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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, so I was thinking about doing a Music EE but I'm not really sure how to start? I have suggested to my supervisor that I wanted to potentially analyse the variations of the main theme from Kingdom Hearts but I think one of the biggest issues is that I will most likely have to notate the scores myself. I've come up with some other questions that I could potentially look at if I still decide I want to analyse Kingdom Hearts: 1. To what extent does the music of Kingdom hearts incorporate Japanese culture? 2. In what ways are the themes of kingdom hearts video games expressed through the music? 3. To what extent does the music of Kingdom hearts owe influence to the music of other composers? 4. To what extent are Shimomura’s compositions in Kingdom Hearts original? But I'm not sure what to do... Should I find a completely different aspect of music to look at instead?
  2. I need a to form a "research question" for my EE, I just don't know what kind of question. I know for my EE I want to analyze either Debussy's string quartet and Ravel's string quartet (based on debussy's) or just Debussy's alone, but how do you make a question out of that? I have something along the lines of "To what extent did Debussy's String Quartet affect the structure and content of Ravel's string quartet" or something like that but I feel like that isn't like... IB enough. Like AP focuses more on music theory specifically but Ib music focuses more on analyzing the context, style, and feeling of music rather than the technical aspects of it, and I feel like that research question doesn't encourage enough analysis of that. Any other suggestions?
  3. For my music EE, I'm analysing pop music in the late 90s and I have all my analysis and research done, but I wanted to know whether looking into the pop music genre will make my essay seem less sophisticated. I don't want to be writing an essay that won't be considered the work of an IB student. I would appreciate all opinions about this.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm writing an EE on jazz and I was wondering if I should use formal (classical) notation/terms or can I use the more casual terms that are usually used in jazz? If anyone has done this kind if EE and has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  5. Dose music follow that 10 year rule or can I write about new songs?
  6. Hi, I am taking music as my EE subject, and I have decided to focus on film music. My research question on behalf of my EE is: How does Harry-Gregson Williams use musical elements effectively in the soundtrack of The Chronicles of Narnia to enhance the 'cinematic experiences' of the movie towards the audience? However, I am still not so sure about the choice of movie. Any suggestion / comments for the movie choice or the EE content? Thanks! P.S. What I mean by 'cinematic experiences' are the moods / emotions (eg. soothing, intense, sorrow, etc.) felt by the audience when they are watching the movie.
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