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Found 156 results

  1. Hey guys I really need some help with my math ia topic. So my idea is to model something basic with resonance using differential equations and then see how closely real life reflects that. Like a child on a swing, wind on waves etc... simple experiments for resonance in springs for example, then do an experiment and compare results to try to understand behaviour. Could be connected to suspension in the bridge. Then try to apply that to the collapse of tacoma bridge if it is feasible. At the moment my teacher said the idea is fine but it seemed to be more of a physics topic? Also I'm not sure whether my approach is correct. Any advices will be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Okay so after my first year ended i had the following results: B/M SL 7 German B SL 7 Chem SL 7 English HL 6 Economics HL 7 Math HL 3 My math isn't weak but I'm not able to get enough time to practice so that I adapt myself to doing HL level problems in the short time. In the future I want to do either eco or english as my major. I'm not planning on going to the UK. Only the US, Canada and Singapore. Everyone says if I drop Math HL and take B/M HL it will make me look bad in front of colleges because my course won't be rigorous enough. What should I do? Keep looking for a possible 5 in Math HL and spend a lot of time or an easy 7 in SL math? Please help.
  3. I have been trying to think of math HL IA Topic relating to music or guitar, so if you guys have some topic that would like to share, please share! Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I am currently self-studying three* subjects for May 2019 as I want to apply for German Universities, for which I needed subjects that my school does not offer. Before registering me with my subjects: Math HL: Option Calculus (self-studied as my school olny offered math studies), Physics HL: Option Engineering Physics (completely self-studied with support from an IB teacher from another school), English B HL (with extra work as my School only offered sl and support from my teacher), History HL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL and Spanish A: Literature SL, I sent a mail to IB Support. Their reply was that the IB has no policy against taking subjects not offered by my school as long as my School supports me with this action. I have been working on this since August and, as for now, I have covered at least 70% of the syllabus from each one of the three subjects I study and worked in my Internal Assessments for each one so that I can have time to practice for External Assessment. Now, my concerns are that I may be missing some paperwork owing to the fact I have no teacher, such as 4PSOW from which I knew nothing until a week ago. I have the guide for each subject but sometimes it is difficult to read and remember everything. I am worried that something I am not expecting could happen and I cannot solve it. Has any of you self-studied mathematics or a science before? Do I need to make alone experiment planning and documentation alone? Could any of you share a list of document requirements for the IB for Physics and Maths HL? Can use an interdisciplinary experiment with an University as Group 4 Project? Any comment that you think could help me is welcomed. Thanks you all for your time. I hope I accurately described my situation. Best Regards Daniel Meza *It is difficult to explain as self-studying means different things for each one of them. Basically, I changed 3 subjects to options not offered in my school
  5. Hi guys. I'm in my last year of Math IB (SL) and I'm in desperate need of some guidance. I have no idea how to go about doing my IA. I've decided that I want to find the optimal speed at which a vehicle (a tank specifically) should travel to get the best fuel efficiency. Along with this, I might also try and figure out the temperatures at which oil would freeze inside the engine by like graphing/modelling it somehow?????? As you can see, I'm really lost and I don't know how to approach this topic and I don't even know what math I should be using. Any advice on how I should try and pursue this?
  6. Hi I'm wondering if anybody can explain the reverse chain rule to me? I don't mean the whole U-Substitution thing, I mean the "shortcut" way. The formula is ∫f'(g(x)) · g'(x) dx = f(g(x)) + c. Also, we haven't learned calculus and trig or calculus and logs yet so please just use basic equations in any examples. Thank you!!!!
  7. Hey guys, I'm in a pretty stressful situation as I can't decide whether to change my current SL Math to HL Math, and we're already getting to the point where it is too late to change. My situation: Currently taking HL Bio, Chem, Eng A Lang/Lit, Danish B and SL Math, and History. I want to study medicine in the UK after I graduate in 2020, and my dream is to go to Cambridge, but as I've read on their website only 2% of acceptances go to those who only have 2 subjects out of HL Bio, Chem, Phys, and Math. As I can only have two sciences, my only option is to switch to HL math (which is already quite a bit ahead of SL) to push myself out of those ridiculously low chances (on top of the already low chance of getting into Cambridge). I've talked with my teacher about it and he said that it would be incredibly difficult to catch up, but think I would be able to. My main concern is whether the work I have to put into getting that 6 in Math HL will damage my grades in my other classes (currently getting 7 in Bio and Chem which I definitely need to keep), and whether it would be better to simply stay in SL Math and get a 7 in that class without as much effort. Thanks for any help, I am really stressed about what to do cause I know that HL Math would look better on my diploma but I'm not sure whether it would overall look worse if I get a worse grade in HL than I would have in SL and my points go down cause of it. Edit: Realised I forgot to write about why I posted it on the maths forum. Mainly looking for advice from people in HL who can tell me if it would be too difficult, as someone who is good at math but no genious. Currently have a high 7 in standard but I have heard that the gap between SL and HL is so massive that it means nothing. Was wondering what you guys think and as a person who is okay with math, but doesn't love it, if they could survive HL math.
