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Found 16 results

  1. I have to do a IA on the germination of seeds. I have my independent variable which is salinity. I am looking at it effect on the time it takes for a seed to germinate. I have a few questions, What is a good range of concentrations? How much of the concentration should I add? What is the best way to get my concentration? Should I add the concentration to the soil and add the salinity of the soil on top, or change the salinity of the soil to a fixed point? E.g. add 1% to soil or make the soil have 1% salinity. All help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm currently choosing my topic fo my IA and I'm really struggling with it. I'm aiming at 7 as the total score for Bio, so I would love to get the highest grade possible for my IA (possibly a 7). I want it to be simple and possible to do at home during lockdown. My first idea included the influence of pH on lactase, but it seems too simple to me, so I started to look for some other stuff. The topics that I was interested the most were enzymes (perhaps something more difficult and original than lactase) or something connected with yeast. My other idea was to do something connected with mitotic index, but I don't really know if that would score high and if I could do it at home. And I've recently started to think about doing something with a factor influencing seed germination. But generally, I would be most happy to do something on enzymes as I find it quite easy and interesting. But would it give me good marks? All pieces of advice are more than welcome. I don't want anyone to give me the research question and whole topic, more to suggest which topics would be worth considering and if those I mentioned would be good enough or not. I'll be grateful for any advice. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I'm doing my extended essay on plant growth, but I only have 3 trials from my experimenting. I was told that theres hardly any statistical analysis that i can do without more than 5 trials, aside from calculating the mean, and I have no idea where to go with my data. I was planning on a lab based EE from primary data, but I'm not sure if thats possible anymore seeing as I dont have enough trials for in depth statistical analysis. Should I run more trials, or should I change direction with my EE and use my primary data to support secondary data, turning it into a research based essay instead of experimental?? Please help!! - Thanks, Cherry
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The Effect of Different Wavelengths of Light on Phototropic Response in Rudbeckia hirta .pdf
  5. Hey Guys, For my Bio IA I wanted to to do it on plants or food, but I wanted to do my without physically bringing or buying any plants (cause they’re too expensize for the quantity I’m buying). So if you guys have any ideas for these topics or biology in general that would help so much! Or if you have any pointers to build on or telling me what topics to avoid will help as well. ALSO I WANTED TO USE A COLORIMETER IN MY IA, BUT I DONT HAVE ANY IDEAS ON ANY GOOD EXPERIMENTS TO USE THEM (the personal engagement is weak... so if you have any ideas for colorimeter will also help...) One’s I have so far include... -chromatography -yeast aerobic respiration -germination -transpiration -fermentation I’M SO STUCK, I DON’T WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO START! ALL THE IDEAS I GIVE ARE REJECTED (either too common or not interesting in terms of personal engagement). PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but since I'm doing my extended essay in biology, I thought that the people here might have a better idea of how to answer my question. Basically, for my experiment I have two groups of plants (7 plants in each group) that were subjected to different conditions and I measured their mass every few days. I have used this data to graph the average growth rate for each of the two groups (I graphed some other stuff too, but this is irrelevant). I also compared the final mass/yield of the plants using a t-test. I was wondering how/if I should compare the growth rates of the two groups. Since the growth rate is not linear, I can't exactly calculate the slopes and perform a t-test, right? My topic specifically mentions "growth rate" but I can easily change this to "growth yields" if comparing the growth rate proves too difficult. I asked this before on a different forum, and they suggested that I do an ANOVA test, but it seems that I'm only supposed to use that if I have 3+ groups? I'm a bit confused. Any guidance is much appreciated!
  7. Hello, I have to do my Biology IA and its in HL. I have some topics in mind for my IA but I dont know if it is fine to do them in Biology HL or if they are too simple. I would like to do something that has to do with plants' growth and the relationship between plants' growth and light. Another thing that I had in mind is also seed germination. I would really appreciate other topic recommendations and clarifaction if the tooics that I chose are too simple for Biology HL IA. Thanks in advance, Youssef Jumaa.
  8. Hi everyone, We're supposed to submit our E.E. research proposal in a couple of days, and even though I'm sure about the topic, I need some help with fine tuning it. I'm interested in researching active and passive immunity, my teacher suggested plants, but I'm more interested in researching bacterial immunity, especially in relation to antibiotics. My question is, are there any ethical issues regarding this topic? because I might have to infect my specimen in order to conduct an experiment. Is this considered as 'inflicting pain' on the living organism? Additionally, is it feasible for me to investigate antibiotic resistance if I studied it on bacteria growing at high temperatures? Thanks in advance!
