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Found 13 results

  1. I am am work on my mathematics extended essay, and I want to do it on: 1. Coming up with a general formula for the volume of the five Platonic Solids (I need to know from other mathematics higher level students if this is two simple). 2. The proof(s) for Euler's polyhedron formula. 3. The Travelling Salesman Problem (not sure how much math is involved as opposed to computer science). I am most interested in the first but willing to drop it if it is too simple. I am also open to suggestions of other interesting topics in geometry (the subject I have the most interest in). I want to get some work done before the summer break ends in about 4 weeks, so I could really use some advice (especially considering my adviser has gone incognito).
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk with the IB DP coordinator who feared that maybe HL Maths was the wrong choice for me, I was improving. The next tests I continued to improve and it looked like I could even get a 6 in my IB YEAR 1 school finals. I did the YEAR 1 finals and scored a low 4...something like 39% and I was really feeling bad for myself. I also had physics HL and Econ HL, and I wanted to move to Chem HL, which I later did. BUT MATH HL had turned me to a humble student and I knew I had to work so hard but I couldn't find enough time in a summer that I began applying to the US unis. My grade made me the worst in the class, and also the only student from MYP, so I wanted to blame the easy MYP system but that was not going to help me pass IB...and I knew that! YEAR 2 started and HL MATHS got even more fast paced and harder, and I was literally scoring 2s on Integral Calculus papers, and this was tearing down my confidence. When YEAR 2 MOCKS came, I scored a 30% in P1 and a 38% in Paper 2....THAT WAS A 3 in January whilst my exams were on May. From then on, I got my final predicted grades and it was written on my report I will get a 3 in my finals, and if I work really hard, then a 4. I really wanted to prove that I could get a 6 in HL MATH. So, I began working and revising in February. Going through the IB Study guide for HL maths, IB questionbanks, and an online website that helped with questions. I even got onto whatsapp math groups that I thought could help. When march came around I did a few past papers like worth maybe 2-3 years and sat the exam. I ended up with a 60% in the IB math HL Finals, which is a 5 (StatsOption). Even though I was aiming to show I can get a 6, I will be fine with the 5, because I know I put as much as I could in the time that I had to prepare. From failure, I managed to regain my self-confidence. It was quite a journey of challenges as my teacher who advised me to take the subject had once said.
  3. So I got a scholarship for the IB program. But I am really not sure if I should go for it. Firstly because I am seeing all of there warning comments on the internet about how hard and complex the program is. Besides that, I have some insecurities, like I think that my English is not much more that the average lvl. I am pretty happy with my subject choices, but in that school there is no chance to do Math studies, so there are only math HL and SL. I can say that I am not proud of my math skills at all.At least for now I think that I am pretty terrible 😐I am scared that math SL will be way too hard for me. On the other hand I would like to go to one of the top 100 universities, and it is just one of the many reasons of course why I think taking the IB would be beneficial.. But still I don't want to be in a depression..Or to give up just in the middle of the program..
  4. Hello, I am planning to spend some of my summer trying to familiarize myself with some of the topics in Math hl and learning a few new topics on my own. Which book would be the most ideal for this purpose? I already have the Haese & Harris book from my teacher. I can get the Pearson Math Hl book from the library. Are these good enough or any other suggestions?
