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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  2. Hello, My class is started to talk about TOK presentations and I have a hard time coming up with a good knowledge question. My focus is on consciousness and ethics. I saw a GREAT tv series, "Westworld" and got an inspiration from it. I was wondering: what makes us humans humans and if AI (artificial intelligence) gain consciousness does that mean that they are human and need to be treated as one (which kind of connects to ethics). Any good knowledge questions for this??
  3. Is this a good knowledge issue?: To what extent can fiction have a positive impact on individuals and society?
  4. I have my ToK presentation coming up soon and I am having difficulties in forming my KI. My RLS is about how some countries banned parents from naming their children certain names, and some children were even taken away by the government when their parents didn't conform to this law. Since names are a form of freedom of expression, is it ok if I use this as my KI: How does our freedom of expression affect other people? Also, one of the AOKs that I identified this RLS with is Ethics. But most of the tips on TOK Presentation that I read here say that I should try my best to avoid discussing Ethics as a main AOK. But is it ok if I still put it in my presentation as one of the main AOKs along with Human Sciences (Law)?
  5. Hi, I'm thinking of doing evolution vs. creationism as my topic for my TOK presentation. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible knowledge issues to explore? Whats the best knowledge issue you could explore in this topic. What KI would you pick on this topic? I am well versed in the real life events and news stories surrounding this issue so that won't be a problem. Please don't reply if you don't have any KIs in your answer. Thank you
  6. I'm having trouble with KIs in my TOK Presentation. Is this an okay knowledge issue: To what extent does social media affect users' happiness through language and appeal to emotion? Or do I need to use social media as my real-life example and have a KI along the lines of this: How are the human sciences affected by language and emotion? I'm not really sure as to how a KI is different from just a research question.
  7. Hi i kinda need a little help thinking of a knowledge issue for my presentation this friday. I was thinking of using the NSA spying scandal etc. as my real life situation. Is "what role does privacy play in the acquisition of knowledge?" a good KI?. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
  8. My KI follows "To what extent do religious beliefs affect the use of reasoning in natural sciences? What are your knowledge issues for the oral presentation in tok?
  9. Why are some people more successful than others in real life? OR Is it "good" or "bad" that Corporations are considered as "persons" ? OR if you could help me to make this questions in good questions for the oral presentation
  10. Hi guys so I need help makin a really good knowledge issue about language. I was thinking something related to language and our perception of the world any ideas?
  11. Hi I was thinking about doing my final presentation on the following KI "To what extent can the concept of REALITY be defined as everything we can interact with using our 5 human senses?" Would that be a good idea?
  12. Hi! I decided to do my presentation on a holocaust and recently there was a movie made on it which caused a lot of controversy, So I decided to make this topic my presentation. This movie got banned in one country and I wanted to use this to show both sides of why it did get banned (so the gov't perspective) and why it shouldn't have (the audience itself) So, what solid Knowledge issue could I come up for this? Thanks! * my presentation is in two days, if you could respond ASAP, that'd be AWESOME!
  13. For my ToK presentation, I have come up with a fairly good issue relating to feminism and whether it is or ever has been important. But I'm still having problems coming up with a really good Knowledge Issue. Here are some ideas: To what extent to knowledge sources (such as the media) shape our appreciation and understanding of feminism? How is our understanding of feminism shaped by history? How does our understanding of history shape our perception of modern-day feminism? Please give any improvements or suggestions for new ones!! Any comments welcome
  14. For my TOK presentation, I have decided to investigate 'untranslatable' words, i.e. non-english words that do not have any concise equivalent in English. An example is mamihlapinatapai (from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego), which means "that moment or feeling when two people both want to initiate something but neither wants to be the one to start it". Another interesting example is drachenfutter (German), which is used to refer specifically to a gift that a husband/boyfriend uses to placate an angry wife/girlfriend - as a sort of peace offering. I was wondering why certain experiences are so convenient to express in some languages and more troublesome in others, especially if those experiences are quite universal (like mamihlapinatapai). I guess this is my 'real-life situation', but I have been struggling with developing an appropriate knowledge issue.
  15. We're about to do our first practice presentation in TOK, and I came up with this example and wanted to hear your opinions on it. Is it relevant enough? Specific enough? Supportive of my knowledge issue enough? This is my knowledge issue: To what extent does the continuous evolution of scientific knowledge suggest that at any one point in time it is insufficient? •Water is boiled when heated.•A pot full of water is set to low heat without a lid. Will take a long time•Put the pot of water on medium heat with a lid half on, water will take less time to boil.•Put the pot of water on high heat with the lid completely covering the pot, water will boil quickest. •By continually improving the scenario, does that mean that boiling the water on low/medium heat is ‘insufficient’ information because it takes the longest time?•If something can be continually improved, wouldn't all scientific knowledge be inaccurate at some point in time? Thank you!
