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Found 4 results

  1. Guys guys, When's the payment for retakes for may 2017 due ? I'm gonna get a stroke if I missed it Thanks in advance
  2. In the section about background information of my chemistry EE, I discuss the dependent and independent variables in my experiment. However I also talk about variables from past versions of the experiment that I didn't end up using, and that are no longer relevant to the experiment I did do. Is this description of the past versions of my experiment necessary to have in any parts of my EE or is it completely useless?
  3. So I'm a junior just starting the EE process and we have proposals do next week, I came up with a few but I just wanted an idea from other IB students of which seems the most viable. -->An analysis of various adaptations of the play ‘West Side Story’ and how the variations reflect the society in which they are created. -->How do adaptations of ‘West Side Story’ differ, and how does that reflect on the society in which they are created? -->An analysis of the use of archetypal characters in modern television and how they represent different faculties of the personality. -->How do different television characters portray archetypes and how do those reflect on our society? -->An analysis of the racial tension portrayed in ‘West Side Story’ and how it relates back to society’s view on immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century -->How is racial tension portrayed in ‘West Side Story’ and how does that reflect society’s view of immigrants in the first half of the twentieth century?
  4. Looking over many exemplars on the subject and doing many IA of my own. I'm coming to the conclusion that most Group 4 Extended Essays are basically more larger scale IA's. Is that the right one to come to? At least in the format it's similar.
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