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Found 30 results

  1. I've started my Math SL IA (finally) after not being able to find a topic for months, whatever I found I either didn't understand, was too simple, or my teacher said there was too little math in it. Currently, I'm working on an IA on the Tower of Hanoi, which happens to also be in an IB sample IA. I'm using the same aim and methods in the sample, but I am planning to cite the sample in my references and use my own words and personal engagement. I told my teacher about the similarity to the sample and she approved my topic, but I'm worried I'm plagiarising and will be penalised for it. Is this plagiarism or can I just continue with what I'm doing?
  2. Hello, I have lack of time to be able to conduct an experiment my own in a lab for my Biology IA. I have no idea about how to write a Database for the Internal Assessment in Biology and would truly appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to write it. The structure? What do I must include when writing a Database in this case? Examples? I
  3. For context - SL student Hi guys, my school just started the chem IA process. I have a few (rather weak) topic ideas for experimental investigations, but would prefer to do a database ia because I'm lowkey terrible at lab work. My teacher also hasn't really told us how to go about developing methodology and approach so I'm a little clueless. Any examples of database IAs I can view? Also, how do you go from the initial topic idea to developing a methodology and approach? Do you look for existing experiments and modify their procedures? Finally, is there anywhere I can look for topic STIMULUS? (not topics, I'm not that lazy, but interesting chem things that could spark some ideas) Any advice is much appreciated
  4. Hello, I'm basing my IA on bifilar pendulums and require the formula of the time period of a bifilar pendulum and simple pendulum. When I researched online, different sources claim different things. One formula I obtained was T = 2pi*(L/g)^0.5 (2 times pi times square root of L/g), where L = length of the pendulum and g = gravity. Is this formula applicable for both simple and bifilar pendulums? If not, what is the formula for each kind of pendulum? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. I'm in Grade 10 and I have to come up with a simple physics experiment on kinematics experiment for an investigation, we're not allowed to do free falling or how the angle of a ramp affects speed or acceleration. I'm completely stuck so I was wondering if any of you had any ideas, preferably one using SUVAT equations. thank you
  6. Hi everyone My first EE draft is due in 2 weeks and I really need to start on my trials, but I have a few random questions before I start that I haven't been able to find online (that I understand lol) and was hoping someone here might have an idea? My topic is on duckweed and its ability to "remove" heavy metals (or other pollutants, chemicals etc) and maybe how that will affect the growth of another aquatic plant. If you think you might know anything about this, I would really appreciate if you could take some time to read my questions in case you might be able to answer them Qs: 1. Say if I carried out an experiment where I put duckweed in a small container (ice cream tub size?) of tap water+heavy metal (e.g. lead nitrate) and let it "suck" the metal for a couple days, then took out the duckweed out and put in the other aquatic plant. I would then compare this plant to if it was put straight into the same water the duckweed was initially in and see if it fares any better, assuming that there are now less heavy metals in the water, so there should technically be less of an effect (damage). Would there be any problems concerning the nutrient concentration of the water? Will the duckweed suck a lot of the nutrients out of the water as well, which would put the other plant at a disadvantage from the very beginning that could affect my results? 2. Compared to the method above, would it be easier to do one trial where I put the duckweed in the heavy metal water, another with the other plant in the heavy metal water, and another trail with both plants in the water? Just with this method I was worried that the duckweed would compete with the other plant (for nutrients and space/sunlight) as duckweed is known to inhibit algae growth with its sun-blocking properties (ish) 3. Also, does anyone know of anything else I can test with? e.g. another type of heavy metal (that can be found in a school lab ideally), or any way to test the effects of weedkiller or the such (e.g. one main component of weedkiller that I can test rather than just weedkiller in general? As I feel that might be a bit hard to control) If you actually managed to read through all of that, thank you for your time and I hope you can get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight seeing as you have time to read the forums
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with the investigation portion of my HI. My question is "To what extent did the treatment of interned Japanase Americans compare to interned Jews during World War Two?" I'm having trouble coming up with my body paragraphs. I'm not sure whether I should do one paragraph about how they're completely different and another one about their similarities. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi! I need help to find a good topic for the ib Math exploration HL. I want to have a 20/20 mark. PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!! Let´s do a brainstorm together!!! All the answers are ok. You don´t need to think a lot. THNAK YOU.
  9. Hey guys, I need help for choosing a topic for my mathematics HL exploration.I really liked the topic differentiation and i found it easy so should i work on something related to it? Or something else?
  10. Hi! I'm currently deciding on a title for my history investigation. It's probably going to be something like: To what extent was the Soviet Union responsible for the start of WWII? What do you think? Is it too broad? Should I maybe rephrase it? Or should I think of something completely new? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey guys! I am planning on doing my EE in biology, and I'm comparing diets of people and their vitamin intake. So my idea was to survey people and have them record everything they eat for 5 days. My original plan was to have 4 test subjects for each group, but my supervisor said I need at least ten per group (so twenty in total) My problem is that I don't think that I can get so many people who will actually want to do this for an entire week... What would you say? I have seen some examples of diet comparison EE's online, and they only had around three test subjects... did they just get a very bad grade then? I'm happy about any advice Thanks
  12. Hi, I have a IA topic in mind, though is it ok to investigate this? To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 Reagan's Cuban Missile Crisis? / Compare (and contrast) the invasion of Grenada in 1983 to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. or To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 in line with the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1905? Would any of these work?