  8. Hello everyone, I need Math HL IA ideas, which are not overused! thanks in advance!
  9. I am am work on my mathematics extended essay, and I want to do it on: 1. Coming up with a general formula for the volume of the five Platonic Solids (I need to know from other mathematics higher level students if this is two simple). 2. The proof(s) for Euler's polyhedron formula. 3. The Travelling Salesman Problem (not sure how much math is involved as opposed to computer science). I am most interested in the first but willing to drop it if it is too simple. I am also open to suggestions of other interesting topics in geometry (the subject I have the most interest in). I want to get some work done before the summer break ends in about 4 weeks, so I could really use some advice (especially considering my adviser has gone incognito).
  10. Hey guys, Im not sure whether or not IB goes into Permutations and Combinations too deeply or even at all. I've asked my seniors and other IB schools if they did this topic, for which i got a reply saying no. IB HAS stated Permutations and Combinations in their 2016 syllabus so does that mean it's going to be in IB diploma exam? btw i start the IB program in 2 days
  11. Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk with the IB DP coordinator who feared that maybe HL Maths was the wrong choice for me, I was improving. The next tests I continued to improve and it looked like I could even get a 6 in my IB YEAR 1 school finals. I did the YEAR 1 finals and scored a low 4...something like 39% and I was really feeling bad for myself. I also had physics HL and Econ HL, and I wanted to move to Chem HL, which I later did. BUT MATH HL had turned me to a humble student and I knew I had to work so hard but I couldn't find enough time in a summer that I began applying to the US unis. My grade made me the worst in the class, and also the only student from MYP, so I wanted to blame the easy MYP system but that was not going to help me pass IB...and I knew that! YEAR 2 started and HL MATHS got even more fast paced and harder, and I was literally scoring 2s on Integral Calculus papers, and this was tearing down my confidence. When YEAR 2 MOCKS came, I scored a 30% in P1 and a 38% in Paper 2....THAT WAS A 3 in January whilst my exams were on May. From then on, I got my final predicted grades and it was written on my report I will get a 3 in my finals, and if I work really hard, then a 4. I really wanted to prove that I could get a 6 in HL MATH. So, I began working and revising in February. Going through the IB Study guide for HL maths, IB questionbanks, and an online website that helped with questions. I even got onto whatsapp math groups that I thought could help. When march came around I did a few past papers like worth maybe 2-3 years and sat the exam. I ended up with a 60% in the IB math HL Finals, which is a 5 (StatsOption). Even though I was aiming to show I can get a 6, I will be fine with the 5, because I know I put as much as I could in the time that I had to prepare. From failure, I managed to regain my self-confidence. It was quite a journey of challenges as my teacher who advised me to take the subject had once said.
  12. I’m a little conflicted about choosing which subjects to take as higher levels. My school forces us to take English and History HL, so I basically only get the option of one other HL. That will probably be Chem, but I’m also considering Math HL. Because of my school’s requirements I’ve been considering taking 4 HLs since I hesr that colleges don’t often look at SL classes. I’m a straight A student, but I struggle with time management a lot, and I realize the commitment I’d need to make. Not sure if I’m making any sense here, I’d just appreciate some advice on deciding, maybe some perspective from people taking/who have taken 4 HLs? Thanks!
  13. Geometrical designs used by architects in different places of the world. Math is a tool through which beauty can be calculated using ratios and therefore architects use geometry and many other mathematical concepts to build buildings. Some concepts to explore are geometric proofs, constructions, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci Series.
  14. Hi guys, I'm about to submit my IA idea for math and I just want a few pieces of advice choosing one. Currently, I'm very much interested in cryptography and machine learning which are the topics that I want to do my Math IA on, are these viable ideas? Earlier when I talked to my teacher, he said that writing about the Global Positioning System (GPS) would be a great idea, but I'd much prefer the other two topics. What should I do to ensure that I get a high grade while doing something that I actually enjoy?
  15. Hey guys, I was sick and missed some math classes. Here are two questions that I can partially solve them but not for the second part. It would be great if some of you could help me with the steps and process. For this question, I got that when x=0.4, y=1.573, but I don't know how to justify whether the approximation if greater or smaller than the actual value. For this question, I found that the Maclaurin series is ln(2) +1/2x+1/8x^2. I wonder how could we use this to solve part b.
  16. Hi friends, Following up from my previous post, I talked to my math teacher as I found an egg shape building, and what I'm planning to do is model the building by volume revolution from a curve, and then maximise the space inside. However, I don't really see the HL part of this and it seems like something SL could do as well. Any ideas on what kind of math I can include to make it more suited for HL? Thanks for your input!
  17. Hey! What do the CalTech Admissions people look for in a candidate? How do I maximise my chances of getting in? Any CalTech Alumni here, I would love your advice.
