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Found 1,612 results

  1. For the Math Studies IA the student is to pick 2 variables they believe are related to each other in some way and test this using statistical analysis calculations. You can literally pick any two variables. I for example chose how many hours people play video games on average per week and the amount of words they could remember in a 1 minute interval. You want this to flow like a story, no one wants to grade something where you just throw numbers at them. Explain what they mean. Explain why you did this (I don't care if it's simply saying you simplified a fraction, do it). I'm not saying the graders suck at math, I'm saying that you don't know who's getting it so assume your grader is an idiot. Here are the criterion and for each one I'm only going to post the most points possible because you want a 7... Criterion A: Introduction 2 The student produces a title, a clear statement of the task and a clear description of the plan. - Don't make a dumb title. Make it relate to your investigation. I should be able to read your title and know 3 things. Both of your variables and your guess on if they are related or not (gives drama to a math IA sort of...on a nerdy level). - Your statement. It should be explicit. It should be clear. It should outline what you are going to do with the 200 numbers you a likely to collect. I should now know 4 things. Both of your variables, a small prediction, and the math you plan to do to it. - Now to make the grader happy (happy grader=happier grading, yes it's bias but you might as well use it for your advantage ). Make an introduction. Make it like a story. Maybe there is a reason you chose these variables? Are you interested in something about them? If they are related to sports for example, did you pick them because you love that sport? Explain these things. Also you can give a brief explanation of WHY you think they should be related. You're testing this after all, always fun to start with a guess and be proved wrong Criterion B: Information/measurement 3 The relevant information collected, or set of measurements generated by the student, is organized in a form appropriate for analysis and is sufficient in both quality and quantity. - Alright, quantity. It's vague I know. Let me say this. Chi Squared test=100 data points. Just go get 100 sets of data and you're set. - Put it in a chart for the love of god. A nice columned chart (if you are doing Pearson's/Linear Line of Regression you may also include the xy, x2, y2 and the averages/totals you will need later) - Relevant information...if you stated your variable was flight distance, don't collect how far the car traveled... Criterion C: Mathematical Processes 5 The student accurately carries out a number of relevant sophisticated processes. - Simple and EASY 5 points. Do at least 2 calculations, do 3 even! Chi-Squared, Pearson's, Linear Regression Line. If you know how to do those 3 and do them correctly, perfectly, you just got yourself a free 5 points! DO IT Criterion Interpretation of results 3 The student produces a comprehensive discussion of interpretations and conclusions that are consistent with the mathematical processes used. - Don't be dumb. If your Chi-Squared value was way under your critical value, don't say your original hypothesis was right...because it wasn't. - Draw conclusions using ALL the calculations you did. Maybe your chi-squared value says they have no relationship but just barely (just slightly below your critical value, very slightly) but your Pearson's value says there is absolutely no correlation between the points (this is a value between -0.3 and 0.3) - Explain your interpretation. Some people may think that a correlation coefficient of 0.6 is pretty good but other's might think it's terrible. Relate the value to what you collected (this is why it says discuss), are there reasons that your value could be lower than what it should be? You can discuss (if this happens, I don't know if it's even possible) why your correlation coefficient suggests a decent relationship but your chi-squared test says there is none. Which one do you trust more? Etc... - This is where math meets practicality. Be practical. Take the conclusion out of the number world and into the real world. Criterion E: Validity 2 The student has made a serious attempt to comment on both the mathematical processes used and the interpretations/conclusions made. - Why you used the math you did. How valid are the results from the math? did you do it by hand? Did you do it by a calculator? Did you do both to double check your work? Explain what you did to ensure that your math is perfect. Criterion F: Structure and Communication 3 The student has produced a project that is well structured and communicated in a coherent manner. - STORY. This needs to flow. I know it sounds weird, stories in a math class, but you can make a coherent IA. You did it for your group4 IA after all - This is grading you on how you connected the math to the real world and how you communicated the numbers but as words and sentences. Criterion G: Commitment 2 The student showed full commitment. - How do you get these 2 points? Make an IA