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Found 608 results

  1. Hey guys can y'all please tell me which textbooks are great for the following IB subjects: HL-Phy,Chem,Math SL-Eng A, French B, Business management Thank you
  2. Hey guys, I'm new here. Could you help me out with the solutions to "Test yourself" in the Tsokos book(physics). I know there are answers in the back but i seek detailed answers. Thanks! Shrish.V IB DP Class of 2018
  3. Guest


    I have currently chosen to investigate tidal waves for my maths IA. However, I am unsure as to what other explorations I can do under this. (And whether or not this is too simple...) Is modelling and predicting future tidal waves appropriate? I have secondary sources that'll give me data of tides at different points in times at a beach, so I will be able to graph them. I will also use trig and algebra to find the ideal time to visit the beach with my "ideal" tidal height of 1.5 metres I am uncertain as to what other maths/exploration I can apply to this Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello. Recently I have had meetings with school administration regarding which IB subjects I want to select. I am certain of most of my subjects aside from Physics and Psychology. As it stands, my subjects are as follows: HL English Lang.Lit. HL History SL Maths SL French Ab initio I would like to do Physics and Psychology, one of course HL and the other SL. Choosing Pysch HL would allow me to achieve a higher score than doing HL Physics. On the other hand, selecting HL Physics would allow for a wider range of university/career choices. I am thinking of moving into a course studying Artificial Intelligence or something programming related. I have read through the syllabuses of both subjects and have consulted many teachers regarding their opinion. Is Physics HL really as challenging as several students on this site (and many others) say? Any suggestions and opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  5. Hello, We are now getting started with our IA labs in SL Physics, however I'm not sure if the topic I've chosen is appropriate. I have chosen to find the correlation between the time needed for a coffee filter to drop from a certain heightand its mass (increased by adding washers to the inside of the filter). I was going to focus on how the increased mass would lead to increased acceleration and speed. Is this experiment too simple for an IA design lab? Or does IB simply grade you on the basis of how well you identify variables, perform an experiment in an organized fashion, and be able to understand errors made? I was also considering adding an element of air resistance to the experiment, mainly: As the speed of the filter increases, it begins to distort (by bending inwards) and encounter less air resistance, increasing its speed further. Thanks
  6. Hello IB Physics Students, We are excited to share with you our newest addition: The complete, step-by-step, simple-to-use PaperPlainz IB Physics Internal Assessment Guide! To give you even more support with your IA work, we also launched the PaperPlainz Facebook IA Community where you can ask questions, clarify doubts and most importantly support each other during the IA process. Click here when you are ready to join Just a reminder that our offer to give full access, free of charge to all PaperPlainz resources to schools that are closed due to the COVID-19 situation is still open. If your school is closed, just ask your Physics teacher, Sciences Head of Department or DP Coordinator to send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to them with details. Take care and stay safe! The PaperPlainz Team
  7. Hi, I wanted to do an IA investigating the relationship between either: - the refractive index of a material and Brewster's angle, or - the wavelength of incident light and Brewster's angle I am not sure how to even measure the wavelength of incident light, and to calculate Brewster's angle I would also need the wavelength of the refracted light which I don't know how to measure either. I also don't know how to measure refractive index, so I'm kinda stuck there. I was wondering if someone could help me find a source which would explain how to carry out an experiment to find the relationship between the two variables (I already know that refractive index and Brewster's angle are related by Brewster's Law so there is a distinct relationship). Or if someone has any idea as to what method I could use to investigate this experiment (it's fine even if it has a lot of steps). Do you guys think that this would make a good IA? Is it too simple or too complicated? Is the measurement of variables (refractive index, wavelength, Brewster's angle) too complicated to carry out or is it feasible? Thank you so much for your help, any advice is much appreciated!
  8. Hey guys can y'all please tell me which textbooks are great for the following IB subjects: HL-Phy,Chem,Math SL-Eng A, French B, Business management Thank you
  9. Hello! So I will be attending UWC next year and I want to do a physics major in university in the US or UK. I have already completed 2 years out of 3 years of high school so I already have good kbowledge in math, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, history, geography, french, arabic, english. I am pretty good in scientific subjects so here is my list of potential ib subjects next year: Math HL (further studies) Physics HL English A Environmenal and Social Studies SL (as a social science) French B Computer Science SL Does this list make me elligible for a physics major? And should I take chemistry SL instead of Computer Science SL? Help would be appreciated
  10. Hi! im wondering how to solve these projectile motion problems: A particle is launched horizontally with a speed of 8.0 m s−1 from a point 20 m above the ground. a Calculate the time when the particle lands on the ground. b Determine the speed of the particle 1.0 s after launch. c Find the angle between the velocity and the horizontal 1.0 s after launch. d Determine the velocity with which the particle hits the ground. A soccer ball is kicked so that it has a range of 30 m and reaches a maximum height of 12 m. Determine the initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the ball
  11. Hi guys! For my IA, I'm investigating on the relationship between time fall a parachute to fall and its surface area, but I can't get a linear relationship. The parachute didn't reach the terminal velocity, so the velocity is changing when the A is changing and it's also accelerating downwards. What can I do? Help please!!!!!
  12. For my IA this year, I was given the topic of exploring surface area and drag. The assessment requires me to produce a graph with a meaningful gradient. I am using the drag equation to formulate my graph (where Fd = 1/2 p u^2 Cd A) and when I plot drag force against area I get the gradient as (2 Cd/ pu^2). My question is if this gradient is useful? Surely the graph implies the the drag coefficient is a constant, but surface area is changing. Any improvements and/or changes to my possible graph would be much appreciated.
  13. Kek

