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Found 26 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am currently an 8th grader in the United States, and I am taking Spanish 1 online. The curriculum which I use is called PEAK or FuelEducation (one of the two.) Spanish would be my third language, as I'm fluent in English and my mother-tongue. It's been difficult learning it online, to say the least. The curriculum isn't structured very well, and it is hard for me to get a grip on a lot of the basics of the content. I plan on taking Spanish for my SL in high school. Will I be OK in the long run? I think that I am a hard worker, and most things also come easy to me, which I am thankful for. I haven't learned Spanish in a formal classroom setting, so an online course is all the experience I have of Spanish.
  2. Hi, So Iv'e been offered by my IB coordinator to take one of my subjects online through Pamoja, as my subjects did not align with my schools subject lines. I'm not sure whether I should take it or not. My subjects are: HL English LangLit HL Global Politics HL Economics SL Biology SL Maths AI SL Spanish ab initio I would be taking HL Economics online. This is so that I could take both Global Politics and Economics together, which I could not do without the online course. Without the online course, I would have a class for Economics and would have to replace HL Global Politics (probably with HL psychology). I probably want to study international security / international relations at university. Has anyone had experience with doing the online classes through Pamoja, and would you recommend it? Is it worth it to study online, or will it be an unnecessary stress to not have a face to face class? Any recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am looking for the online version of the Mathematics for the IB Diploma Standard Level published by Cambridge University Press. Does anyone have a google drive link to it? Thanks!
  4. I'm thinking of switching chem to Film SL. I'll be taking the course through Pamoja though since my school doesn't offer it. Can anyone give me a brief overview of what the course would be like? Also where can I find the new syllabus and if you have any insight on Pamoja (are the teachers good and etc) that would be nice.
  5. So I'm considering dropping Chem HL down to either Chem SL, Art SL, or Film SL (Online). I'm thinking of studying computer science but I found out that I don't actually need Chem for the universities I'm planning on applying too. I would say that I'm more creative than technical (Math and etc) but I love technology (interested in VR and design aspect of tech). I'm starting to struggle in Chem HL because my teacher isn't good but I have tried self studying but I don't think I can maintain good grades if I continue. (Also my math and physics teacher isn't good as well so I have to study for that). Because of this I'm considering switching up my courses but I can't decide what to choose, either way I'll end up having English HL as my new HL. Here are the current statuses of the classes: [If I stay] Chem HL: Fav Science, Bad Teacher, A lot of content to catch up on Chem SL: I'm ahead of them in terms of content but I don't know how good the class's teacher is, apparently they are doing a lab rn Art SL: The art class has already done 8-10 experiments, made 3 art slides, and starting their artist research Film SL: Online class, Extra 1000$ fee per year, I like how it's independent coz I can schedule myself and I work better on my own (easier to focus), I also have prior experience in editing and making videos So what do you guys think I should do?
  6. Hello all, I am Pre-IB student looking for options to take Economics either SL or HL in DP. My school does not offer these courses, so I wish to take them online. I already decided that I am going to take Philosopy SL online due to my passion for the subject, but I am unsure of Economics. How is the learning environment in Pamoja online courses? What are its strengths and weaknesses in terms of its ability to foster academic development? Especially, what is the degree to which the teachers are supportive? Less importantly, are there any other online courses? I heard of the Elite in London, but I know little of them. Thank you very much in advance
  7. Hello, I wanted to ask for your evaluation of the online programs of Pamoja, specifically those on philosophy and economics. What are its strengths and weaknesses; how supportive are the teachers; what are the additional important things that you can tell me? I am a pre-IB student planning to take these courses online, even though I am not so sure of taking economics. Anything will be helpful. Thanks
  8. Does anyone recommend or actually websites or apps to study for their exams? Ive looked into free things such as quizlet but am not sure how useful they actually are. And does anyone use paid things such as kognity? The price is quiet steep and Id like to know if its actually worth paying the money or simply studying the oldschool way. Thanks
  9. Hello Everyone, So I will keep this short and hopefully, someone can answer my question. I am currently enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course and I'll admit I am not doing very well at all and am quite concerned about my progress. Also, the teacher we have is terrible. He is five weeks behind in grading, cancels lessons five minutes after they should have started, and all in all its just been a terrible experience. My question to you is this - Can I switch courses from French to Spanish? We are in week 11 of the program, however, I believe I should be able to catch up in the Spanish class as I had two years of beginner Spanish my Freshman and Sophmore years. If anyone has any answers or insights regarding my question please answer below. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hi everyone, I had purchased the online question bank for 2 years (It's still active for approximately 1 more year) and since I'm done with the IB, I no longer need it. If there's someone who would like to buy it, PM me All the best with the IB
  11. Hey! I'm interested in film but my school only offers it in SL online. How does this online thing differ from regular SL studies? Is it even close?
  12. In 10th grade we need to pick our IB courses, and I really want to take ESS. Unfortunately, my school doesn't offer it. Are there any plans to add ESS to the Pamoja site?
