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Found 152 results

  1. Even though there are several guides here on IBS on how to write the Evaluation in Economics Internal Assessment I thought I could add this to it! There is a very useful acronym that can be used for evaluating in Economics IAs called CLASPP. Under is the explanation of the different letters and what you should aim at doing in the evaluation and the individual points/letters. (d.) — A clasp is some­thing that holds things together. But (spelled with 2 P’s) it’s also an acronym for the 6 types of eval­u­a­tion in IB Economics. Try to do all 6 parts. Con­clu­sions What can we con­clude from the the­ory (that you’ve explained in your analysis)? Long-term and short-term effects Is the change good in the short-term, but over in a few years it will have unde­sir­able consequences? Will the pol­icy be really hard on peo­ple in the short-run, but it fixes the long-term problem? Will this pol­icy fix one prob­lem, but cre­ate another? Assump­tions Are there some assump­tions being made, that the the­ory depends on that may not hold true? This is the same as “ceteris paribus” –the assump­tion that all other things are being held equal, when in fact they might not stay con­stant. Explain what might change and how that would effect your analysis. Tell us the weak­nesses in the theory? What is unre­al­is­tic about the theory? Stake­hold­ers What effects would this pol­icy (i.e. an indi­rect tax) have on the gov­ern­ment, con­sumers, pro­duc­ers and the rest of society? Poli­cies (i.e. price ceil­ings) are often made with par­tic­u­lar stake­hold­ers in mind, so are there unde­sir­able effects on other par­ties (i.e. price increases for consumers)? Is the pol­icy great for some groups, but bad for others? Pri­or­i­ties Dis­cussing the pri­or­i­ties of a soci­ety, or the gov­ern­ment is also a good way to keep things in per­spec­tive. A pol­icy like sub­si­diz­ing schools is good for fam­i­lies, good for the long-term macro econ­omy, but bad for tax pay­ers who don’t have chil­dren, what are the pri­or­i­ties as a society? Is there an impor­tant nor­ma­tive (i.e. val­ues aspect) that the the­ory doesn’t consider? Pros and Cons What are the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of this policy? What are the costs and the ben­e­fits of this policy? What are the argu­ments for and the argu­ments against this policy? This one is to double-check that you haven’t left any­thing out in the pre­ced­ing ones. Just a heads-up; this is not actually my work - this is the work of IB Economics teacher Tim Woods. This particular part is taken from this webpage: http://www.timwoods....n-in-economics/. He also has other great resources on IB Economics, TOK, Extended Essay among other on his webpages. Check it out at http://www.timwoods.org/ (PS: the website can be a bit hard to navigate on, so be patient)! Anyways, I found it and I thought it was great so I thought "Why not share it with fellow IBSers?". Enjoy. EDIT: This has helped me a lot while writing my commentaries! EDIT 2: THANKS FOR THE PINNING!
  2. Hey guys! I have to give in my Economics IA in about a week but I have no idea how to do it or write about it. I chose this article: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/16/australias-unemployment-rate-rises-to-52-adding-pressure-to-interest-rates The problem is I have no idea if this is a good article and I don't really know how to structure it. Can anyone help? Thank you so much
  3. a) Using diagrams, explain how a change in one of the determinants of demand might increase the price of rice and how a change in one of the determinants of supply might decrease the price of rice. This is the part a) question my tutor gave me and I don't get it. Please help xx.
  4. My friend and I coincidently chose the same topic for our IA and wrote our commentaries on it. But our articles are different, is there a need for changing the topic?
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, After snooping around in the Economics section of this board and using the search tool, I couldn't seem to find any links to internet sites, where you can read economics articles and possibly find one that suits a prospective commentary. So I came up with this idea that we can link websites that normally have relatively good articles to each other, so people can read them on a daily basis and eventually find some articles for their furture commentaries. I don't know if this will work out, but it's worth giving a try. Google News is a great source! It is updated like every 5th minutes and in the search box you can for instance search wine demand/pork demand/tobacco tax and everything relevant of today will pop up! http://www.bbc.co.uk is fine too. Either go into the business section and look around or use the search option. Mostly bbc has news regarding oil, but sometimes other interesting things such as cars. http://www.cnn.com http://www.guardian.co.uk/business http://news.sky.com/skynews/ http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/ ... And I'm out of sites! I hope some can contribute to this At last but not least: Happy article hunting!
