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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Folks, My Research question for my social & cultural anthropology essay is How have Indian traditions & culture impacted the Jewish cultural identities & their culture in Mumbai”. As part of my primary research, i have interviewed & surveyed a head of a Jewish community center in Mumbai. I have garnered a lot of information about the history, modern day statistics, rituals, comparison between Mumbai & Jerusalem as an abode for Jews, personal experiences of Jews in India and so on. My secondary research mainly includes you-tube documentaries, a limited amount of research publications & some community forums. I am unable to deliver my essay a proper format/structure, hence this is restraining me to write. I have included the background information about Jews in Mumbai in the introduction. I need some urgent help with an appropriate format & some tips on my research work for the same. Thank You Amish Agarwal
  2. Hi there! So we are currently on the stage of finalising what topic we want to do for our EE and I am doing mine in History, but am having some trouble choosing which one to do. I really want to get an A or B on the extended essay, so need a topic that sounds like it has a lot of good material in order for me to get a high grade So the topic I am currently interested in are: - How the African National Congress with Nelson Mandela was influenced by the Indian independence movement with Mahatma Gandhi and why peaceful protests worked in India, but not in Africa (this could possibly also explore ideas of terrorists vs freedom fighters? I'm not sure) - Princess Sophia's (From India) impact and influence on the suffragettes' movement in England - An exploration of Britain's rule on India and what kind of negative impacts that had (Maybe also explore the idea of whether or not Britain should pay reparations to India --> this idea came from the novel 'inglorious empires' by Shashi Tharoor) Any help is appreciated!! Thanks :))
  3. Hey everyone, I am planning on writing my history IA on the Indian Independence. So far my research question is "To what extent was India’s Independence caused by mismanagement of power by Britain?" I don't know if this is a good question but my main problem is i am unable to find sources in order to answer my question. Thanks for the Help.
  4. Hi! I needed some advice on my EE topic.... Is "Honor Killings in India" narrow enough? -----> { I want to focus and research more on the role society plays against familial relationships } Is Human Rights the BEST topic to go into if I want to research Honor Killings? *aside* I haven't actually taken the class, Human Rights, but the IB coordinator said that it's fine
  5. So, I want to write my extended essay about the problems with child marriage in India most likely, or some other lesser developed country that still has issues with that. But I also came across another topic that still is on the topic of human rights, where young women in Mozambique are sometimes forced to marry their rapists, and the rapists are cleared of their charges once they've tied the knot. I'm open to doing either one but I'm having a hard time choosing which would be more unique. I also am debating whether I want to take a "justification" angle on the essay or if anything else that hasn't even crossed my mind would be a good take on the essay. All help is appreciated!
  6. I want to do my Extended Essay in Visual Arts, something with sustainable designs. My teacher doesn't help much! Please suggest some topic! If there are any Visual Art's students reading this please do help me
  7. Hello guys ! How did you find the exam in general? I hope we can discuss most of the papers now. Personally, i think i did a good job in Physics, B&M, and Chemistry to an extent. Math paper 2 and 3 were a challenge ! English was quite manageable.
  8. Hey guys I started doing research on my topic which is the sino-indian war and it's pretty hard to find information on. I have time I think to look at another topic to see if i can find more research. Anyone have any ideas on an ee history topic possibly concerning china, japan, india, etc other asian countries that i can find a good amount of research on? Thanks a lot
  9. Hi everyone, I have a topic in mind for the Historical Investigation. 'To what extent did the Simla Agreement of 1972 ease India-Pakistan relations after the 1971 War?' Of course, I can mould that topic question to make it suit me better. But I needed help on how to go about developing an essay on this. To those who are experts on the topic, would you recommend that I go ahead with this. There is a lot of material on journals and magazines regarding that. I'm sure finding the material won't be a problem. However, apart from that, what would you recommend? And what line of thought do I take in such a topic. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, I want to write my EE on history - specifically on the topic of Pakistan and India's Independence or maybe even on Allama Iqbal or Mohammed Ali Jinnah as significat personalities of the issue - but I can't decide what aspect I want to focus on. Can you guys please help me come up with some questions that I can use for my EE? Thank you!
  11. Hello! I've got an IOP due next week and I'm not sure about what to include. My passage is from Kamala Markandaya's Nectar in a Sieve, and focuses on the cultural differences between Rukmani's life as a native and the doctor Kenny's life as a foriegner, relating to the theme of overcoming adversity in the eyes of the natives and the foriegners. How do I format this, and what isn't worth including? This needs to be ten minutes long and done ASAP so I can practice it before presenting. Please help!
  12. Is this topic suitable for Historical Investigation and could it be used for an EE ? My topic I chose is related to the Indo Pak war 1. Kashmir Crisis: How did the division of Jammu and Kashmir damage the peace in the Indian Subcontinent ? 2. To what extent was the "Two Nation" theory proposed by Mohammed Ali Jinnah successful ? 3. How well did Britain deal with the issue of Indian independence ? Thanks in Advance
  13. Is this topic suitable for Historical Investigation and could it be used for an EE ? My topic I chose is related to the Indo Pak war 1. Kashmir Crisis: How did the division of Jammu and Kashmir damage the peace in the Indian Subcontinent ? 2. To what extent was the "Two Nation" theory proposed by Mohammed Ali Jinnah successful ? 3. How well did Britain deal with the issue of Indian independence ? Thanks in Advance
  14. Hi, I'm a HL History student and for my IA my research question is: Who was to blame for the Partition disaster after the Indian independence? my question is about Section A where you need to put the Research question it self, the scope and the methodology What do you put in scope and methodology? what do those things mean? i was given a handout/booklet about it but i can't find it at all! please tell me what should be put under scope and methodology!! So far i know that scope is the time frame but then i looked up some example IA's and their scope was a long paragraph.
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