  5. Hi Everybody, I wanted to ask whether one is allowed to bring TWO calculators to the IB Exams (only those permitting calculator use goes without saying), the reason being that for the first part of the course I was using a Texas Instrument handheld device and changed to a HP device for the second part, meaning there are operations I am MUCH more comfortable with using one and others I would much rather use the other for. Obviously, I would never be using both at the same time () so it would be like having one, only one that I am entirely familiar with. Thank you! Rebs
  6. Hi everyone!!! I've submitted my first Maths HL IA draft to my teacher and my feedback is along the lines of: would get full marks if: made shorter (it's 10k words but that includes symbols and numbers, that's 30 pages for the body and around 36 including title page, contents, rationale, appendices, etc.) and made SIMPLER I love maths and really stretched myself with this project, going into extensive proofs using topology, logic and more. He also told me to make it so that 'anyone in my class' would understand. I've simplified it, added diagrams with bold, red arrows to show exactly WHAT I'm doing in steps, and my question is: 1.) Do moderators read the Internal Assessments (for maths like for other subjects), word for word? or do they just skim through/get a feel for the approach? Essentially, what I'm asking is: if I have a sentence that explains a step/process, that is not that trivial, will the moderator give it 15 seconds to make sense of it, or just think...not clear enough??? Also, does anyone in my class really have to understand it? Because my teacher would like to me to give it to a few of my class mates to see if they make sense of it, but let's face it, at this stage and with the workload..who's gonna add a stretching 30+ paper to the pile? Anyway, There are probably no official IB IA moderators on this website, if so...please tell me!! But I wanted to know what you guys think..?? Thank you!! Rebs
  7. Hi, I came up with an idea for my Mathematics IA, and the idea is about investigating how the temperature of a cup of tea changes over time. I would take the temperature of the room and the initial temperature of the cup of tea, and the temperature again of the cup of tea at a certain time interval. With this data I will predict the temperature at another time interval. Now there is Newton's law of cooling which has a differential equation that I must solve and eventually you can form an exponential decay function, but i was wondering if this topic would be too easy for a Math HL IA. In addition, thus this topic involve too much physics? I will try to stay away from delving into the thermodynamics of this situation but some background information would probably be required. Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  8. HELP!!....I am a IBDP Student and Chose to do my EE in Mathematics. My Topic was Graph Theory, where I chose to find the least waiting time for passengers in my Local Metro Rail System. So far all I know is that I need to use Djkishtra's Algorithm. But I have no clue where to learn it from and also If anyone would help me in how to go about the EE..I would be very grateful.
  9. Hello. I have quite a big problem with choosing proper subjects. I would like to study something connected with art and design. These are my first choices: English HL (only possible option) Polish SL (my native language) History SL (I'm not the best at it, I need to spend quite a lot of time to learn for this subject, that's why I'm not sure if it is the right subject for me - but the teacher is great/ other possibilities in my school that I'm thinking about from this group is geography SL) Physics SL (I'm also thinking about changing it with biology HL) Mathematics HL ( Maybe better SL? I'm not the master of mathematics but I like it, although I'm afraid that it will be too difficult for me) Visual Arts HL I know I have a lot of doubts about my subjects in Ib. That's why I'm asking for help. I'm afraid that with Maths HL history SL visual arts HL I won't be able to properly manage my time - what I mean by that is if it won't be too overwhelming So: English HL Polish SL History SL Physics SL Mathematics HL Visual Arts HL Or: English HL Polish SL Geography SL Biology HL Mathematics SL Visual Arts HL Thanks for any help
  10. Hello, IB Survival People! For some random reason I chose Benford's law as my IA exploration topic because it seemed interesting and sophisticated at first. However, now that I am working on it, and did a draft, I realized that it is easier than expected, and does not meet the "math standards" for a HL IA. I basically explained the probability of the leading digits appearing using a Logarithmic scale, and did some basic proofs using logs. What are some of the ways to increase the difficulty of the math for this topic? Can you suggest some areas of the law that I could explore further into? Do I apply things like central limit theorem? Or integrals to calculate the area under the graph? Some help pls! Many Thanks, Another student being tortured by IB
  11. Soooo.... the other day, I remembered that while going through the syllabus we had been told that there would be a few substitutions we would be required to memorize for integration by substitution. However, in the syllabus, we have this: What exactly are 'standard substitutions' that we have to memorize? It's very vague to me. These are the ones our teacher gave us: integral of sqrt(a^2 - x^2) dx => x = asin(theta) integral of sqrt(x^2-a^2) dx => x = asec(theta) integral of sqrt(x^2+a^2) dx => x = atan(theta) (unfortunately, I don't remember how to get theta...) Are there any others we need to know? And I would be grateful if anyone could kick start my memory as to how to get theta EDIT: Lemme rephrase, are there any useful substitutions that we can memorize? Such as these ones? These you can probably solve brute force, but in some questions just knowing these can be helpful. ctrls provided a few useful ones a bit down.
  12. Version DRAFT


    Mathematics HL and Further HL Formula booklet First Examinations 2014 DRAFT
  13. Hi guys, I'm doing my modeling maths porfolio on the dice game. You can find the task here. page 4. Currently, i'm doing the last two questions. For the second last task: let say, the player pays $30 for each game, and if he wins he will get his money back and the banks has to pay him as well. So if the probability of him winning the game is 15/36, out of 36 games, he can earn 15x30=$450 and the bank has to pay him a certain amount of money for every game he wins. does that sound alright? For the last task: in the case of multiple players involved in the game, is it that the each player rolls their dice once only or for the same number of times? And how do we decide who will win the game? Thank you in advance.
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