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Found 58 results

  1. Hey guys, Could someone pls give me feedback on the courses I have chosen for the DP programme. I want to go into the med field. My school doesn't offer both sci at HL. Without further ado this is what I'm thinking of taking: Hl Chem, Sl Bio, Sl French(mandatory), Hl Lang & Lit (mandatory), Sl Math, Hl History
  2. Hi, I am 10th grade student currently in American British Academy school Oman. I have somewhat picked my DP subjects already but I wanted to ask you guys which ones are the hardest and easiest. Also I don't have any experience and prior knowledge with Geo. Will prior knowledge be needed to take HL? Is it difficult without prior Knowledge? How will I mostly be assessed? ( Projects, Tests, Presentations, All?) HL Geo HL Econ or Buissness HL Physics SL Math SL Eng Lang Lit SL French TOK
  3. Hi So we received our mid-terms on Friday, my first report card I ever received in the MYP program. Everyone who entered the program knew that their grades were going to drop either subtly or significantly. I knew mine were going to drop too, and they did when compared to last year's final Grade 8 marks. I went from a 94% average (as of last year) to an 87% average (as of this year). The reason why I am not satisfied with this is because the only course I actually got a high 90% in was my selected arts course (music). My other 3 academic course marks were all in the mid-high 80's. Some Grade 10's told me that Grade 9 math is the worst, and that it gets way better in Grade 10 math (next semester). A lot of teachers and students in the IB program told the new MYP's that marks don't matter in Grade 9 and that the Grade 9 teachers will generally give you a little lower than what you actually deserve in order to 1) show improvement throughout the semester and 2) because "there's always room for improvement". The problem is that my parents think that if I don't start with a 90 and above in every course, then the MYP/IB program is not right for me. They believe that if I start with 90's, I will be able to eventually improve (by the end of the semester) and receive marks in the mid to upper 90's. If I start with 80's, I will not be able to improve so quickly and end up finishing the semester with low 90's, which is obviously not where they want me to be by the end of the semester. I know this sounds pretty mainstream and kind of cheesy but there really are no limits to how much you can improve and get better at something, so I don't believe my parents are right thinking like that. My questions are, do you really think the whole "if you don't start with 90's then IB isn't right for you" thing is true? Have any of you experienced this and managed to overcome it? I really don't want to think about dropping out because I really enjoy the school I'm enrolled in and the people in the program too. Any advice, personal experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated
  4. I'm going up to 10th grade next year, which means personal projects. I want to do medicine, biomedical engineering, or biochemistry in university. Can you give me some ideas about what to do? Thanks so much
  5. Hey, So I am beginning to prepare for the next school year next year (pretty early, I know) which is the year I will start the MYP/Pre-IB program. I'm currently trying to figure out what I'll be needing for note-taking and such. Here's my plan as well as my courses: - English (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Mathematics - Grade 9 (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Mathematics - Grade 10 (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Science (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Canadian Geography (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - French (1 A4 hole punched notebook) - Instrumental Music (A hole punched folder) - A planner/calendar - And a large fabric, zipper binder so I can put all the notebooks, folders, or loose papers in together. My 2 questions are: Would it be wiser and more organized to take down all my notes in the notebooks and use loose leaf sheets of paper for all my exercises? Should I use notebooks at all? Or should I use a bunch of binders instead (I've heard a lot of people used separate binders for each subject in IB)? If not then what do you think I should use? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello! So, I know it's probably too early to be thinking about this (considering I haven't even started High School yet) but I want to participate in an international student exchange program in Grade 10. I would be more interested in applying in Grade 9, but you must be 15 and up. I searched for a topic containing something related to a student exchange program on the forum and couldn't find anything, so I'm guessing this isn't too popular with IB students. I'm going to start Grade 9 in a couple of months and have been accepted and enrolled in a Pre-IB/MYP program for both Grade 9 and 10. If I survive, I'll be enrolled in the real IB Program in Grades 11 and 12 and the only reason I'm not even considering studying abroad during those two years is because I know I won't be able to miss a semester of school. In other words, Grades 11 and 12 are out of question for me. I really want to study abroad in Japan for the first school semester (in Japan). It will most likely be from March - August, but I'm not sure as programs for 2019 aren't available yet. The other option is August - February, but I would like to spend the holidays with my family. In case you don't know what an international student exchange program is, allow me to tell you. Basically, it's when you apply to an organization of your choice to study abroad somewhere (internationally) for a certain amount of time. Its main purpose is cultural enrichment, immersion and foreign language enhancement. The program duration can vary from 4-10 months.The organization provides you with a certified host family, school enrollment, and takes care of the airfare stuff. Different organizations provide different additional things but the ones listed previously are the main things offered. In terms of the school stuff, I'm not sure about classes and grades (I should really look into that) but I don't think they officially grade you if you only attend for one semester. I have also heard that most classes will be in English, but some will be in Japanese; the numbers depend on how well you speak the language. But you must apply for your selected program (ex. one school semester in Japan; March - August). I think the application process takes approx. 5 months at the max. The organization I am interested in (AFS) evaluates you based on an interview with a representative. If you are accepted, then you're good to go! **EDIT** I think I can also transfer to a school offering the MYP/Pre-IB program upon request. I believe that would be a wiser option. Opinions? My 2 main questions are: - Should I go? will it be unwise to miss a little less than half a year of the Pre-IB program? (Grade 10 btw) - Have any of you ever done this before? Any type of suggestions, opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
