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Found 14 results

  1. I read a thread where someone compared HL English to being like GCSE/iGCSE Literature, is this true? In terms of analyzing a book, writing essays, etc. I'm currently reading "The Handmaid's Tale" and I'm really stressed out about annotating it, too. I finished my iGCSEs in May/June with an "A" for English Literature but I'm still extremely stressed out.
  2. So the teacher gave us a past paper where we had to analyse and compare and contrast between two texts. I kind of struggle with writing that because I had no idea how to build up on the analysis. I scored pretty poorly on that and I asked the teacher for some feedback and she told me that my text wasn't organised and that it was all over the place. So I was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to structure the text for analyzing and comparing and contrasting between two texts?
  3. eeebeee

    IB HL English Exam

    Hi guys! I'm slightly confused about the IB HL English Exam. I know there are two papers but that's about it. Could someone give me a lowdown of how the exam works? What will I have to do? How are the texts I read during the year incorporated into this? How many works do I need to study for the exam? What kind of questions can I expect? Thank you, Natalie
  4. quesarah

    Written Task 2

    Hi guys, I'm doing my written task 2 on persepolis and im doing question 1.. any tips?
  5. SuperChickenRun

    Help reviewing some work?

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone was keen to help me review some of the work that I have done for my WIT and EE maybe? I'm not sure, am I allowed to do that? Just send some work to you, you tell me if I'm totally going on the completely wrong track or if I'm going pretty okay? Also, is there a risk that if I do this, it will show up when they check my work with turnitin? Or will anyone plagiarise my work...? Thank you
  6. Hello everybody I haven't decided on a thesis or anything for my essay, but I was wondering if I am allowed to compare the society of today to a few aspects of the book I am planning on doing: Brave New World? So, something like, how does _______ parallel to modern society? .....but better haha All the essays I have read as examples only focus on the aspect and its significance within the book, but I feel like Brave New World discusses themes that are immensely relevant to today.... am I allowed to explore this in my essay? Thank you very much
  7. studying-ib-inturkey

    What are some IB essentials

    Hi Guys Right now i am about to graduate from 10th grade. Next year I am an IB student.I am taking HL PHYSICS HL MATH HL ENGLISH SL CHEM (these 4 are the ones that i need information) I can't find enough resource about what i might need so i wanted to ask you what are your essentials . And I don't know what kind of folder or binder organization i should have. Also i heard that they assign homework for summer .Did you guys had homework?
  8. Hi! So I've reached the end of the Pre-DP Program, and I'm constantly thinking of real IB. I honestly don't have any idea of what to expect for my next two years in the IB Program and that's why I've turned here. I was hoping for just a general idea of what the program is like in comparison to the Pre-DP program, and what I should expect? I also would like to know what school supplies I'll need. Is it the same general stuff I used in Pre-DP? What size binders do I need? Things like that. These are the classes I'm taking by the way: - HL English - HL Psychology - HL History of the Americas - SL French - SL Biology - SL Math Studies So yeah, I was just hoping if you could tell me the general gist of what it's like. Is the homework load vastly different from that of the Pre-DP program? Could you give me an idea of the homework load for some of the classes, or just an idea of what they'll be like? And again, the school supplies thing. Am I going to need much larger binders than usual? Just a size estimate would be nice. Oh, and is there anything I could do over the summer that would further prepare me for those classes? Besides the summer assignments of course, like should I review anything so I have a basic understanding of it? Any information would be so so helpful. Thank you to all of you in advance!
  9. Hey Guys, So i'm writing a practice Paper 1 tomorrow. I have no idea what my thesis should be nor do I have any idea as to what techniques I can analyze. Here is a link to the document (also the file uploaded): http://www.sunnyhills.net/apps/download/2/V7Rl2KgKkmiPyNJ2mVJst0WliYy8B2ODEwB1gjKsDjxS8wfu.pdf/IB%20Lit%20Paper%201%20and%202.pdf Scroll down to page 6 (labelled page 2). It's the excerpt that starts with "The buyers walk the line of our tobacco." Please please any ideas you have would be awesome. The markscheme is: An adequate to good literary commentary will: grasp the basic situation of the tobacco selling/buying and the economic situation of the passage note the anticipation and tension of the various members of the family identify the particular attitudes of the mother, the father and the narrative voice in relation to each other in this situation follow the implications of the use of the “ticket†in the transactions understand the conclusion of the morning’s event. A very good to excellent literary commentary may also: probe the gestures and words of each of the characters for what they reveal of both background and situation and the writer’s efficiency in the techniques of characterization note the role that adjectives and adverbs play in delineating the content and tone of the passage discuss the alternating attention of the narrator to each of the parents, and their own interactions explore the way language is used to acquaint the reader with the particular practice of tobacco trading. My goal is to get a 6/7, so it needs to meet the "excellent literary commentary" category. I'm not asking for anyone to write the essay! Just give me some ideas for assertions PLEASE?! www.sunnyhills.net_apps_download_2_V7Rl2KgKkmiPyNJ2mVJst0WliYy8B2ODEwB1gjKsDjxS8wfu.pdf_IB Lit Paper 1 and 2.pdf
  10. Falisha