    Physics EE

    For my physics EE I decided to look at gravity and stability(my topic) and "how does the loading of a truck affects the shift of the central gravity and how that shift affects the tipping point of a truck if its in a stationary position?"(research question) . For my experiment I've used blocks of different masses that I placed on a aluminium platform using different variation. Where aluminium platform is like a truck platform and the blocks that I used act like loading. So basically I placed them in different ways and looked at the which angle each object will tip over. In my essay I will show how does the central gravity shifts and how it actually affects the tipping point. Furthermore, I want to convert the masses that I used into real life masses, to show that if the mass goes over the limit mass then its becomes dangerous. I am also connecting it to many real-life situations from Africa, where many trucks are overloaded and very often they tip over on the road. I will also explain how can suspension and speed decrease or increase the tipping point. Could someone give me any ides how I could improve my ideas or even my topic or research question, so my essay is not that broad. Thanks
  14. Hello, I have been thinking about what I would like to do for my extended essay and I have come up with two ideas that I would like to share to you to ask for some advice about whether or not these are suitable for a possible EE in physics; The first idea is about the science behind projectiles where I was thinking about researching the science behind the centre of gravity and the centre of pressure while the rocket is in flight and how this can affect the stabilisation of it. However, my Physics teacher told me that it would be too difficult to measure which means that I had to do it with paper airplanes instead. my research question for this would have been something like; "In what ways does the position of the centre of pressure and centre of gravity affect the stability of a projectile rocket launched in the air?" OR "How is the stability of a projectile rocket affected by the position of the centre of pressure and centre off gravity as it is launched in the air?" Therefore, the second idea that came up was about doing it about angular momentum, and explain this while doing an experiment with a rotating bicycle wheel. This could be very interesting because I could look at how different mass and diameter of the wheel changes the amount of angular momentum it emits when rotated. Here my topic and research question will look at how the sizes of different rotating wheels affect the angular momentum of the person holding it in his hand; "How does the diameter of a wheel affect the angular momentum of a person sitting on a stool?" OR "In what ways does the radius of a wheel affect the angular momentum it’s acting on a person?" In my opinion, the second idea seems much more fun and interesting to do. What do you think, if you have some advice please tell me. Thank you!
  15. Hi, these are my options so far... HL: Physics, Biology, English SL: Econ, Spanish, Maths AA I'm worried about taking two sciences at HL. No one at my school has done that before and I'm afraid it's going to be too difficult (I want to get a good grade of ib). I am fascinated by physics and biology, plus I am thinking about going to medical school or studying physics so I know that both courses will help me decide what I want to study. Has anyone taken two sciences at HL or do you know anyone who has? I welcome any suggestions! Thank you
  16. Okay, I'm new here and I need help regarding my IA. My experiment is as I've described in the title, my problem right now is, I couldn't get the data similar to what I've researched. From my background research, the graph should be in "n" shape. Increase a bit in the beginning and then it should decrease as density increases. What I've got is complete opposite of that. I got a "v" shaped graph. And now I' stuck as I cannot make any sound argument. Has anybody else carried out this experiment before? I really appreciate it if anyone can share their thoughts regarding my IA. The materials that I've been using are oil, water, methanol, detergent and honey. All constant at 100ml volume. And of course, by using the same wine glass.
  17. Hi all. For my Physics EE, I am hoping to do an experiment that relates my IV with my DV, and comparing the relationship I find in my experiments to a theoretical relationship defined by an equation. My only problem is, this experiment is not uncommon, and is frequently done (thankfully, it is usually done at university level, but it's actually quite simple). I'm worried that I will get marked down for a lack of creativity, so I tried to add a twist to my experiment, and show how the theoretical relationship isn't always accurate in all situations, and altering one of my other variables to make the theory more valid. How does this sound? Will I get marked down harshly due to a lack of originality? I'm really desperate for some help, anything is appreciated!
  18. elif_rana

