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Found 25 results

  1. I noticed we didn't have a Would You Rather...? thread so I thought I'd start that too For those of you who don't know how to play, each poster will pose a question starting with "Would you rather" and the next poster will answer it and pose another Would you rather I'll start, Would you rather have an older sibling or a younger sibling?
  2. What is the difference between a fully authorized IB programme and a school that is an IB Candidate? Does it make an impact on whether or not I get my diploma or the education in general?
  3. Hello Everyone i was just looking to see Medicine Universities in Australia and im completely lost and have no idea what to do.So could anyone outline the australian medicine process for me, please?? ( i have an australian passport but i do IB in Dubai)
  4. Nanzymag


    Hey guys lately i've been addicted to K-POP I would like,,,if you could share a few things in this forum, for example your favorite K-POP group which member/s do you like the most and why the song/s you like the most and also the music video and so on, feel free to add to the list personally i like KARD and i like rumor and don't recall the most when it comes to this K-POP group (this group really stands out cuz this group consists of 2 guys and 2 girls) and i like BM and J-seph for their voice BTS- i like their MVs cuz there dance is great and i like Jimin the most cuz he is cute. Blacpink- fire is my most favorite song and their MVs are great EXO- i'm really crazy abt this boy band anyways thanks guys
  5. Nanzymag

    Manhwa fans!!!

    Hello guys I'm a fan of Korean manhwa my favorite manhwas are Spirit fingers, look-ism, i'm not spy etc... so if you are a person who likes manhwa please tell me what do you feel about Spirit fingers, look-ism, and i'm not spy (because these 3 are my favorite ones) you can also recommend other manhwas to. THANK YOU ALL:-)
  6. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  7. Hey guys, I was just curious about what you guys think about these assignments above. Which one do you have the most and why?
  8. So I just started IB and its my second week so in Chemistry we started learning about the mole concept and I have an awesome joke that I found (sing it in your head) Hey, I just met you And this is crazy but here's my number 6.02 x 10^23 so mole me maybe POST AWESOME JOKES
  9. Hey guys, so I was wondering... Are/Were any of you people in clubs, sports, or on any sort of teams in or outside of school during your IB years? Of course, you're also free to talk about what you're in now, but the main topic is really about your pre-IB and IB years. I'm not in school yet, but I've been considering several different clubs and teams. My school has a wrestling team, which I think would be fun, though I'm not the strongest so I'm a little unsure of if I should join... I'm taking Advanced Japanese for the next two years, so I could participate in the Japanese Club, which instead of teaching you more of the language focuses around the various cultural differences and traditions in Japan... Seems like fun... Oh, or maybe I should join the GSA? I'm not too into that idea, but it'd be fun knowing who else is transgender at my school... For those of you who don't know, GSA usually stands for "Gay Straight Alliance", but at my school they've changed it to "Gender Sexuality Alliance". X_X Anyway, that's just one of the many possibilities for me. So... What about you guys?
  10. Good Evening from Massachusetts! Today, I just got started with my research for my Extended Essay, and mine is primarily about Toyotomi Hideyoshi: The Daimyo who unified Japan as one. As I started to read about Hideyoshi (Japanese history rather than U.S. and European history for once), I became excited and eager to read more and begin to type my EE. The research is a bit hard, since I can't find books on Hideyoshi, but whenever I do, it's always a joy to read. Do any of my fellow Ib-ers feel this way? What's your topic about? I'd love to hear that the EE isn't as bad as most people believe.
  11. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange some conspiracy theories. There are many floating around here and there. Please do not hesitate to say what is on your mind and also provide evidence for your claim or counter-claim. Thank you.
  12. QUICK FACTS ABOUT IB!: - 56% of IB students are female - 79.9% of students pass the IB - The mean of total points is 30.1, and 30 the most common grade. - 0.31% of the candidates score 45 points - 20% of the students get no extra points (with TOK and EE), 40% get 1 extra point, 20% get 2 extra points, 10% get 1 extra point. - 49% of all the IB students chose to do an extended essay of group 3: (Business, Economics, Geography, History,Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology) - The least favourite group for EE is mathematics (only 2% of EE based on that subject) - No matter how much Yugoslavia appears in IB history topics, there was only 1 IB student from Yugoslavia in the whole world (2014). - Out of 67,492 candidates, 57 candidates got 0 total IB points and 1,171 candidates got 41. - The subject that got highest marks in the group of languages in 2014 was Albania A literature, with a 100% of 7s. - The most common grade for languages is 6 (34%) - In both history and business, the most common grade is a 5. go to http://www.ibo.org/en/about-the-ib/facts-and-figures/statistical-bulleting/diploma-programme-statistical-bulleting/ if you want to read more! feel free to add more
  13. Hi everyone! Please watch and subscribe to my school's channel, EIB Class of 2016. It'll mean a lot! Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXPx1ShS4EA
  14. I thought it would be fun to have everyone take this fun quiz about the Fourth of July to test your knowledge of America's Independence Day! The link is here: https://www.examtime.com/en-US/p/1049909 Good luck! Share your scores in the comments, let's see who knows America the best! I got a 79%
  15. I want my EE History topic question to be: "Why did the Red Army win the Russian Civil War between 1918-1921?" Some of my points include the role of Trotsky, the weaknesses of the Whites, and strengths of the Reds. If you can offer any revisions to this topic question, help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Hey guys, i was just thinking, why not list things that we think we couldn't have survived IB without !.. I'll start by listing 2 things i doubt i could (still can) survive IB without ... 1) MUSIC 2) COFFEE ~ As a lot of you are listing biotic stuff, i would also include 1) family and friends
  17. Hello IBers, I was wondering if anybody would be able to read my World Literature essay and give feedback on it. It's a pretty short read! I feel like getting someone else to read it would help me a lot! Please leave a comment or a private message so that I know if you are willing to do this! Thank you!
  18. Are you about to become an IB student or are you considering becoming one? Here is a preview of how IB can look from the inside (watch video). My IB group in Mexico made this video which shows how was IB for us from 2011 to 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy7f1tEF0zw We had a great experience. We became a really united group and we helped ourselves survive the hardest moments. We had fun too.
  19. I'm doing a Internet- related project for French and it would be really awesome if you guys could help me out by answering the questions below! 1) What is your gender? 2) How many times a week are you online? 3) What is the duration of time you're usually online? 4) Have you ever bought anything online? 5) Do you visit gaming sites? 6) Do you visit celebrity-dedicated websites (e.g. official websites, tumblrs related to a celebrity, etc)? 7) Do you visit social-networking sites?
  20. 170 downloads

