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Found 45 results

  1. Hello! I am a grade 11 HL History student, and have the task of choosing a topic for both my IA and EE. I am very interested in ancient history, e.g. the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great or the Greek city states - I told my teacher that I would like to write either the HI or EE on one of these (most likely Rome), and she said that the one glaring problem with such topics is the lack of sources and the need to rely on secondary sources, since these events took place thousands of years ago. For those of you who have written either the Historical Investigation or Extended Essay on ancient history, what do you think of this? Is it any more difficult to find good sources than for an event that happened 70 years ago? Did you have enough sources? Thank you!
  2. I_need_help_

    HI topic??

    Hi, This is my first time using this site, so, hi! I need help thinking of a question for my HI topic. I want to do something like "What was the extent of ________ invention/innovation on ________ event?" I'm having some difficulty filling in the blanks. Does anyone have any insight or ideas? I was thinking of "...extent of the invention of the steam engine in 1698 the most important invention of the Industrial revolution?" or something similar. Any ideas? Thank you so much!!
  3. ABKor752

    Citing an Appendix

    I am including an appendix of a map of the area I am discussing in my historical investigation. Additionally, I am considering putting in a table of data here. The problem is that I'm not quite sure how to cite these properly. My plan was to put them after the bibliography and then in the paper, when I have in-text citations in footnotes, I put next to them, "(See Appendix A/B)". Is this the proper way? Or should I put the footnote directly next to the appendices even though the appendix comes after the bibliography? Thank you!
  4. Hey! I was planning to do my historical investigation on the Cuban Missile Crisis and to what extent the double agents in the crisis influenced the secret concessions for U.S and Russia. Is this topic too broad? Should I focus on one side and one agent? If I focus on one agent, I thought it might be difficult to find information on the topic Thanks! ~Kriti
  5. PinstripeQ

    Historical Investigation Topic

    I am currently lost on finding a topic for my Historical Investigation and I need help on finding a topic. I have a few interests that I could possibly use, but I am confused on what the topic/research question will be. Some interests I'd be willing to use would be: -Battle of Thermopylae (Very few primary sources) -Baseball -Cello -Lewis Carroll -Roald Dahl -Some sort of presidential history thing Thanks!
  6. I now know that the historical investigation has been changed from last years (or a couple years back). Instead of sections A - F, it is now only 3 sections. A - C. A) Identification and evaluation of source (6 marks) B) Investigation (15 marks) C) Reflection (4 marks) Can anyone who scored in the 7 (or 6) range help me out with how I should appropriate the word count? I obviously know that the investigation should have the vast majority, but since it has been shortened from sections A - F to A - C, should I look at last year's HI syllabus and bundle some of the earlier sections together to form A, some of the middle sections together to form B, and some of the later sections together to form C? Any help would be appreciated, and if you could be thorough in detail it would also help as well. Thanks!
  7. TheEmperorOfSanFrancisco

    Historical Investigation Tightening Thesis on Agincourt

    Hi, I am interested in the battle of Agincourt. I am very interested in medieval battles when people were killing each other for, what we see as now, no reason. My current thesis is: To what extent did the battle of Agincourt affect the 'Hundred Years War'? How do you recommend I narrow this down? Thank you in advance! -The Emperor of San Francisco
  8. Hello, Im doing my historical investigation on Russia's bloody sunday and I'm confused with how to manage my sources. I have several sources like Father Gabon's petitions so documents relevant to the event, primary sources like diary entry's, newspaper articles ect.. Figes A People's Tragedy, so a book written by a historian and other relevant information like figures ect... I don't know which sources to analyse in Section C, should I choose the Figes book and a primary source? Can I still make reference to other sources throughout my investigation even if I don't comment on them in section C? Thank you
  9. Hey there! - This is preeetty important because I've done my whole summary of evidence in a Table format. I am investigating to what extent the counterculture movement of the 1960s (the hippies) changed the role of American women, so I've done a table comparing different statistics and facts about the role of women before the movement, during the movement, and after the movement I've now been told that it may not be a valid format and it is due very soon so I am panicking a little bit Thank you
  10. Hi guys! I put 'Dresden' into IBS search and first place it popped up in was 'History IA overused topics' -- how about it, is it a bad idea to use it? I was originally planning to go with something about my own country because it's so obscure but, it wouldn't be relevant to the syllabus and I'd rather use something that I can use in the exam as well. I'm also using Slaughterhouse 5 in my EE, so knowing more about the bombing couldn't hurt, I figure. My idea is to do something in the lines of the reasons for, effects of and justification of the bombing. I'd love to hear your ideas! (Even if you think this is bogus and that I need to run fast from this topic heh.) Thank you so much!
  11. Hi. I have a week left to hand in my historical investigation and I was wondering if anyone wants to swap with each other to kinda check/critique it? PM Me!!
  12. spaghetto

    Historical Investigation: Topic Help

    Hi everyone My IA is due way too soon and I have come up with the following topic To what extent can the Hossbach Memorandum be considered as an evidence for Hitler planning to go to war The two sources I will be comparing are excerpts from A.J.P. Taylor's The Origins of the Second World War and Richard Overy's The Origins of the Second World War Reconsidered, so they are both views from historians, opposing each other. Do you think I have chosen a good research question which is focused enough? Do you think my sources are good?
  13. dukeorsino

    Help! - Writing HI in French

    Hi, I have several questions about my HI. First, I'm writing it in French, so does that mean I have to translate all quotes etc. into French? I know to translate the shorter ones, but if I have a longer one, the type that isn't included in the word count, do I have to translate that too? And what about documents in the appendix? Another question about the word count: Do in-text citations and subtitles count? Also, I'm having trouble keeping my word count short in the B section. It has about 900 words now and so the entire thing is about 2300... Any advice for cutting it? Thanks
  14. sleep-deprived

    Historical Investigation Question-HELLLPP!