    physics ia

    Hi, i need to find a physics ia topic as soon as possible can you guys pls help me
  19. Hey guys and girls Just wanted to get some opinions on what everyone thinks are the hardest topics within the SL Core in Physics Topics are 1 - Measurement and Uncertainties 2 - Mechanics 3 - Thermal physics 4 -Waves 5 - Electricity and Magnetism 6 - Circular Motion and Gravitation 7 - Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics 8 - Energy Production Cheers
  20. I want to study astrophysics at university and my IB option choice deadline is in a few days. I am debating between taking SL Chemistry or Theater Arts. Currently I am planning on taking: HL Physics, Maths, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish B, Chem/Theater The problem is that I love both chemistry and theater equally and consider myself to be pretty decent at both. I am not willing to drop any of the two because I thoroughly enjoy both so now I don't know what to do as I don't require either of them for studying physics or even astrophysics at university level. (I am taking HL English because I might consider studying Law btw) Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  21. Hello! I am planning to major in economics or business in university, and am thinking of studying in the US or Canada. Should I take HL Physics with HL Math application and HL Visual Art to show my willingness to take the most challenging course out of what I can, or take HL Economics instead of HL Physics to relieve my stress with HL Physics and HL Math, and aim for higher grade overall? Thank you.
  22. Hello IB Students, I have been working on a new IB Physics website (www.paperplainz.com) for the past months and it is now open. The website has over 800 past exam question video solutions (all Paper 1 and Paper 2 SL and HL questions from May 2016 until November 2018), practice exams and a growing questionbank (for now Paper 1 only, Paper 2 questions are coming soon!). Many of these resources are free of charge. Click here to check out the website: www.paperplainz.com If you would like to watch some of the videos on Youtube, just follow the link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZ55FHT1TEHVh1grhOBReA/playlists Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Have a nice day, Peter Kovacs
  23. Hello Ive just started the IBDP program, and I am currently taking physics SL for my experimental science subject. Although I did okay with topic one (was sometimes confused in class though was able to understand with revision) . I am not good at maths, and am aspiring to study psychology in the future. SHOULD I change to chemistry SL instead of physics SL, considering how apparently chemistry has somewhat easier maths than physics? What are the differences among these subjects? If I’m bad at math, should I not take physics SL?
  24. " There are people who don't believe in the existence of dark matter, but there are numerous theories that could prove dark matter’s existence, such as gravitational lensing, dark matter halos, and cosmic microwave background. " I was wondering if this is a good extended essay thesis because my teacher said that this thesis is not arguable. I was wondering if she is right and if she is, how can I fix it. Many thanks in advance!
  25. Hello, My name is Taha, I'm 17 years old, and currently in 12th grade. I'm looking for someone to help me with my Extended Essay. I've decided to focus my essay on quantum locking: including superconductors (YBCO), the Meissner Effect. I have access to the materials needed to experiment with this topic (materials from quantumlevitation.com). Some ideas I had in mind was to discuss the Meissner Effect in superconductors when cooled down to a critical temperature with liquid nitrogen. I was inspired to this topic when watching a talk on TED.com about quantum locking and quantum levitation (video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXHczjOg06w) This aim of this project is to study the properties of quantum levitation and locking and provide ways to improve the efficiency and speed of current transportation systems (high-speed trains, levitating cars, and hoverboards), and the idea of creating bearings with negligible friction. I will need help in formulating a research question that would be appropriate to the Extended Essay guidelines and know what is the best structure for my essay. Let me know if you can help me. Thanks,
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