  7. Hi, all! At my school, we're having IB course selections and I would really appreciate some input. English Literature HL (I’m really good at English and really enjoy it!) Psychology HL (I’ve always been interested in psychology) Biology HL - Chemistry HL German ab Initio SL (Excited for this course) Math SL (I’ve always been horrible at math. I don’t want to do math studies.) If not, what can I change? Let me know what you think!
  8. Hey Guys, im currently in grade 10 and currently selecting my courses for dp. In the future, I want to study majors like computer science, software, computer or electronic engineering(Possibly). So I am currently planning to take math physics and chemistry for my HL courses. However personally im just not into chem and doesn't really have much passion to study chem in depth. I just wonder if chemistry is HL really required for my desired uni majors? And is taking both physics and chem hl really hard and exhausting? Would switching the chem hl to economics hl put me into disadvantages when applying for those listed university majors? Much appreciated!!!!! ps: Im currently planning to go to uni in possibly UK, US or Canada.
  9. Hello everyone , I keep changing my mind about what subjects I want to choose thats why I really need advice. I want to study Neurobiology as an undergraduate degree in an Ivy League University, and then either a Phd in Neurobiology or an MBA. For Ivy League Universities they don't have entry requirements other than to trigger yourself with choosing hard subjects, on the other hand, I would also like to apply to UCL as its known for being very good in Neurobiology. These are my subject choices for now: ENGLISH A LIT. HL SPANISH A SL (Spanish is my first language but maybe I should drop this to B HL but then I would start with 5 high levels) HISTORY HL (Ivy League prefer History I think) / BUSINESS HL BIOLOGY HL MATHS SL ECONOMICS/CHEMISTRY HL (probaby better for neurobiology but know to be extremely hard) They ask for over 40 points, so I need to find a balance between hard subjects and getting very good grades in them. What do you think about my subjects? Can you give me feedback about the ones you took? How should I plan myself to be succesful? Thank you so much
  10. I have just finished MYP5 (10th grade in pre-IB) and my last report card had an average of 6.1 out of 7. I am really worried that this will affect my chance of getting into a competitive college. My results were: Italian: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7) English: 6,7,7,7 (final grade 6) Design: 6,7,7,6 (final grade 6) History: 8,8,8,8 (final grade 7) Physical Education: 5,5,4,5 (final grade 5) Science: 6,4,6,6 (final grade 5) Art: 6,7,5,6 (final grade 6) Mathematics: 7,5,6,6 (final grade 6) Spanish: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7) Are these grades good enough? Will Ivy league colleges laugh at me with these grades?
  11. Can anybody give me some information about how the IB grades? I heard that assessments were out of 8 but final grades were out of 7? I'm not sure how it works. Thanks
  12. Hi guys! I am currently a sophomore (finishing MYP in a couple of days!) and the school I go to has just finished finalizing my subjects for next year. However, according to advice from Juniors, my subject choices seem to be too rigorous, time-consuming and as a matter of fact, simply a wrong combination of subjects. These are my subject choices for next year: 1. English Literature SL 2. Dutch Literature SL (Self-Taught) 3. Global Politics HL 4. Chemistry SL 5. Math HL 6. Economics HL What do you think of them? Did any of you take these subjects and can give me any advice? Do you think they would meet the subject requirements for most UK Law programs? It does fulfill the Oxford and Cambridge ones, but I haven't checked on many others. Also, did any of you have to change their subject choices at the beginning of Grade 11? How did you catch up on all the work you had missed? Did it go smoothly? Would you recommend me to switch if I am not content with my choices? Finally, any last advice before I become a prisoner of the IB for the next to years? Thanks in advance! Ps. Please reply honestly, because I have never had experience with the IB and do not know a lot about its nature; this post is a sincere request for advice.
  13. Hello. I have a few questions about CAS and service in action. Do long term activites such as tutoring, volunteering at a hospital count? Also, how are we able to do tutoring. Do counselors at our school help us find somebody we can tutor?
  14. Hey guys! The MYP students just had their maths eAssessment and the difficulty was ridiculous, for both maths and maths extended. Due to this, students have created a petition to then send to the IB. I'd be great if you could sign it and share it. Thanks!
  15. Salut everyone! I'm currently in the MYP (10th grade) and I'm choosing subjects for DP. Here is what I've decided so far: HL: Computer Science Math English B. SL: Physics ITGS Russian A. Do you think these subjects are good for wanting to take computer science in university? Is Math HL too hard? Is CS HL too hard? What kind of advice could you give? What should I do on summer holidays to get a 7/7 on my DP subjects? Arigatou. ^^ //I want to be a good programmer.
  16. Would it be possible for me to start getting CAS hours during the summer before I begin my first year of IB (the summer after graduating from the MYP)?
  17. 23 downloads

