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Found 2,619 results

  1. Writing my math IA and I want to do something with earthquakes, but I have no idea where to start. I’ve been thinking about maybe doing epicenters or the Richter scale but I can’t find a solid way to incorporate them. If anyone has any ideas please reply!
  2. I am taking math HL and want to write an IA about game theory I have to submit it in 4 days. I can't find any topic "mathematical" enough. Help!
  3. Hello!! I am writing my psychology IA right now, but now I'm at the result section and I don't understand a thing! My teacher does not explain this well, and he doesn't seem to be certain about what he's doing. There was actually a few people last year who failed their psychology, mainly because of their IAs so I'm a bit terrified! I'm a HL student, so I will need inferential statistics but how does that actually work?? For example, my teacher said I should use the General Linear Model, but I don't know if I'm allowed to use that.. I haven't found anyone who have used it before, but it does calculated the level of significance. Also, do I need a graph or something similar for the inferential part? (I already have graphs in the descriptive statistics section of the essay) Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Hi all. I am working on my Computer Science IA, and am worried about Criterion C- Complexity. Apparently complexity can be added by adding features into our code, like recursion, 2D arrays etc, but is it ok to add these features even if it worsens the program's performance/slows it down, but does the job? I can then talk about how it might not have been the most effective solution in the evaluation section. Would this work?
  5. Hey! So my current topic for my Biology HL IA is "How does pH affect the glucose content in milk?" and I'm not sure if it is good enough to get a good grade (7). I wanted to change the pH of milk by the addition of bases and acids and then adding lactase which would break lactose into glucose and galactose. Then I would use glucose test strips to see what the content of glucose in all of the samples is. Is it good enough? Should I make it more complicated by checking something else? Or should I look for another topic? All tips and help would be much appreciated!
  6. Hey guys! my chem IA is due tomorrow and I still need to complete my conclusion and evaluation. The last two points of my calculated data seem to be outliers and cause my trend line to have an r^2 value of 0. Without these last two points i have a linear relationship. Where do I address why these are outliers? So I take them out?
  7. Hi, Now my teacher asked us to find a topic for our math exploration (IA) and he told us that it has to be something that we like. Now I like airplanes (jets, airbusses...etc) and I found more physics than math on the subject when I searched on Google. So my question is if there's any math behind airplanes, what level is it and what type (algebra, calculus..etc). And if there's not any math or Little math what topics can I choose instead? Thanks.
  8. Hi My math SL IA is the correlation of a country’s health care spending and its rate of tuberculosis. I feel like this doesn’t have enough math. Is there any way I could add more math to it.
  9. I am starting my math IA I have decided to choose the Monty Hall Problem as my topic. I was thinking about explaining the Monty Hall Problem using conditional probability and then expand the Problem by trying it on more than three doors like for example four or five doors in order to try and find a trend or a sequence or a general equation. Is this topic up to the level of the Math SL course and do you have any suggestions about things I should add to the IA. Thank you, your help is really appreciated.
  10. I've started my Math SL IA (finally) after not being able to find a topic for months, whatever I found I either didn't understand, was too simple, or my teacher said there was too little math in it. Currently, I'm working on an IA on the Tower of Hanoi, which happens to also be in an IB sample IA. I'm using the same aim and methods in the sample, but I am planning to cite the sample in my references and use my own words and personal engagement. I told my teacher about the similarity to the sample and she approved my topic, but I'm worried I'm plagiarising and will be penalised for it. Is this plagiarism or can I just continue with what I'm doing?
  11. My IA for macroeconomics is about inflation but the solution that the article states is redenomination, which is not in the topic of economics. Is it alright if I evaluate redenomination in a macroeconomics IA?
  12. I'm doing my microeconomics IA about monopolies, and I'm not sure how I should format it or what to write for each section of my IA. If there's anyone who's done this before, can ya'll please help. 🙏🙏🙏
  13. Okay, I'm new here and I need help regarding my IA. My experiment is as I've described in the title, my problem right now is, I couldn't get the data similar to what I've researched. From my background research, the graph should be in "n" shape. Increase a bit in the beginning and then it should decrease as density increases. What I've got is complete opposite of that. I got a "v" shaped graph. And now I' stuck as I cannot make any sound argument. Has anybody else carried out this experiment before? I really appreciate it if anyone can share their thoughts regarding my IA. The materials that I've been using are oil, water, methanol, detergent and honey. All constant at 100ml volume. And of course, by using the same wine glass.
  14. I'm currently thinking of basing my presentation on Ethics with the KQ "How do moral judgments affect our decisions in our acquisition of knowledge?", and apparently it's not recommended to do anything with ethics. At this point, I'm completely lost about what I'm supposed to do...
  15. Hey there. I am currently in the process of choosing topics and writing a proposal for Math IA. I have chosen a topic on car parking. What I have in mind at the moment is how to park a car perfectly in the parking layout. Well, the use of math that I can see is angles, areas, probability. However, I am afraid that this would be simple as I am taking HL. So, I would really love to hear out your opinion on this topic and maybe some other math relation to this topic. Thank you.
  16. Hey everyone, my IA is on basketball, specifically seeing if there is a correlation between the wingspan of a player and their career 3 point %. Ideas I have right now for the math in relation to this topic however are really thin. I pretty much only have the correlation between them using the r value. I've been stressing out about this a lot as this is definitely not enough math to get a decent to good mark on the Math SL IA. Does anyone have any suggestions for further math I could do with this topic? Thanks!
  17. Hi there! For my Biology IA, I'm thinking about doing a database investigation and investigating the relationship between a country's literacy rate and HIV infection rates. My only worry is that it is not related to the biology syllabus enough to get a good mark? I have seen the tuberculosis and HDI exemplar and that got a good mark but the syllabus relation wasn't always obvious so do you think this would be an ok topic to explore? Thanks in advance
  18. Good evening folks, I have a terrible problem: my Maths IA is due tonight and still haven't figured out the topic for it. My issue is that I find something, mess around with it for a while and drop it as "it is definetely not enough for a whole exploration". I desperately need your advice: what the topic should be in order to be considered "enough" for an IA? Please drop a few ideas, I need them very much! Thank you!
  19. elif_rana