  13. For example, say that the university just needs to get a certain grade for chemistry or you just have pass your diploma. Don't people just edit that screenshot and show something totally different to the university and they will just accept you just like that? There must be a catch.. This method sounds pretty horrible for choosing their students. So many students could get in with fake results. Is there a catch? Do you have any opinions about this? feel freee to say anything
  14. Hi! If you could take a moment to help me out I would be SUPER grateful. So I have to choose my subjects in the next few weeks and I'm struggling with what to choose for my Group 3. I am only (kind of) certain of 4 things: Biology HL. Chemistry HL. Math SL. French SL. English SL. (You can let me know if you've taken something similar to this and if you believe my choices are a good idea:) ) My dilemma is over what my Individuals and Societies course will be. My school offers only History and Economics as in class subjects, but if interested (like I am) students can take Psychology online with Pamoja. I am debating between all three because: 1) I'm very interested in Psychology but unsure about taking an online course (If anyone has taken one your opinion and experience is highly valued) 2) My History teacher (who I love) wants me to do History, which I also find interesting but not as useful for my future career ideas (I want to study neurobiology) 3) Economics is interesting to me, may be more useful in the future (than History), and is (according to me if-y research) easier to do well in. So there's my problem. Any advice or ideas are most welcome and appreciated. Thank you!!
  15. Hey guys, I am currently trying to put the finishing touches on my EE. After several sessions with my supervisor and countless attempts to improve it, I am still being told that my essay does not work in accordance with the rubric and that there is still potential to improve it. My EE supervisor refuses to give me any further information than telling me I should make sure it goes in accordance with the rubric and I slowly feel like she does not really have any experience with EE supervision. I have already requested a different supervisor but have been told that there is no capacity as we only have 1 english teacher with the IB Diploma qualification and the other ones are therefore not allows to give me feedback. I made friends and family read over it but they could not really help me as english is not their first language. Thus I am now at a point at which I feel like some external help/feedback from someone with experience would be very useful in order to get my Essay to the next level and move my score into the range of an A or B. Of course I am not looking for anyone to add content to my essay but rather give me the feedback that my EE supervisor does not provide me with. The essay is written for English B and focuses on the novel "To kill a Mockingbird". I am now wondering If anyone has any suggestions for tutors they have worked with previously or simply has experience themselves with EEs please let me know as I am unsure how I should proceed with this matter. Thank you very much and wish all of you the best with your upcoming exams !!
  16. How exactly do people feel with an online course in pamoja for ab initio courses? I want to do well in ab initio cause it starts in the beginning, so are there any tips for me? How many hours do people study for ab initio on average? What is the exact syllabus and how do we prepare for the finals?
  17. Hi to all, I would like to know what means "Online" for the Mathematics IB Standard Level book (ISBN:978-0-19-835507-6) course book. Does this mean that I will have access to the book from a website? Is this online version same to the eBook (CD version) of textbook (ISBN: 978-0-19-839011-4)? One more question about the CD version of textbook: can I copy the contents of CD to a usb flash drive or an internal drive or cloud in order to have access from my tablet or my netbook which is not equipped with CD-ROM? Thanks!
  18. Hi everyone, It doesn't look like the strike is ending anytime soon, so I was wondering what other people are doing to study until school starts. Are there online courses or websites that have worksheets and lessons to do at home? Any help is appreciated!
  19. I'm doing my Math IA on the correlation between listening to music and reaction time, and was hoping to avoid using primary data (in my case 5 trials for 50 people each). I've searched online and a lot of related experiments have been done that can be seen below: http://mmd.sagepub.com/content/4/1/16.abstract http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3597424/ http://etd.lsu.edu/docs/available/etd-06022006-161456/unrestricted/Alexander_thesis.pdf etc. However, the resources I've found don't contain the raw data, which I'll need for my IA. I was wondering if anyone could help find or guide me in the right direction for any raw data that can be related to my topic whatsoever. Any help is much appreciated! thankss
  20. Hello all ! So course selection is in the next few weeks and I had decided a while ago I wanted to take HL physics, chem and economics SL French, Math and English Lit. However, at an information session I went to tonight I found out Economics HL was no longer being offered. The only other option in offered at my school is History SL/HL but honestly it's out of the question. I really had an interest in Econ and I don't want to bump any of my other SL courses to HL. So, I was wondering if any of you all have taken/currently take an online IB course? Did you find a big difference between online and in the classroom? Oh and also if anyone can offer any insight when it comes to the difficulty of Econ HL that would also be helpful! But really, I need to know your opinions on online courses vs traditionally taught courses. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this should be in Pre-IB/MYP or Economics and Business & Management but an answer would be amazing where ever you found this. Thank-you !
  21. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there are any people in this website that are going to take, are currently taking, or have finished the Math HL online course through Pamoja Education. If there are any of you that are currently taking it or have already taken it, please share your experience! Is the course harder than the usual classroom course? How do we get marked (Online tests?)? I just want to know the experience that anyone of you guys have concerning this online course! Thanks!!
  22. Hello everybody Recently I discovered this website where you can listen to audiobooks: http://librivox.org/ They are looking for volunteers to read classics. Do you think it could count as a CAS activity? If so, for which category? Sure, it wouldn't be easy to find a supervisor who would read with me and stuff but I could always show them the final product so that they could see I worked on it. Wouldn't that be evidence enough? Thank you in advance.
  23. Ok so, I'm finishing exams tomorrow (YES) and I want to begin watching some series finally this summer, because I never got round to doing so, except from Grey's and CSI in the past. I've been suggested by many Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and New Girl however the only one from the three which I seem to like the look of is Breaking Bad. Suggestions for best series?
  24. So I heard that learning a language(that's not your IB language) can count for CAS hours. If that's true, for which category does it count under and would it still count if it's an online course?
  25. Do you know of any online IB summer courses, free or paid, and if so are they effective or just a waste? thanks.
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