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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    These are just some notes that I made to prepare for my end of year exams. It's missing linkage but everything else should be there!
  2. Hi guys. For my biology IA topic, I decided to focus on genetics and the subtopic would be inheritance. I have a few ideas on what to focus on but I need to narrow it down. So here are some of my ideas: Investigate on genetic diseases. Find the correlation between the variables that led to a specific genetic disease. Investigate a specific gene that led to a genetic disease. Focus on dominant/recessive alleles and how they affect generations of families I was thinking to choose between with family genes or plant genes. What should I focus on? Hope you guys can help me
  3. Brief notes on genes View File These are brief notes on 3.1 Genes for the SL Biology Course Submitter Parin Parikh Submitted 08/09/2016 Category Notes  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    These are brief notes on 3.1 Genes for the SL Biology Course
  5. 59 downloads

    A summary / notes suitable for revision of the Genetics unit (covered in DP1, HL Biology with core elements that are covered in SL Biology too). The document was made with help of in-class notes, various websites and presentations from Bioknowledgy, but all information should have been rephrased at least slightly. The entire part of the syllabus (for the Exams in May 2017) that was covered in this unit is discussed; all statements have been explained, skills and applications are not mentioned however.
  6. Version 1.0


    General notes for most of the HL Bio curriculum. These are incomplete as they are missing the units that have not been covered yet. Hope this helps!
  7. ellie


    Hi guys! We're doing our explorations now and since I'm not the strongest in Math, I want to use a topic that will be useful in another subject as wekk, so I turned to Biology. So what I figured out was that I'm fascinated by genetics, ecology and probability; and the Hardy-Weinberg principle seems like a perfect match. This is the thing: I've seen people say it's been used in IAs before but how? The math behind that principle is super basic, isn't it––p^2 + 2pq + q^2 = 1 is definitely not SL level Math. Does anyone have any advice on how to go on from that? We haven't done probability yet, so maybe I'm missing something big here? Thank you so much!
  8. I was thinking about doing my TOK Presentation on genetics, under the broader knowledge question "Can science go too far?" However, I'm kind of lost when it comes to how I should present this topic. I was hoping for some advice on how to specifically address this topic in the context of TOK. Also, I was wondering what others think the best medium for this presentation might be (Powerpoint, video, etc.) Any words of wisdom or guidance is much appreciated!
  9. Guest

    Topic 2-7 Biology Syllabus Notes

    Version PDF


    Topic 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 notes fulfilling the IB syllabus. Note: Topic 7 is HL Notes include pictures and diagrams where necessary.
  10. I have to submit my Extended Essay topic soon, and I'm thinking of doing my it in Biology, but I cant find a topic that's good enough which also follows IB rules on ethics for animals. Human and other animal experimentation isn't allowed. A lot of the topics I thought about have already been done or are ethically wrong. I really want to do something related to the brain or genetics. What should I do? Could you please suggest some good topics? Thanks
  11. hello fellow IB-ers have any of you written a psychology extended essay and gotten either an A or a B? if so, may you please tell me what topic you wrote about? i have already chosen a topic, but i want to see what good research questions are like. greatly appreciated
  12. hello everyone, so i have a quick question for you all. is "the extent to which intelligence is genetic" a good extended essay topic? too general? too narrow? i wanted to write about abnormal psychology, but the IBO discourages you from writing about such topics. also, has anyone written about that topic and gotten an A in it? thank you in advance
  13. I want to write a world studies essay using biology and environmental sciences (possibly another subject if necessary, math maybe? With statistics? I don't know I'm very confused as to what is expected of me with a world studies EE) about the global food crisis and how it can be solved using genetically modified crops. I am not sure how in depth and focused my research question needs to be though. I can go as specific as corn in different areas such as Kenya and the United States, or take it on a how this impacts the environment route if that makes any sense. But I'd like help as to what I need to do to make it more or less concise, please. Thank you
  14. We're about to do our first practice presentation in TOK, and I came up with this example and wanted to hear your opinions on it. Is it relevant enough? Specific enough? Supportive of my knowledge issue enough? This is my knowledge issue: To what extent does the continuous evolution of scientific knowledge suggest that at any one point in time it is insufficient? •Water is boiled when heated.•A pot full of water is set to low heat without a lid. Will take a long time•Put the pot of water on medium heat with a lid half on, water will take less time to boil.•Put the pot of water on high heat with the lid completely covering the pot, water will boil quickest. •By continually improving the scenario, does that mean that boiling the water on low/medium heat is ‘insufficient’ information because it takes the longest time?•If something can be continually improved, wouldn't all scientific knowledge be inaccurate at some point in time? Thank you!
  15. Yeah, so I was wondering...I am dead sure about getting into genetics for my undergraduate and also post graduate education... however, i still do not know the career prospects of this field of study besides research... What other jobs lie under this degree of study?
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