    physics ia

    Hi, i need to find a physics ia topic as soon as possible can you guys pls help me
  20. Hi, For my math IA, I chose to do traffic flow. So far, I narrowed down my potential questions to: a) How do trucks contribute to traffic jams and b) What causes traffic jams. Do you guys think that one of these is a do-able topic question, or should i change it? How can i structure my IA to get a good mark? Thanks :))
  21. So guys, i checked turnitin of my TOK essay I got 25% plagiarism - 15% from bibliography and quotes 10% from footnotes and coverpage Other than the quotes, none of my essay body got highlighted Is everything ok here?
  22. Hello! Math has lately been my weakest subject, and sadly, we have an Exploration to write. Our first draft is supposed to be handed in tomorrow. I have already written 6-7 pages on my IA. However, my topic is "Patterns in Pascal's Triangle", and it just occurred to me that it may be a weak topic... What do you think? I am basically out of ideas, and I think it might be too late to change topic. The Pascal's Triangle was something I just chose to write about because I found it quite interesting when we learned about this, but not something I am very excited about. I would appreciate any answers, ideas, tips... whatever! I just want to finish it, and get a decent grade. Thanks
  23. Hello! I need some suggestions or at least a bit of help with an IA research question. I'm interested on the case of Jack the Ripper, although I am struggling terribly with a research question. I wanted to do something about the consequences after the Jack the Ripper case had been open up to the public. Like did the police changed the way they do their work? How did the public take it? Like that sort of thing, although I'm not sure where to start to do this research question.
  24. Hi everyone! Does anyone know the official IB deadlines for submission of IA's and Extended Essay?
  25. I am thinking of doing my IA on the optimum volleyball net height based on average player height? My teacher has given no guidance, so I'm not sure if this is even somewhat doable. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
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