  6. What is an IA? An internal Assessment in Economics is a written commentary based on an economics article that you have chosen. The article you choose should allow you to explain and analyze economic events. For Economics SL, your IA represents 25% of your total IB score for Economics. For Economics HL, your IA represents 20% of your total IB score for Economics. How it is assessed: There are 5 IB Criteria on which your commentary will be assessed: A - word limit+ IAs cover more than 3 sections of syllabus. [2 marks] B - 4 different sources + appropriate use of diagrams. [4 marks] C - Economic terms are used and are defined correctly. [5 marks] D - Theory explained and applied [5 marks] E - Evaluation [4 marks] The first three criteria of your portfolio should be no problem for you. Mistakes are possible here, but if you are careful A, B and C should be fine. What separates the top students is the analysis and evaluation they show in D and E. How to write your IA Step 1: Pick a news article I'd recommend a new article which is pretty specific. It should either focus on a specific event, community or can just be anything you feel would make a good commentary. One thing I would recommend is to stay simple. If you don't know what an article is saying, don't try to bs your way out of it. You'll lose marks, and there are plenty of simple articles around. For your first IA, you mostly need to find an article that will allow you to use the concepts of supply/demand, elasticity, and market failure. In your internet search, it would be useful to search for the price of a commodity. price of coffee, price of oil, price of cocoa, etc. Yes, finding a good article is important. Even if it takes you hours to find a good one, it's better to do that than to quickly find a not-so-good one and then realize that there's not much to say about it. Personally, it took me a while to find good articles. Tip: choose article that doesnt say much , so you can fill in the lines and expand. If the article is long, you need to highlight the sections you use A few sites I'd recommend: Google News BBC Guardian Reuters ... or your local newspaper, there are quite often many relevant articles in there. Step 2: The Introduction A lot of people find starting a economics commentary hard. Here's my step-by-step approach: Summarise the article in a line or two Define some key terms which are going to be relevant to your discussion In one sentence summarise what you are going to say (eg what effect the event will have) Don't forget to define your terms correctly!! The easiest way to do this is to just copy the definitions word for word out of your textbook/notes. Step 3: The Body Draw a diagram You NEED a diagram (usually) if you want to do well, just make sure your diagram is relevant as you will need to refer to it when you discuss your article further. Next you want to expand on the specifics on how your news article (or technically what the news article is reporting) will affect the economy. Will it increase demand for giant two-headed pens? Will the supply fall for goblin ears? How is this going to affect the price of that good (use elasticities, etc). Draw more diagrams if relevant. The more the merrier, as long as they are justified, don't shy from drawing another diagram. 1. Include quotes and footnote them correctly. If you continue quoting the same article just write i.b.i.d (latin for: same as previous). 2. Make sure that you stay within the wordcount of 650-750, aim for the 750 though ( all words even titles and labels must be counted). This and following the general guidelines of the IB (minimum of three different sections in all four IAs, one can be done twice e.g. microeconomics) should net you the two easy marks for criterion A. 3. Use preferably two diagrams. Diagrams will save words if implemented appropriately and convey your economic understanding better. Consider: 1. Short term versus long term implications 2. Effects on different stakeholders 3. Prioritise the arguments 4. Question validity of a theory/data presented 5.Can you detect contradictions/limitations between economic theory and the real world problem at hand. 6. Are there winners and losers 7. Is there any bias in the way the article was written 8. Can you predict what will happen in the future based on what happened in this article? Step 4: The conclusion Briefly conclude by stating what's going to happen and maybe speculate more on the future, say what you might happen to counter this, etc, etc. Also in your conclusion remember to remark and talk about the effect on the different stakeholders i.e consumers producers the governement etc For the evaluation, you could also mention long term and short term effects along with stakeholders. and the advantages and disadvantages of whatever solution you suggest. Also, you need to submit an electronic copy of the commentary and the article, for ISB records. Tadaa, you now have yourself an economics news commentary If anyone wants to add to this, feel free to post below and i'll add it in Thanks to: Julia32, Summer Glau, Eastcoast93 and nuka for contributing via the comments
  7. Hey, I have chosen an article about the Mexican soda tax (it was in a blog, but I think it is allowed as a source since the blog belongs to The New York Times). The problem is that the tax was introduced in January 2014, the data was collected from December 2014, an investigation was carried out in December 2015, published the findings in January 2016 and the article was published also in January 2016:D My teacher said that my article is good, but the events are too old.. Is this article not about "current events"? Should I choose another article?( Would love some input
  8. Hello! For my 1st IA the resource of my article was New York Times and for 2nd Japan Times and now I have a doubt about these websites. The doubt is about that I am not sure are these resources considered as one because two of them are part of "Times".. And for IA there should be 3 different resources and I do not know are they going to penalize me for criteria F - Rubric requirements. What do you think? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hey guys. So I'm doing a mock IA on this article http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/Minimum-alcohol-price-law-Wales-say-Labour/story-28029919-detail/story.html and its my first time writing an economics IA. I have written around 400 words however i don't know if I'm going on the right track. So initially I've talked about the article as a whole. Then about price ceiling (while defining it) and its effects (like excess supply) followed by a paragraph on how the government can combat the excess supply. Lastly i did a stakeholder analysis. (all adding up to around 400 words) I just wanted to know whether I'm going on the right track or whether its slightly "rookie-ish/amateurish"
  10. so basically i've written my IA and i've handed it in and i realised the article says it was written over a year ago and was updated under a year ago. I'm terrified that I will lose points for this. My teacher said he will not remark another IA and therefore i cannot rewrite one. Is there anyway I can change this?