    Choosing HLs and SLs

    I'm an incoming junior and I'm having second thoughts about the classes I've chosen…Please help! I'm taking HL Bio, HL History (APUSH), HL English, SL Spanish, SL Math, and SL Art. My main dilemma is whether or not I should switch from IB Art SL to IB Psych SL. I've hear that the workload at my school is a lot more with Psych but I also have a huge interest in psychology. I chose art because I thought it might be fun and rather relaxing compared to the rest of my classes. I'm not an amazing artist but I don't think I'm horrible. Does anyone have any opinions/thoughts about what I should do? Thanks so much!
  11. Hey guys, So I'm really worried about my English HL Paper 1. My teacher did not work on it that well because she felt that Paper 2 needed more attention but quite frankly, I'm more concerned about Paper 1 than Paper 2. Is it true that we can use first person when writing Paper 1? For example, can we say "I believe" or "In my opinion"? Also, can topic sentences frankly state, "My essay will discuss..."? Also, how many points should each paragraph discuss? I know this is a rather vague and self explanatory question, but my teacher frequently says that I try to tackle too much in one paragraph, which I happen to disagree with. I'm also quite worried about length. A lot of student are able to produce around 6-7 pages double sided whereas, taking in time for planning and structuring, I usually produce 4-5 pages. I would love to hear some tips from you guys... I really wish our class did more practice with this. Do you guys have any suggestions in terms of which type of texts I should choose? Also, this is probably for people that have already finished IB, has anyone noticed any patterns regarding the passages chosen? As in, are certain text types often chosen together and are there popular reoccurring themes? I'd appreciate the feedback
  12. Drew Doehring

    Discussion about WT2

    I have a quick question. If I am doing a written task 2 with a prescribed question that says "How could the text be red and interpreted differently by two different readers?" what criteria should I exactly hit in my two paragraphs representing the different interpretations. Is there a correct format? Obviously intro, 1st interpretation, 2nd, maybe 3rd, conclusion, but how should those middle two or three paragraphs be set up? I am doing my WT2 on the poem "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost and my lens' of interpretation are rationalism the type of reader who would agree with the speaker and traditionalism the type of reader who would agree with the neighbor. (The neighbor and speaker are the two characters of the poem) Thanks.
  13. I'm starting my world literature written assignment very soon (bit behind at the moment) and I wanted some advice on my topic. I'm writing on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, and my topic is "the functions of fatalism in critiquing the latin honour system." I'm not set on the wording of the title, but something along those lines. Does that sound like it'd be a good topic to write on? and to those who have read it, do you think there's enough in the novel that I can draw on? Thanks heaps!!
  14. Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a written task on either of these texts?: Macbeth and Things Fall Apart. Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks!

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