    This is my Personal Project Final Report. I have not been told my grade yet. However, this may be an exemplar for those who need inspiration. P.S. I finished my Personal Project in 3 months. I began MYP in Year 10 and was told to achieve my goal in 3 months. I started in August 2012 and achieved my goal in October 2012. The Final Exhibition was in February 2013 and the Reports were due in January 2013.
  18. 6 downloads

    This is my first Electronic Developmental Yearbook for Visual Arts at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa. It has been moderated by the teachers in the school. I was graded a 7. The Investigation could have been more extensive in terms of research as I could have looked at a variety of cultures. That is what my Art teacher recommended.
  19. Do universities (specifically UK and US) look at MYP grades when handling applications? Which years of MYP do they look at? How important is it? Thanks in advance!
  20. I should like to say "thank you" to marauder7 and others for suggesting that a sub-forum be created for the discussion of MYP matters, and to our helpful IBS administrators for providing it here. I understand that the title "Pre-IB/MYP" is to encourage the discussion of the courses offered by all schools that prepare students for the IB DP years, as well as those actually implementing the official IB MYP programme.
  21. 27 downloads

    History of the Middle Years Programme (Sept 2010)
  22. Do students in your school give personal gifts to their MYP teachers in appreciation of their services? In our school, students often give small symbolic gifts (flowers, cards, chocolates, paintings, personal items such as scarves, etc) to popular teachers at Christmas time and/or at the end of the school year. The class representatives also organise collections for the purchase of gift vouchers, and students are free to contribute to these if they wish. In China, it is traditional to give symbolic gifts on the PRC's National Teachers' Day (September 10). I'm sure that most teachers are completely impartial, but I know of one case in Kunming where a teacher actually told his classes that adequate gifts were required to receive good grades!
  23. 25 downloads

    IB MYP Command Terms (Dec 2010)
  24. 27 downloads

    Overview of changes in the IB MYP PP Guide (2011)
  25. 33 downloads

    IB MYP Assessment