that LOOKS like it took more than 2 hours to make (you could BS data and do this in 2 hours, but you didn't, did you?). Things that show this are the collecting of 100 data points. Taking the time to make the story flow. Adding in background information in the introduction. Spell/grammar check the dang thing. If there are errors you obviously weren't committed enough to proofread... If you have more questions or still don't understand something related to the IA itself feel free to ask. Any specific math questions (questions regarding Criterion C and involve numbers) should be asked in the Math Help Thread Edit: I've continued to get messages regarding personal cases and, as much as I'd like to help, I do not check back here often. That being said - Send me a message with the understanding that you can't rely on my reply. Apologies.
  2. Hey people! So one of the articles that I chose is from the economist ( www.economist.com ). I read here :http://www.mistercheung.com/IAguidancebooklet.pdf that choosing an article from this site is not recommended, because the articles are often long and complex. The article that I chose from the economist is short in length and I already went over it with my teacher and he said it was fine, but I have doubt now. This is the first time that my teacher is teaching IB economics and I don't know if he's right or not. Should I change my article?
  3. ok guys im kinda doing my second portfolio right now n im kinda stuck on one part of the question height 1.7 2.0 2.9 4.1 5.6 6.3 7.0 8.0 10.0 13.9 number of drops 42.0 21.0 10.3 6.8 5.1 4.8 4.4 4.1 3.7 3.2 they given us information on crows dropping nut.. with the height and the number of drops.i managed to plot this graph n i get an Hyperbole graph. the question asks what type of function models the behavior of the graph? explain why you chose this function.create an equation (a model)that fits the graph. i dont get how to get the equation they asking for. please could someone help me urgently..or explain to me.thanx
  4. Hi~ I was wondering if there was anyone who did Statistics for their Math Studies IA. How should I go about on writing the introduction? Is there a format for it? I just transferred from SL to Studies so I`m still a bit confused on what to do. Thank you in advance~
  5. Hey guys! I'm currently working on my IA in math, and I need as many people as possible to fill out this survey. I'm writing about how drugs and disorders related to the nervous system may have an affect on sleep habits. The survey doesn't take more than a minute or so. I would really appreciate it if everyone could do it http://goo.gl/forms/CahdbVWM8H
  6. "To what extent did Josef Stalin's rule over the Soviet Union adhere to the ideals of Marxism?" Is this a good topic for my IA? or is it too narrow/broad? lol
  7. Hi there, So soon I'll be starting on my first Internal Assessment in physics. I need some suggestions for an experiment / investigation I'll be completing in regards to: Rubber Bands, or Elastic Bands, whatever you like to call them. If it's possible, suggest something that would be rather easy to out take, with a few variables, you could suggest it in a form of a investigation question. – Thank You!
  8. I am starting my history IA and I was wondering if my question was good enough for a historical investigation. My question is "To what extend did Hitler's early life influence his radical ideals"? Do you guys have any feedback on at and how I could do a IA with this question? A possible outline maybe? Please and thank you very much, anything would help.
  9. Hi, I have a survey where you guys need to answer. There are 4 quick multiple questions. Should take you about 1 minute. I will need at least 20 applicants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RwE6XypmH6Fc2Y--_cAzrtndyIVKr5i988ScByGIQZg/viewform Thank You
  10. I'm doing a survey to see if there's a correlation between religion and favorite topic of study. So if you please, answer the following two questions: 1) What's your favorite school subject? (Ex. Math, Science, English, History, Music, Sport, Language) 2) Do you believe in God? Yes/No/Maybe Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey all, I got the new SL Type II IA for 2012 and 2013 and I found that I need to graph a Sine Regression function against a set of data to test it. For my past IA's I have found some way to use excel to graph by data and regression fits... however I am having some serious trouble figuring out how to plot a sine regression against my data. I ask this because I have already done all the math on my TI-84 Plus. I am trying to figure out how to plot the same graph the TI does when you go to STAT -> CALC -> SinReg L1,L2,Y1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this in excel or some other graphing package? Thanks, -Noxen Also, I would prefer and excel solution if anyone knows a way
  12. Hey. As you probably know their are very tight restrictions on IA topics , I have to change a variable in an experiment previously done, I am interested in doing memory experiment testing mnemonics however am finding it difficult to find any case studies on it that I could replicate. Know any? Thank you Lexi
  13. Leaveliz