    Hi, I am in History HL and have been working on my investigation. I was wondering if I could be some feedback on my question of how to revise it or change it to; To what extent were the conditions and methods successful in aiding the Nazi Group to power in the Weimar Republic?
  15. dukeorsino

    HI topic help?

    Hi, My subject for the HI was originally going to be about how Stalin's Great Purge was more effective than the Bolsheviks' red terror. I was going to look at the secret police, the influence on the civil war and the West's reaction. My teacher said it was a good topic but it would be too much for 2000 words so I should pick either one or the other instead of doing a comparison. But I can't figure out how to make it into a thesis in that case. Can someone help me come up with a less broad subject? Thanks.
  16. My history teacher became sick leaving my class with a sub for 3 months. The substitute we got only knows how to receive work and is a master at dodging questions leaving me pretty lost when it comes to what to write for my Historical Investigation Analysis. My question is "To what extent is the movie Alexander an accurate reflection of Alexander the Great?" and I've completed my Summary of Evidence + evaluation of sources with some information on two of the battles depicted in the film. I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to what to write and how to write it/format it and can't seem to find any solid examples to get an understanding of what my work should look like. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I'm in Grade 10 Pre-IB if that helps.
  17. Forthediploma

    History IA topic help

    I'm trying write my history IA on the idea of America's permanent war time economy. More specifically, the military industrial complex based off of President Eisenhower's farewell address. I was thinking of a question like "To what extent did America's role in world war 2 and the cold war lead to a permanent war time economy?" Anyways, I need some suggestions on the idea and maybe some ways to tackle it.
  18. alisonwong7

    HI topic

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with an HI topic that is related to either Hitler or World War II. I know this is a broad topic and I am really trying to narrow it down to something interesting. Any suggestions? I know this may be dependent on the person, but what would you find interesting? Thank you!
  19. Eepey

    Date of Sources

    For the HI is there a limit on what time period my sources come from? I was told that I can not do something that has happed with in the last 10 years, but can my soucres be published from with in the last 10 years?
  20. Would it be advisable more to use footnotes or APA referencing for my IA? I'm doing the Marshall Plan about how it recovered European economy and there are a lot of stats and figures. Cheers C
  21. I'm doing my historical investigation on the Marshall Plan. My question was initially "To what extent was the Marshall plan effective in rebuilding Europe economically, socially and politically?" (will most likely change this to just economic) but after hunting down loads of sources, it was difficult to find anything on the CONSEQUENCES of the Marshall Plan. I also found that the sources talked about how the Marshall Plan was created for ideological reasons (i.e. to counter communism). To those of you who have studied the Cold War and the Marshall Plan in detail, which would be better to focus on? The economics of the Marshall Plan or the ideological conflict between US and USSR?
  22. littlewing

    History IA Help

    Hello there! I'm in the very early stages of planning my historical investigation, and I've heard that you can focus on a particular piece of evidence (e.g. a novel), and its relevance in studying an event/situation. This appeals to me because I love literature, so to combine it with history would be great, but I'm not sure if this is an advisable way of going about the IA? Would it be harder to get a good grade with this approach? I was thinking of doing it on colonialism in Africa, and I thought maybe I could use Heart of Darkness by Conrad as the main focus. I know this is currently pretty vague, but I don't want to get too involved if it won't work. Just looking for any opinions, really! Thank you so much! I'd be so grateful for any help you could give me!
  23. Hi everyone! I'm a senior and currently I'm rewriting my historical investigation. I'm trying to write about Ernst Reuter's (mayor of Berlin) role in the Berlin airlift. Our teacher is not very helpful and I don't know if my question is focused our even appropriate at all. This is my current question: In what ways did Ernst Reuter contribute to the success of the Berlin airlift? -> He was really important in convincing the allies to set up the airlift and to rally the West-Berlin citizens during the airlift. Some call him the 'voice of Berlin' I just thought of another question (probably needs a little rewording): How did Ernst Reuter prevent West-Berlin from falling into communist hands, during the second Berlin crisis? It would really help me if you could give me some feedback on my research question! Thanks Carl
  24. h0rr0rsh0w

    History IA - The Feminine Mystique?

    So I've been trying to narrow down my IA topic for a while now, and I've changed my question approximately five times. I've done a lot of research, and I feel like the best option is in American second wave feminism. I want to analyse The Feminine Mystique and its effects on the feminist movement (obviously it will become more specific), but I don't know whether looking at the impacts of a book is acceptable to write for an IB paper. My school's history department is no help, especially with this topic, so does anyone know whether the topic is feasable or not?
  25. pandominator

    HI Topic Help

    Hello everyone, I'm just starting to work on my HI and I have a question in mind, however I'm not sure how well it works. To what extent did economic and foreign policies in the Soviet Union between 1960 to 1975 influence Mao Zedong's ruling in the PRC? Is this an appropriate question? Thanks in advanced everyone!

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