suggest anything
  4. Hello everybody I haven't decided on a thesis or anything for my essay, but I was wondering if I am allowed to compare the society of today to a few aspects of the book I am planning on doing: Brave New World? So, something like, how does _______ parallel to modern society? .....but better haha All the essays I have read as examples only focus on the aspect and its significance within the book, but I feel like Brave New World discusses themes that are immensely relevant to today.... am I allowed to explore this in my essay? Thank you very much
  5. Hey I was wondering if this would be a good research question for an english EE How are the positions, behaviors, and roles of men in society portrayed in the novels Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. **** and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'm not super secure in my abilities in literary analysis. IB really demands a lot. I'm trying to get an idea of the passages (both prose and poetry) they use so I'll feel a little more prepared and know what to expect for Paper 1. Does anybody know where I can find a list of all the texts used in past Paper 1 exams for English literature? I have no idea if they use different texts for SL and HL, but I am taking HL. Thanks!
  7. Ok, so I have come up with a few research questions, all including topics I like. The problem is, I'm not sure whether they are too narrow or too broad. Could you please help me? Subject of my EE - Language Language and Literature A Topic of my Extended Essay: Investigation of The four horsemen of Apocalypse represented in The Book of Revelation and Good Omens (fantasy comedy about the coming of the End of Times) , or demons of hell preferably Lilith in relationship to Succubi and Incubi in folklore and modern fiction or What is the relationship of the the horsemen of death and Ichabod crane in the series sleepy hollow(sesaon 2 episode 10) in comparison to the relationship between Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman in the legend of sleepy hollow (by washington irving) I prefer the last one, because I feel like I can write most about it, and I think it is particularly interesting that in the series, the headless horseman was Ichabod's best friend before he became the rider of death. Do you think it is too naroow a topic? or too broad?
  8. Hi, So I decided to do my EE English A1 based on "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan. I was interested in the racial conflict topic so I chose this book, I havent formulated a research question yet because I'm having a hard time tying it back to the racial conflict or other issues in the book.. I have a few points that I'd like to look at.. · Multiple Narrators – different perspectives (the structure) · Language barriers between the mothers & daughters · Five Elements (cynical occurrence) - fire,metal, wood , water etc... · Loss Identity so if one of you read it , please help me!!
  9. Version pdf


    Official IB examiners' report from 2013
  10. Hey guys, I'm starting to plan on my Written Task 1 for English (that is, creative piece) and am considering taking 1984. Our teacher sort-of advised us to do a diary entry on some character, preferably other than Winston. Now, while I really like the idea in terms of character analysis and relating the piece to the book, I'm not sure how much sense it would make for anyone of them to write it, regarding the entire system as depicted. Any thoughts on this? Comments would be very helpful. Thanks.
  11. Ok guys, I'm in a deep hole now. My EE is 10% done because of many adversities happening that it's already here, the final EE deadline which is in two days. Now, I don't mind getting a C or a D on my EE but like, I just wanted to know if there is anyone else who actually submitted a half-hearted EE? Like did you guys pass? I'm worried that I can't focus! ugh. PS: EE in English A1 IB candidate for May 2014 IB coordinator planning to kick me out in 24 hours cause I haven't submitted a proper 1st draft of the EE when the real thing is to be submitted in less than 10 days
  12. Hi, First post here so, yay! Anyways, I was wondering what kind of sources should I use for a English EE. I mean the only logical one I can think of is the book itself. If I was doing it in History I get that you'd need some sort of histrical evidence to back up my arguments. However, analyzing literature is a matter of interpretation through analysis, so what kind of things should I cite to back me up aside from actual citactions from the book. Oh and BTW if anyone's interested, my question is: What role do the various female characters play in George Orwell’s 1984 and why does he choose to include them? Thanks!
  13. Okay, so I'm still struggling to find my EE topic. Someone suggested that I do the defections of women in The Heart of Darkness(?) Do you think this is a good topic? If not, please suggest something. Any type of information would be awesome Thank you in advance :'(
  14. Hi there! I have a few more general questions on an English A1 EE. 1. Can I do on a book as long as it's "literary fiction", or does the book need some sort of criteria? 2. Can I do on autobiographies-turned-into-novels? 3. Can I do new books (published in 2012 onwards?) 4. Can I do new authors (the book is their first novel, etc?) or not very well-known authors? 5. Would the examiners be unhappy if they don't know the book/s I chose because it's new and not well-known, even though it's shortlisted for awards and is a bestseller? 6. How would the examiner actually mark the EE if they haven't read the books I chose? 7. What comparison can I do, can I do on two books with different themes but the same way of narration/symbols/etc? By the way, I'm hoping to do on The Light Between Oceans. It's a bestseller and a film is in making but I don't think many people have heard of it...it's really new. If anyone has read it, please let me know if it's EE-material! Thank you all!
