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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! I've decided to concentrate on the antimafia movement's history in Italy for my history HL IA, especially on the grassroots levels and general population's opinion, and how they influenced larger movements on a national level such as Libera. I really don't know how to turn this into a question for an analytical study. Can you help me? Also, do you think the topic is too broad? Thank you
  2. Version 1.0.0


    - hopefully this can help you better understand the Italian front in WWII
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for something to read once I finish with Taylor's book(s). Specifically, I'm looking for historians who wrote about the Unification of Italy (since that's one of my prescribed topics, and I would like to have a historian's viewpoint for Italy as well as Germany), but if you have any other recommendations that would be great too. Also, do you guys know any good historians for Imperial Russia (the text topic we're going to cover)? Thanks in advance, and remember- Bismarck ALWAYS has a plan!
  4. Hey guys! I'm supposed to choose a topic for my EE now and I might need a bit of help. I want to do the essay in History as its one of my favourite topics and the teacher is great! My current idea for a topic would be the rise and outreach of the Italian mafia, with a question along the lines of "How did the Italian Mafia rise to acquire such power, and how far does it spread?". Do you think this question is narrow enough? If not, how can I make it narrower? Is is appropriate for an EE? And finally, is it good to do in History with no risk that I go off into Econ or some other topic? Thank you so much for your help!
  5. analyzeHM.docx View File analyzeHM.docx Submitter Amina Huseynli Submitted 04/17/2016 Category World Wars
  6. 14 downloads

    Brief notes on reasons for Italian expansionism in the 1930s. Done for History SL - Move to Global War.
  7. I'm currently thinking of topics to do my italian written task about, and i can hardly think of any. Our word limit is 250-350 words only and the topic should be a comparison between two cultures, one of your own choice, and italian culture. I'm doing my comparison between lebanese culture and italian culture. other people in my class are doing things like comparing breakfast, activities, sports, food, or even weddings. I didn't want to do the typical things but something more interesting or more specific. any ideas?
  8. Version 2014


    So this a document for History students who studies history, this is about Hitler's Nazi germany, so please enjoy this file and hope it can help you all in achieving a good grade in history:)
  9. 38 downloads

    There are my notes from our Modern Word History class on Mussolini as a single party state leader and on Italy under him.
  10. I am a former IB student, and now an administrator at an art school in Florence, Italy. We have been working with the International School of Florence to put together a summer program focused on helping the students at the school here, but we also want to invite students from around the world (max 15). http://www.theflorenceartstudio.com/BLOG/ibvasummer The point of the program is to give students the opportunity to hone their technical skills (re: DRAW!) at a time when they are not stressed out with other school obligations or activities. After meeting repeatedly with the IB VA teacher here, and having some weekend workshops where the students really enjoyed their time and produced great work, but were obviously stressed, we decided that it would be best to give a go at a summer program instead. I encourage instructors, parents and students to have a look at the webpage I created to describe the program, and welcome any comments or feedback you all may have. The structure of the program will be mornings spent in the Studio working on technical drawing skills, with afternoons spent out in the city of Florence exploring, walking around, and discussing the history and culture of the Italian Renaissance. We of course will encourage students to document every aspect of the program for inclusion in their IB workbook. There are still spaces in the program so please pass on this link if you know someone who may be interested. http://www.theflorenceartstudio.com/BLOG/ibvasummer
  11. I do not know a lot about the Italian system, but I am interested in studying medicine straight out of high school. I do not speak Italian, but I know that the International Medical Schools (Milan, P...) offer their courses in English. I want the option to attend school in Italy. Can an international student attend medical school in Italy straight out of high school? Could attend the International Medical School? And how do I coordinate that with my regular Canadian applications which are due between October and January annually, and school starts in September? (I am currently in Pre-IB, grade 10). I am also interested in applying to schools in Australia for medical school. Also, within Canada,but an undergraduate in something before medical school.
  12. 37 downloads

    Notes on Mussolini's domestic policies in Fascist Italy - imposing Fascist values on youths and women, radicalisation of the regime in the late 1930s (including the Reform of Customs, Anti-semitism). There is only little of factual statistics and no historiography Source: John Hite, Chris Hinton, Fascist Italy, 2008
  13. 8 downloads

    List of arguments for and against on how real was threat/prospect of Socialism in Italy during Biennio Rosso (1919-21) including statistic information; no historiography Sources: Mark Robson, Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1915-45, 2008 John Hite, Chris Hinton, Fascist Italy, 2008
  14. Version 1


    IB History SL/HL notes on the period when Mussolini reigned in Italy. Contains notes on his foreign policy, domestic policy and how he was put down.
  15. Version 1


    IB History SL/HL notes on Italian Fascism and Mussolini.
  16. Hello everyone! My Historical Investigation is coming along very well. My question is, " To what extent did the German Campaigns in the Balkans cost Adolf Hitler the Second World War?" I am on the part of evaluating my sources. I found an excerpt from when Adolf Hitler was in conversation with filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, and it is him admitting that Italy essentially cost him the war. I thought that this would be a great primary document, however I can't find the exact place or meeting from which he actually said it. This is the excerpt: " Italy's entry into the war has been nothing but disaster for us. If the Italians hadn't attacked Greece and needed our help, the war would have taken a different course. We could have anticipated the Russian cold by weeks and conquered Leningrad and Moscow. There would have been no Stalingrad". Adolf Hitler in conversation with Leni Riefenstahl, 30 March 1944. Has anyone seen this quote anywhere, or have any idea where I could find a viable source for it? I'd love to use it in my H.I. Thanks!
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