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Found 7 results

  1. I'm doing a TOK presentation, about the Theory of Evolution, and I, obviously, need to relate it to TOK. So I was wondering why people did/did not believe in the Theory of Evolution. There is two types of arguments, the classic arguments, and the others ( Why people think differently) which I have assiociated with those ways of knowing: Reason, Intuition and faith So, could you answer the question which is in the Topic Title, and give reasons why?
  2. So, my teacher hasn't been very helpful these past years. Maybe Wednesday last, he tells us that we will have to self-teach option F. We haven't covered much of anything in that option, and I find it difficult because of so much memorization. Do you all think it would be better for me to self-teach an option we know more of (evolution), or just stick to what he says we should do? Either way, I don't think I'll be anywhere near prepared enough, so I'd like to know which seems to be easier to you all. Thanks!
  3. My topic is currently "an evolutionary explanation of the origins of homicide". I am facing a distinct lack of information in this field, and need help with two things: 1. I can only seem to find two prominent sources: Studies by Joshua Duntley and David Buss, focussed on homicides, and Martin Daly and Margo Wilson, on general violence. Does anyone know of any other researchers/studies I can use here? 2. Should I change my Q's wording? Maybe remove the "evolutionary" part? Or change homicide to general violence? I read online guides, but a lot of them say psychology and philosophy are very different to the regular ones, so I am not very sure of what I am doing. What is worse, my supervisor is taking indefinite leave some time soon, so I am on a relatively tight schedule. All help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of doing evolution vs. creationism as my topic for my TOK presentation. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible knowledge issues to explore? Whats the best knowledge issue you could explore in this topic. What KI would you pick on this topic? I am well versed in the real life events and news stories surrounding this issue so that won't be a problem. Please don't reply if you don't have any KIs in your answer. Thank you
  5. So I have to do my TOK presentation and I have no idea where to start. My teacher is rubbish at TOK and I am clueless as to how to touch the topic. I was thinking of taking a real life situation of a debate Wendy Wright and Richard Dawkins on Creationism vs. Evolution( obviously evolution wins, duh) and to extract a knowledge issue as follows: How does a belief in sth affect our reasoning? OR How does religious belief affect our reasoning? Which one of the two is better,if it is good at all? What tips would you give me?
  6. So last school year I picked my EE topic on human evolution and corresponding research question; the latter was approved by the IB coordinator at my school. I filled out all the necessary paperwork before summer (EE initial topic proposal, detailed topic proposal, etc.) and over the summer, I did a lot of research and found plenty of articles related to my research question. This year, I was recently paired up with my IB supervisor and I've been summarizing all my research in preparation for my EE outline. Now, twenty minutes ago, I just realized that Group 4 EEs need some sort of primary data or some kind of experiment. I don't know if I can do any sort of experiment to collect any sort of primary data besides going on an archaeological dig, an extremely unlikely event, and I'm really worried right now that the EE won't be any good because I'm missing a key component. Can anyone offer me advice on my problem? Have evolutionary EEs been done before without primary data, and how were they marked? Again, this topic was approved by the coordinator, who mentioned that I "obviously could not conduct an experiment" to support my essay. If you're curious, the research question is: What is the relationship between persistence hunting and the development of human physiology (such as long legs, springy tendons and ligaments, short toes, large gluteal muscles, numerous sweat glands for cooling) found exclusively in the genus Homo? TL;DR: Can I do an evolutionary EE without primary data?
  7. I'm currently studying Evolutionary Psychology, and have been asked to find some several studies that show a link between evolution and an aspect of human behaviour, such as attraction or aggression. However, I can't find any studies with enough detail for me to use in an essay. Can anyone help with telling me some studies they know of and/or have used in the past? Any help would be much appreciated
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