    IA title

    Hi! I have a problem. I am going to hand in my IA title and have not got one yet. I like to do something regarding the Israel-Arabic conflict. Have read quiet a lot about the Yom Kippur War and looked some at the six dag war and other major happenings. But I can not come up with any titles. So far do I only have: Moshe Dayan during the Yom Kippur War Moshe Dayan's portray of himself in the Yom Kippur War But I don't know if I like to focus on him or Yom Kippur. I don't want to do like its part in the cold war, showing the connection to US and USSAR. Please help me! Any suggestions?
  14. My history teacher gave my class a month to start and finish our rough copies of our historical investigation. I have no topic and I haven't read anything. Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot for not doing anything. So... does any one have a good topic that's easy to research and that they have already done or are currently doing? I don't really care what it's about, I just need something easy that I can do in a week with as little effort as possible. Thanks... EDIT: I'll look through the history syllabus and look for a topic I think I can do.
  15. guilleasz

    HIstory paper

    If you the topic of the dictators is some way posible to evade studiyng one, because of probabilirues such as there will be always two of hitler an 1 of stalin so you can not study peron.... you understand what im saying? thanks
  16. Hello, I've got a question to my topic. I want to write about an ancient culture and chose the Mayas. Here I have several possibilieties, like the hierarchy in the population or rituals, but I think the mortuary practices nad the imagination of the life after dead are really interesting. Therefore my topic should be something like: "How did the imagination of Mayas about Xibalba (realm of the death) changes from countriefied regions to mountains?" But I am sure that there must be a better formulation of the topic, but do you think it fits in the IB context? I am trying to put some stuff about the preparations for death in case of buildings etc in it but I don't now how to integrate in in the title. Thanks for comments.
  17. I was just wondering if there are any other schools that also assign TWO Historical Investigations to their History HL students, instead of just one. I finished my first one last December but was (unpleasantly!) surprised today when I was assigned another one! Are there any other schools out there that also have to do TWO Historical Investigations for History HL students (or SL too maybe)? If so, why is this? Cheers and take care all.
  18. This may seem like a strange question...but, Do graders count the number of words in your IA???
  19. Hi, I did my IA on the question from the syllabus, the one about Dresden... Putting the exact words, the question is: Why, and with what consequences to its citizens, was Dresden bombed in 1945? 1) Does copying the question from the syllabus counts as a plagiarism? My teacher told me that it is and I have to craft the question somehow... 2) Can I change the question to something like: Why did the allied bombed on Dresden in 1945? Is there any problem with the question? 3) Or since my 2 sources chosen are arguing different sides (1. Dresden was bombed because it was significant to allies and essential to win the war 2. Dresden was bombed in order to create fear), can I craft the question like: - What was the significance of the Dresden to allied? - Was the bombing of Dresden more of an action implemented by allied to win the war or was it an action to increase the fear? 4) Any suggestion for what I can do?? I AM FREAKED OUT!!! please help me ( Thanks!
  20. Hi I'm writing my B&M IA (It's a bit late to do that now but due to some special circumstances my class is behind) my question is "Would the business “Fornicate for Forest” benefit from changing their organizational structure from a partnership to a sole trader?" The current situation within the business in short is the following: the relations within the business has decade due to uneven amount of work preformed (One person carry 65% of the business alone and there are 6 partners. The others are not motivated enough or dose not have the knowledge and experience to handle their assigned tasks), the work load is manageable for the moment but a increase in customers is expected so the current situation won't work in the future. Can someone just point me in the right direction?
  21. Hi, So I am trying to get this done and I have less than a week to write my "practice" historical investigation. I just came up with a topic and was wondering what you thought about it. My topic is "Was the bombing of Nagaskai necessary in order to recieve an unconditional surrender from Japan during the end of World War II?". I have been urged to narrow my topic down and that the best that I can do. Is this topic still too broad? Would this topic work? I have found information from two sources for this topic. Thanks
  22. im writing up my IA and on the method design and wondering if my experimental design can be a laboratory experiment which allows for the controla nd establishment of a cause and effect relationship between independent and dependent variables. the experiemnet was also a single-blind experiment as the participants did not know the hypothesis but the researcher did. can that be possible of can i only have one or the other i am a bit confused over what an experimental design is thank you
  23. Hey, I was wondering which each statistic (mean, mode, median) shows in a graph and why each statistic is used. At the moment I am having trouble choosing which statistic to use to represent my results in a bar graph. My IA was about effect of highlighting on memory and the DV variable was the number of questions answered correctly. Should I use mean or mode? Thanks
  24. Hi this is my first post on Ibsurvival so I really don't know how this works but, I was just wondering if anyone could give me their opinion of my topic: How did the treaty of new echota lead to the expulsion of the Cherokee from the south? Should I reword it? Is it too broad? Should I just trash this idea and start over with a whole new topic? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Hi So i have recently thought of my topic for my IA - 'what is the correlation between nationality and cumulative english grade,' does this topic make sense? and if so, what is your opinion on what Maths i should use. Thanks!