  16. Im not very sure about what to talk about on my tok presentation. Does the possession of a superior understanding of reality aid us in the pursuit of happiness? Can that be a good question for my presentation
  17. Either buying on iTunes or a physical album, we've seen the infamous "Parental advisory. explicit content" labels. The commonly cited reason for this, and the reasons that helped this legislation pass in court was the immoral and derogatory language. Ultimately the question is, is this the only reason? Rap being a huge part of an american sub-culture some would say has to plays a role. As 2pac once said... "They tryin to keep me out Try to censor what I say cause they don't like what I'm talkin bout So what's wrong with the media today?" ~Tupac
  18. Hi everyone... help! So, my TOK teacher isn't the most present or helpful person around. I'm preparing a presentation on the following topic: "To what extent is mutilation of pets for aesthetic or practical reasons unethical?" I can't really change the topic title as my presentation is in 3 days and my partner is completely useless. Up to now my plan is to talk about common practices, the reason they are taken out and the effects on the pet. I have tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, debarking, wing clipping, debeaking, dubbing and castration as examples. I'm not really sure how to proceed from this point. I know I want to conclude that mutilation for aesthetic reasons is unethical, while for practical reason it can be debatable, and I have evidence for this (through the examples). However, I'm worried that I'm not presenting any knowledge issue well enough to get a good grade. Following the (attached) evaluation form I think I have criteria C and D (examples and different points of view) covered well enough, but I'm worried about fulfilling criteria A and B. Is talking about the ethics of unnecessary veterinary practices enough or should I find other knowledge issues? And if it is enough, what could I say to expand my conclusion? I'm pretty much stuck on what to say after my examples... In general, could anyone please give me any hints on how I could, with my topic, boost the identification and treatment of knowledge issues? Thanks in advance! (and here's a watermelon because of the long post): TOK Presentation Evaluation Form.pdf
  19. Hi... I really need some help... I am finding it really difficult to form a Knowledge issue for my presentation... I know I want to do it on symbols and particularly on swatika and how it is interpreted differently... Some one please help me out...
  20. This is probably going to be my last post about my ToK presentation its in 2 days and i finally decided to go with KI Main idea: Can feelings get in the way of our learning? Wording #1: To what extent can emotion act as a barrier in the way of our learning? I know i need to work on the wording of the question but you get the concept. A reworded KI will be really appreciated if needed Isn't it similar to Topic 6 Prescribed titles? Any ideas to make it a little different than that? I cant talk to my teacher about the KI because I missed some deadlines and he'll be pissed off at me if I do. How is this knowledge Issue and secondly if its good then is there a big scale real life situation that'll be good for this? There is a lot of personal examples i can provide on this KI so should I use them as one of the main real life situations? Thanks guys if you can reply fast it will be really appreciated ToK is not my thing but if you need help in physics or math IAs contact me AFTER THIS WEEK so that i can do my ToK.
  21. So i have a ToK presentation tomorrow, i know i am screwed but please help. Its my final presentation which will go to my report card. So my knowledge issue is To what extent does reason justify the revealing truth ethically? I am thinking to choose my real life situation in ethics but then i am having problem how to approach and it how reason and ethics are going to work together. Please help me, i screwed myself but i got few hours do it. I will be very pleased if you help me. Just comment anything that you think is good it may help me
  22. I have a tok presentation (final presentation) in few days and i have to decide a knowledge issue for my presentation. I decided these 2 knowledge issues but after i talked to my teacher he said it should contain ways of knowing and area of knowledge in the knowledge issue. There is the knowledge issues To what extent can revealing the truth be ethically justified? To what extent does reasoning justify the attempt to reveal the truth? My teacher said that these are not the good knowledge issues but he also said you can make one from these two which should contain words like reason and ethical etc. I suck at ToK and coudnt think of anything can somebody please help
  23. My final TOK presentation is coming up in roughly 3 1/2 weeks! I’ve decided to do it on the NHS (national health service in the UK) denying medical treatment for people who smoke, are obese and consume copious amounts of alcohol as their diseases will be self inflicted. This is a way to save funds during the Europeans economic crisis. My knowledge issue will be: To what extent is denying someone their right to surgery justified if it is self inflicted? I will use ‘Extreme Sports’ to make parallels; people who do rock climbing, know the dangers yet if they fall off the mountain they still expect to be treated even though they made the choice to do these sports. My two different view points will be: The doctors opinion, and then of course the patients. I’m just wondering what my claim/counter claim be? - and then the implications of these? I just get reeeeally confused and kind of spiral of onto different tangents when I do these presentations Also, I think I would approach it through: Reason and Emotion (would they be good?) and then for the AOK’s: Ethics and Natural Sciences Just if you have any ideas on my q’s or other aspects on how to make this a good presentation, I only get one more chance and I reeeeally want to get an A Thanks so much! Kay
  24. How has the main purpose of music changed through time? Is the main purpose of music, is a form of art, to entertain?
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