    Received 18/18 for this IA and a moderated mark of 48/48 by the IB.
  21. Hello I am a SL math student (my school doesn't offer HL math) and I am starting my EE now and stil in need for a topic. Right now all considerations are being evaluated but still seems up in the air. My IB advisor has only been around IB for a few years and my school is very small so the whole "help" idea is pretty much out the window. Right now I was really considering doing my EE on the Rubik's cube and was about to buy a undergrad textbook on group theory but I don't want to make that kind off move yet. I talked to some people today about my EE and my teacher told me to read "e: the story of a number" (Eli Maor) just to broaden my choices and ideas. I guess I found the book all about logs interesting but I don't know about writing my EE on it. The Rubik's cube isn't a failed idea and still in the air but wasn't reccommended by my teacher, he said it was "too much." Other than browsing through ideas I have been bumping into a few same questions that no one at my school has answered for me yet... 1. what should my EE topic look like... so should it be a problem? please explain. 2. What would you consider too wide or too narrow of an idea. 3. Am I supposed to be explaining my topic, solving it? what should my overall EE look like. Please help me I really don't want to start wasting time on a textbook I won't even use. If you have any more ideas to throw my way please do and also If you have any tips or anything please please please tell me.
  22. So I'm pretty sure you are all familiar with the written assignment for IB English Grade 11. Anyways, I'm doing a paper on Anna Karenina. Here is my thesis; feel free to make suggestions and butcher it up... ~In the novel Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, the presence of Anna Karenina within society is nothing more than a symbol that all things must come to an end, while being a catalyst for destruction, death, and sorrow herself.
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