  15. Hi guys, does anyone have the May 2011 past year papers for English A1 SL?
  16. Hello people! So at first I chose one of Agatha Christie's novels to write about, but unfortunately my teacher doesn't approve it as she said it's not literary enough even though I could find out some symbols in the story. But I still want to do my EE in English because my English teacher has the most years of experience in our school (only 5 but that's because our school's IB programme is only 5 years old) and she has produced so far two or three As in English EE and quite a number of Bs, so it's not as impossible or "scary" as the other subject I'm really interested in which is Psychology, because the psych teacher is new this year so I'm definitely not going to risk doing a Psych EE and get maybe a C at best! I'm considering The Kite Runner as my novel for EE, which is touching and poignant and made me tear up in some parts. I chose it because 1, my teacher suggested a novel with a lot of symbolic themes and messages and literature aspects in it, and 2, I've seen half of the movie about 6 years ago and I never forgot the scenes, I knew the title but never had the chance to finish watching, and 3, I love the book! However as it's a good novel to read and also do analysing in, I've heard that it's one of the more popular novels that people would do their EE in or even one of their Parts in the syllabus. Hence here are my questions: 1. Will doing a cliche/more popular book with a relatively common EE title cause me to have a lower chance of getting an A, especially in the "originality" aspect? I don't know the titles of other people's EE of course, but it would be hugely common if I were to write about the general themes/symbols in the book right? 2. Will talking about "discrimination" be part of something I should avoid, because according to the guide, we should avoid writing about culture, language and something else, and if I relate discrimination between the two ethnic groups in the novel to the actual situation in Afghanistan, this would mean I'm talking about the culture of the country right? 3. What kind of EE titles would work better, about themes, or symbols, or characters, or settings, etc? I would like to avoid some titles that are generally not that advisable for English EE that would cause me to have more trouble getting resources/discussing about it. 4. Can I choose to only do my EE in one book? I love TKR and even though I love many other books as well, none of my other favourites share the same genre/background/plot. I generally dislike books with this kind of plots and find them quite boring. But TKR is awesome and I can't think of any other book to compare it with....will doing one book only put me at a disadvantage? 5. Having said in point 4, I would still like to ask for anyone's advice on what other books you could recommend me to read that I can compare with TKR? Hopefully not another popular book, perhaps something not as well-known but as well-written as TKR? Thank you so so so much for your time in reading and answering!
  17. Hi, I just started IB last week. These are my courses that i'm taking: HL Physics Econ Film SL English Lang & Lit Spanish B Math I'm facing a dilemma choosing between English Lang & Lit A and Self-Taught A1 (Thai). I'm study in China so I can take either English or Thai both in SL for language A. I'm ok with both Thai and English literatures (except for english poems...). But English is my second language and taking English A1 might reduce my overall score (._.). If I choose to take Self Taught course then I will change Spanish B SL to English B HL. I'm planning to study engineering program in Thailand or United States. So whether i'm English A1 or English B, I still need to take either SAT, IETLS or TOELF to get into the university right? I'm also concern about English B if I take English B HL, the chances to get into aboard universities besides Thailand will be lower right? ._. Anyway, should I take Thai or English as a language A. Thank you!