  11. Hey guys! I've taken economics hl and I'm confused about the IA. My teacher said there has to be more than 1 diagram (graph) in the commentary, but I don't see anything like that in the guide; is that true? Or its fine if I have only one diagram? I'm also looking for some sample economics IAs that are graded (like there are for sciences on ibpublishing), so if anyone knows any source, please share. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! What do you think are we allowed to use website http://uk.reuters.com as a resource for our eco IA? I am not sure since they only mentioned to avoid website http://www.economist.com/ Thank you in advance!
  13. Can you help me analyze this article? It is pretty simple but I just want to know if I'm on the right track... http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/uk-unemployment-rate-unchanged-5-5-wages-edge-1519938 So basically I have to talk about unemployment and anything else? Thanks in advance!
  14. hey people, i started doing my commentary in economics and the website i use to draw graph is hard for me to use it. so can you people suggest me some other website or an app for drawing graphs.? (just the link or name of the website)
  15. Hey guys! I have problems with finding a very good article for my 2nd IA, and because my first one wasn't as good as I wanted it to, I need this one to be really good. I wanted to write it on either Macroeconomics or International trade and I honestly do not know which one is better... so that's one problem... the second problem is that I have to write the IA till Monday... I found out today. So concluding, can you help me find any good articles on one of the 2 topics?
  16. Hey guys, Just wondering if you have any opinions on the articles i've selected for my IA before i start writing them. Micro : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33479118 OR http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/may/15/protests-in-seattle-greet-shell-oil-rig-destined-for-arctic-drilling Macro : http://www.bbc.com/news/business-29587707 Cheers
  17. So i've just finished my microeconomics commentary, and all my diagrams are copied from google. So is that okay or will it count as plagiarism?
  18. Hello, I have a Macroeconomics IA to handle in the 5th of June. I have already chose an article. The article is about something that just happened in Israel- the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%. The problem is that I do not know how to illustrate it, which diagram to draw? how to analyze it? The teacher told me that the article is amazing but I really do not know how to illustrate it... Can you please help? ***Thank you!*** Here is the article: http://www.haaretz.com/business/.premium-1.658075 here is exactly what's written there: Israel's unemployment rate falls below 5% But labor expert says many working at jobs beneath their skills. Israel’s unemployment rate, which has been at its lowest in decades, slipped below the 5% level in April to reach a seasonally adjusted 4.9%, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday. Not only did the jobless rate for Israelis age 15 and up show a sharp decline, from 6.5% in June 2014, other labor market indicators showed improvement as well. The percentage of the adult population over 15 with a job or actively seeking one — the labor force participation rate — rose to 64% from 63.5%. The CBS said the unemployment rate for the key 25-64 working-age population dropped to 4.2% last month from 4.6% in March, while the group’s labor force participation rate climbed to 76.4% from 75.8%. Nevertheless, Esther Toledano, a labor market expert at the National Insurance Institute, said too many Israelis are employed in jobs not in line with their skills and training and often drift from job to job. “If unemployment benefits were higher and were paid for longer periods ... more unemployed people would be able to look for and find work commensurate with their abilities,†she said.
  19. Hello everyone! I really need some help to choose an article for my macroeconomics IA... I have been struggling to find one related to unemployment and policies to solve it. Can you give me some help? Thank you!!
  20. Hi guys! I was wondering if someone could help me come up with some theories for my practice econ IA. I have emailed my teacher and she approved the article, however she said that my theories were incorrect. http://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/headlines/20150126-in-latest-mexico-deal-att-escalates-competition-with-carlos-slim.ece thank you in advance!
  21. Guys! I have a little problem. My IA is due tomorrow and I have all the information and my article and everything, but I have no idea how to structure it to get the best score. So do you guys have any suggestions or methods how to structure IA? And I know it might sound stupid but what should the first, title page look like? (My IA is on Microeconomics -> market failure, negative externality of consumption of alcohol) Thanks a lot!
  22. Please suggest if this is a good article for my commentary. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/apr/02/carbon-floor-price-hike-will-trigger-uk-coal-slowdown-say-analysts Also is it possible that we choose an article that tis related to both macro and micro economics but is analysed from the micro point of view for commentary 1. any help is appreciated
  23. Hi! My microeconomics IA is due to this monday and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some feedback? I am a bit worried about my analysis and my evaluation because my teacher did not like it before when he saw it. I have however change it but it would be nice if anyone could look it over. It would make my day! Thank you on before hand!
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