  18. Hey, so I really need to get started on my mah IA, and I'm really interested in the area of architecture. However, I'm really unsure and have gone to my teacher a few times but i still feel really lost. Basically, I have some unique shaped buildings, my teacher suggests that I try and maximise the space within this particular round building. Does this sound too simple for HL math? Initially, I had a twisted building and I was going to calculate the volume loss, but I have no clue how thats going to work. My teacher had said it would be a good idea but then she asked me to do the other building. Which idea sounds better? This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life
  19. Hi! I'm a pre-ib sophomore and I'm new here. I need to decide my subjects for next year soon, and I want to make sure I choose the best classes for me. My main questions are what I should take for my sixth subject and whether I should take Math HL or Math SL. I plan on taking Bio SL, Spanish B HL, History of the Americas HL, Math SL or HL, English SL or HL, and French ab intio online or something else as a sixth subject. The only sixth subject options at my school I believe are Econ HL and Visual Arts HL. I found pamoja and saw that they have online options for sixth subjects. I love languages and want to study them in college. I am definitely going to take Spanish B HL next year at school, and I have regular French 1 this semester. I thought French ab intio would be a good online option for a sixth subject, but I saw a lot of people saying that they had a lot of problems with that class with pamoja. My dad and sister know quite a bit of French and I have friends who will have French B HL that could help me, but that might not help if I'm stuck with a bad teacher. Would Mandarin ab intio be a better option? Or should I just take art or econ at school? I also need to decide if I should take Math HL or SL. For my other two HL subjects I want to take Spanish and History of the Americas, so for my third I need to choose English or Math unless my sixth subject is HL. I don't really want to study math in college, and I don't really like math. However, I am pretty good at math and I already have taken AP Stats and currently have AP Calc AB. Our Math HL teacher is ok, but if the class would be easier than English HL since I already have had AP math that would be nice. Does anyone know how much the AP classes and IB Math HL overlap? Additionally, I have a lot of extracurricular activities because I dance about 5 days a week (hopefully 6 days next year), and I lead a club and participate in other clubs and volunteering activities. I want to learn, but I also need a lot of sleep; I try to get 8-9 hours on a school night. I don't mind a challenge, but I also don't want to overload myself with unnecessary work. Sorry for my super long post and thanks for any suggestions!
  20. Hey guys, I don't really get the concept of improper integral and here are two questions I couldn't solve. If any of you can show me the steps of how to solve it, that will be appreciated. Thank you! I think for question 9, a, it means 1/(1+x^2)
  21. The school I'm going to right now is pretty new, our class is going to be the first graduates for the school. So, a new school means no experience, and you can see that with no Math HL offered to students. Well, they actually do now, but last year when I was in DP 1, they didn't offer Math HL, but then they started when I was my second year DP 2. And I wanted to do Engineering, and the university which I want to go to (Technical University of Denmark) accepts IB students who have Physics HL and Math HL. So you can see the problem, I don't have Math HL because the school can't offer it and it's not my fault. But I really want to go that university. Has anyone experience this before? Maybe by having a 7 in Math SL would do? I need help. THANKS!
  22. Hi guys, I have come across with some confusion of how to solve a question that asks you find the shortest distance from a point to a plane. For example, find the shortest distance from the point, P (1,2,-3) to the plane 3x +y -3z = -9. I've seen two methods to solve this question and they yield me with different answers. Method 1: dot multiplies the point and the normal vector and then divide by the magnitude of the normal vector. Method 2: first find the shorted line equation which is (1,2,-3) + landa (3,1,-3), and then substitute the x, y, and z values in the normal vector equation to find landa. Then multiply landa with the normal, and find its magnitude, which is the shortest distance. Can somebody please help me to clarify which method is correct? It would be great if you can also solve the example question too so I can follow the steps. Thanks!!
  23. Would finding the surface area of a hyperbolic paraboloid surface be a good enough topic for Math HL IA? I figured that I could use a pringle chip as my main reference for measurements and I could evaluate on the different ways I can approach the calculation (i.e. instead of using hypothetical measurements to find out the a and b variables of the hyperbolic equations I could graph out the x,y, and z plane individually and find out the variables from there). This involves multivariable calculus which is a topic that is outside of the syllabus, but I'm afraid that it will be too short of an exploration as all I'm doing is calculating the surface area of the shape. If anyone wants to chime in and give any advice that would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I am trying to do a Math HL calculus IA on the flute and my outline is due in two days. I started by measuring the distance to the first open hole for each note fingering and graphing it on the x axis with frequency of the notes on the y axis. This gave me a quadratic function that can be differentiated to find the change in frequency with respect to distance (df/dD). I was hoping the differentiation would be a bit complicated but it's just the power rule since I got a quadratic. I am now trying to use related rates to find another rate of change, but I can't think of one that would be relevant. I was thinking of doing something with the volume of air required in relation to the distance to the first hole: dV/dD = dV/df x df/dD However, this would be way too simple. The variables I could change include length of the tube, volume of air, embouchure size, air speed and lung capacity. If anyone can suggest a way to salvage this idea, I would appreciate it. If I can't find a way to make this work I will probably cry myself to sleep because it's the only semi-good idea I've had.
  25. Is it just us, or do you guys also have Math HL and SL combined classes. The teacher complained about this, but due to everyone's subject choices, making HL and SL classes separate was impossible and it worries me because the teacher goes at a much slower pace during SL lessons and this makes me worried we wont finish the Math HL syllabus in time :/
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