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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Please help me! I want to do my Math IA on something involving Korea and/or K-pop!!!!! I have no idea if I am allowed though to use as I'm not even sure where to find info for!
  2. I have the paper 2 exam on Thursday next week. I am confused with the Korean A HL Paper 2 structure. Could you give any advice about the exam?
  3. Hello! I got accepted (today) into IB diploma! I have been learning Korean since I was 10, but IB Korean isn't offered. I know that Chinese and Korean have similarities, and so I chose Mandarin AB Initio as my language. My question is, will my knowledge of Korean help me in this class? And if not, how hard is it? I will have to take it online, will that make it more difficult or more convenient? Thank you!
  4. I'm planning on doing my EE in History, specifically focusing in on the Korean War. After reading a few articles on the war and events prior to it, I've decided that I want to focus my search on how Stalin was dragged into the war. As such, I've prepared a question and I just want your guys's feedback on it. To what extent did Mao's victory over the nationalists in the Chinese Civil War prove to be a catalyst in Stalin's decision to enter the Korean War? It probably needs more polishing and it may be to broad still...but how does it look so far?
  5. Hi, my Korean B individual oral has to be sent really soon and I haven't started recording yet. The option I chose was leisure and I was going to use a picture of Park Ji-Sung running or being tackled and falling to the groung. Do you think this will be appropriate? In the marking criteria, it says that I have to be culturally relevant to the language. How am I supposed to relate sports to culture? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm doing the Korean B HL course and I have to write a written assignment. I read the syllabus and talked to the IB coordinatorat my school(as my school does not have a korean teacher), and I was told that I had to write something creative. Can this be just an essay with a topic on a particular aspect on the literature? Do I lose marks if the written assignment isn't creative enough? Thanks
  7. Hi, I came to Australia(Sydney) from Korea in June this year and started the IB about 4months ago. I chose Korean B HL because its the easiest subject to get a 7(in my case). The language itself is easy for me and while I went to middle school and high school in Korea, I studied a lot of literature so I don't have problem with the that. However, I've read the language B syllabus but I'm still not sure what the syllabus wants me to study and how I have to do the internal assessments. Could somebody explain to me what and how I have to study for the exams and what am I supposed to do for the IA. Also, can the literature I choose be a poem? Or, do I have to choose a play or novel? Thanks.
  8. Guest

    IB Korean B

    Hi guys, first post here. I was just wondering if there are any resources that could help me with my IB Korean B course. Such as textbooks, I couldn't find any. Thanks!
  9. Hi. I'm a korean student in grade 11, and I just can't get a 7 in korean A (semester grade). The grade boundary doesn't make sense. The teacher told me that I need 24 / 25 in writing, and 29 / 30 in interactive oral to get a 7 in semester grade. I'm quite confused, because I think I saw the 7 boundary in the final exam for korean A was 85 / 100, which is much lower than the semester one. So, my point is, what is the grade boundary for 7 in korean A?
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