  18. Hi guys! I am finally taking a few steps forward in my EE planning. I am going to do an English A1 EE, and specifically Agatha Christie's crime novels (haven't decided which yet). I seriously need some help in formulating my RQ! My questions about the RQ are the following: 1. Is it possible to investigate a particular technique in like three or more of her novels, or must I choose less than two books? 2. Is it possible to investigate two or more different techniques used in one (or more) of her novels? Here's another thing: I am fascinated by two of her novels, And Then There Were None and Murder On The Orient Express (the latter is in the IB prescribed book list). In both these novels, there are more unexpected endings. SPOILER ALERT In A.T.T.W.N, the murderer is a sadistic judge who kills murderers on his own using different methods. In M.O.T.O.E, the murderers are a bunch of people, and they killed a kidnapper who caused a child's death and direct/indirectly affected the people's lives forever. I wanted to investigate the justification of what these murderers in the stories did, like are their actions of “killing” really wrong or could it be argued that they are, in a way, right? Unfortunately this sounds ultimately more like philosophy or something like that...so can anyone help me to structure English EE questions based on the interesting endings above? Can I talk about the unexpectedness of the endings and how they impacted the readers and the stories? Extra RQ ideas I have thought up: 1. The use of different POVs and their effect 2. How did Agatha Christie use literary techniques (suspense, cliffhangers, red herrings, and sudden plot twists e.g second murder) to hook the readers and mislead them about the plot? 3. How did A.C use literary techniques/devices to create an atmosphere of suspense? The thing that got me really interested in A.C's novels is how the case was built up from the first page, with clues and red herrings everywhere, and then the big “who-dun-it and how-it-happened” was revealed at the end, and I've never gotten the murderer right even though I've read so many of her books, and during the big revelation I will always go “why didn't I see that before? It was so obviously presented to me!” Is there any way to get an RQ out of the above “reason of interest” in the books? I know what I want to do but I'm so lost. If anyone can guide me on this I'd be eternally grateful.
  19. Our teacher assigned three poems for us to explicate and to write a commentary in regards to them, and I'm drawing a blank. I get that it's probably similar to doing prose, but she gave us no instruction, other than a couple of guiding questions that were supposed to help us. I don't know what it is about poems, but I just struggle for whatever reason with understanding them. If it's helpful, we're doing "Blackberry Picking", "Digging", and "Follower" by Seamus Heaney. I just need whatever tips you guys have that helps you go through and explicate poems/ write commentaries on them. After all, once the school year starts, if I can't do this...
  20. I am taking the English HL paper 1 tomorrow, and the main thing I'm worried about is structure, particularly with the opening and closing paragraphs. What exactly should be included in the introduction, and how should it be formatted? Should it just be stating the author's name, the title of the poem/ prose work, an outline of our main points, and then a thesis statement? How should the thesis statement be formatted/what should it include? Also, and maybe this is a stupid question, but do we need a title for our analysis? As far as the conclusion goes, should it just be restating our main points and then ending with a clincher? Should it include more personal beliefs/reads as far as the poem/prose goes? That's a lot of questions, but if anyone has any advice at all on writing the paper, I would really appreciate it!
  21. So I'm going to write my EE in English Literature, and I really want to write about how Voldemort and the Death Eaters are an allegory to Hitler and the Nazis, but I'm not sure this qualifies as a "research". Also, I think it would be better if I could do a "how Nazi Germany is used as an allegory in modern literature" sort of essay, but I would need another novel to compare with Potter. My supervisor said she didn't know much about HP, but when she googled it she saw a clear connection with Nazi Germany, and told me to compare it to Nineteen Eighty-Four and its totalitarian government, but I have not read Orwell's novel and I do not know if it can really be compared with what I want to do with HP or if my supervisor is just not helping me at all. Do you think the Nazi idea could work? And would it be necessary to use another book?
  22. 262 downloads

    This is a sample English Language and Literature SL/HL response to a set of two texts. While the extracts used for the Paper 1 is a past exam for English A2, Paper 1 for A2 and A1 Language and Literature the same. This was a sample response given to be by my English Language and Literature teacher. Does not include marks, but I am assuming it is a pretty good response when she is handing it out as a sample response. Now: time for random emoticons. :sam: :sam:
  23. the EE is haunting me and i haven't chosen a book yet. my heart was set on 'Catcher in the Rye' but has that been overdone? is there any book i could do which is similar to that? and why do people say its better to do two books then one? also are there any good suggestions of authors i should look up? thanks!
  24. Hiiiii, I'm making an EE based on Chuck Palahniuk's Exodus and Slumming in comparison to Edgar Allan Poe's Berenice, The Black Cat, and The Tell Tale Heart. Currently this is my research question: "How do Chuck Palahniuk and Edgar Allan Poe use conventions such as emotions and behavior to portray horror?" Do you think it's too broad? Somehow I want to include the titles of the short stories but there are a lot of em and I don't really know how to do that without the RQ being too long... Help?
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