  13. What are some good methods to formulate an excellent research question that has a historical debate, that can be investigated in 1300 words (is specific), and allows a detailed analysis? My topic is: Germany and the Alliance Systems Despite how smart, "To what extent was Germany responsible for the formation of Alliance Systems within Europe during the pre-First World War period of 1870-1914?" sounds, it is too broad and I want to investigate something similar yet I can not form a specific research question. I have to have a RQ preferably by Friday, Monday next week at best.
  14. Hi guys, I am physics sl student and everybody knows about the internal assessment, and i have choose a good idea but i have no idea how it should look like and have no tips to follow about writing personal engagement, method, ext. so please if any one can help me !
  15. Hi all this is my first time posting to IB survival, but since I've found the site helpful in the past I thought I'd ask for help from here... So, I'm an IB1 student currently working on my Historical Investigation (Our deadline for this is May 24th), and my research question is going to be something along the lines of "Why did the women's suffrage -movement in the U.K. turn to more violent methods to obtain the enfranchisement after the turn of the 20th century?". What do you think of the question? My teacher says the topic is suitable but I'm worried that I won't get enough out of it. (I would be focusing on the Suffragettes specifically, so not going to the Suffragists or the Women's Freedom League to a great extent) I'm also slightly worried about sources... So far I've looked up several articles that do state what the suffragettes actually did, but I struggle in finding anything that actually states why they resorted to these violent methods. I found one web page that stated several plausible reasons, but it didn't have any sources so I don't think I'll be able to use that... :/ Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hey All, I am in Music SL, testing in about two months. I am trying to work on my MLI and considering that it is due to 2 weeks, I am definitely cramming. My two cultures that I want to compare are Spanish flamenco music to classical Arabic music. I definitely found my links (instrumentation, structure, etc) but I have some questions on the investigation itself. Is a discography required? I am going off of songs I found on YouTube, so its not from a disc. Even if I wanted to choose different songs, Im pretty sure that I couldnt find discography with Arabic music on it easily. Second, does anyone know how to add segments of sheet music onto the media script? On some sample ones Ive seen, the people actually put segments of staff with notes on them onto their media script. Anyone have any tips? Anything is greatly appreciated!
  17. Hi, What is the most exact method to measure the acceleration of gravity? Keep in mind that I'm in IB1 so the method should be understandable and possible to carry out as a lab with the knowledge I have. Thanks, Daniel
  18. Hey guys! As I was reviewing the WSEE criteria, the "Investigation" part sounded rather vague to me. Just to clarify, is primary data collection a necessity for the extended essay in World Studies, and if not a mandate, would it improve your points for that criteria? Thanks a bunch!!! Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. xx P.S Any do's and dont's on the World Studies EE too?
  19. Hi everyone! Right now I'm about to produce some nice IA-essay in history and I'm still trying to come up with a good research question. I was just wondering about what is tolerated? The answer shouldn't be too obvious, it should be a ''historical problem'' and historically relevant, yes I got that. But really, where goes the line? I have looked for official rules but haven't really found any. Are there any precise guidelines? I think it's a bit vague. And also, is popular culture completely forbidden to research or can you do an essay on for instance a musician/band's career or impact on whatever? Can you study the the history of the camera or the history of table tennis? (If you wonder these are not my own areas of interest, just examples.) I hope the question is clear. What are the rules? Thanks!
  20. Hi there, So soon I'll be starting on my first Internal Assessment in physics. I need some suggestions for an experiment / investigation I'll be completing in regards to: Rubber Bands, or Elastic Bands, whatever you like to call them. If it's possible, suggest something that would be rather easy to out take, with a few variables, you could suggest it in a form of a investigation question. – Thank You!
  21. Hi, I'm currently preparing to write my MLI, and I'm going to present links to the Spanish Flamenco song 'Entre Dos Aguas' and the Hard Rock song 'YYZ' by Rush. I have a few links such as the use of the phrygian mode and polyrhythms, but not sure what other key features I could comment on. Anyone able to help me out a bit? Many Thanks.
  22. Hi there, I'd like to make an investigation regarding the topic of how does the camera work (rathrer the proccess of capturing light). I want to speak about the aparature, focal length, calculate DOF manually and mention about the dependance of the angle visible, and the focal length. But I think, there is missing one part - the question I will answer at the end. Any ideas?
  23. Hi guys, I've started my Musical Links Investigation (SL) and tried to draw links between two elements each of Scottish Folk Music and a Hindustani Classical Raga. After tons of researching, I think I've found the ideal links: 1. Microtonalities in Scottish music and Shrutis (basically a Hindi name for the microtone) in the Raga 2. Usage of the pentatonic in both forms But now I have encountered a slight problem. While I am able to find information for the Raga in abundance, I am not able to come across any relevant information regarding the following (which I need desperately!!) 1. The significance, use and purpose of microtones in Scottish Folk Music. 2. The purpose of pentatonic scale usage. If someone has any knowledge regarding this musical form or has anything that can help me out, I would be really, really grateful!
  24. i am doing Maths HL and we are supposed to do an investigation. i have tried really hard to search for possible topics on which I can do my investigation but did not come across any yet. Can someone please suggest some possible ideas. thanks.
  25. Hello, all. I am working on my historical investigation, and according to my notes, I need to include the "scope" in my plan of investigation. What is the scope, exactly? If someone could let me know ASAP, that'd be great. I've got to get the quote-on-quote rough draft into my teacher by Monday. This will need to include the plan of investigation, the summary of evidence, the bibliography and the 2 sources I plan to evaluate. I'd really like to get it all finished soon so I can enjoy one of my first weekends in months before I get to work on the EE. Thanks so much! (Oh, if it is of any consequence, my research question is currently To what extent did German nationalism in the 1910s through the 1930s aid in the Nazi party’s rise to power? This may or may not need to be refined.)
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