  9. So this year's G4 project is on transportation. Since I'm only in Biology IB, then I have to do a bio G4. So my group decided to do something on diffusion (passive transport, transport of water, teacher approved of that). So we want to manipulate the colour/ wavelength of light shone upon a plant and see how it affects the rate of diffusion of water in the roots. We're going to measure the mass of the plant before and after a certain time frame. The colour of light used will be altered (6 colours of light used) with 6 plants (all the same types). We are going to shine the light on the plant in a room fairly dark so no external light can affect the plant and be shone upon the plant. We're going to time each plant around 20 min (time frame can change from 10 min to 24 hours, depending on your suggestions). We're going to water the plant 10-20 mL of water and then start timing. Don't spoil the result and tell me if it will work or not, just tell me if it's a good idea and some improvements and suggestions. As well, is it possible to do all this within 1 week given only 4 work periods starting now? Thanks!
  10. I've chosen an research question which relates to a fertilizer that is supposed to make the plant grow faster (or not); however, I'm not certain on which plant I should be performing it on. I've been trying out garden cress, but I'm not entirely sure it's the best plant for carrying out experiments due to its varying results. I basically need a plant which grows relatively fast (around 1 month), so I've some results to rely on when finishing my extended essay. So, should I stick with the plant I already have in cosideration or would you recommend something else to perform it on? Also, since I've a very unique experiment, does it matter if it fails or could I still rely on the results explaining why it went the other way around? Thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts. Really helps me out!
  11. Hi =) I'm about to start on my biology EE and I've been researching a suitable question/topic to do it on. My supervisor has suggested I do it based on plants, and I'm following it seeing a safer path. What I have come up with is something like "The effect of common fertilizer vs organic fertilizer" or "The effect of leaf vs root application of water". Can anyone tell me if it sounds too common or if it is better to change it slightly?
  12. We just got our group 4 assignment and teams today. The topic that we were given was leaves. I've been trying to think up some ideas for an experiment to conduct around this subject. I don't know how far I should stray away from it since it's pretty broad. I've been thinking of things like using leaves/the plant's seeds as a bioassay medium, some how testing different things with the soil and relating it to how the leaves grow and etc (I don't know. This is my first year in chemistry and I was thrown into IB chem...so sorry if I seem like I don't know what I'm talking about ha). I also have to keep in mind that while we're forming this experiment/our question and such, we will have about a month to gather all our materials and plan things, but then we will be taking a field trip for one day only in order to test out our experiment. So I don't think we could create something that is going to require an extensive amount of time to research. I know that these projects are based a lot around how well you work with your group, but I do want to have a decent project so we don't look like fools when presenting it to the rest of the faculty!! So if anyone could offer any "kick-starter" ideas or suggestions that could help get me moving, that would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hello, Over the past summer I've been thinking about Extended Essay topics. While I'm sure I want to do a biological extended essay, what I can't find is a topic within the parameters. So far my ideas have been as follows: 1. In the Pakistan there are some oils (coconut oil and other specific kinds) that are used in one's hair instead of conditioners. The idea is to compare the two, the oils and conditioners, to see which has more properties and which helps hair more. The problem is that its more chemistry than anything. 2. Growth hormone that is synthetically made versus the one found biologically. My dad was actually working with me when I thought of this one, he's a doctor so he had suggestions like this. The only problem is that it's completely based off of human and animal reaction. So its mostly research and if I do get any of the growth hormone to compare, I was told it was against the guidelines. My current idea is like number one. Except its with food, the fatty content difference between everyday Pakistani food and American food and how this affects growth and health. The experimentation would mostly be tests on various foods and would require research on the dietary needs of all ages. I know from experience that Pakistani food has a lot more oil... I'm still not sure though. I'd love an opinion and some thought on other possible ideas. In need of a miracle, JeersRia
  14. Physics and plants. Any ideas on what would work for a group 4 topic with that? There are 3 bio kids and one physics kid. Deadline approaching. Help would be wonderful.
  15. So, my Group IV group has a problem. We have a topic that we can work with, however it's not guaranteed to work before the deadline. Three people in our group are Bio kids and we have one physics kid. I would really like suggestions on how to relate physics to plants. Thank you to anyone with brilliant ideas.
  16. I am now starting to think about what subject and area and topic to do for my extended essay and I have around 9 months to finish it. (Thats really not a lot of time) I actually wanted to do my EE in Biology as it is my best and most interested subject. However, my teacher is always persuading me not to choose Bio cause it is hard to get a good grade for EE. Anyways, I am actually having some idea on observation and investigating on plants growth. Two direction now I think, though they are really broad and are only an idea right now. 1. Investigate how low concentration pH helps reduce the effect from exposure to salty water on a certain plant ( is this applicable? Is the two factors possibly related?Will it be too simple or easy or in the syllabus?) 2. Investigate on how different environment factors eg. sunlight, pH or some concentration of chemicals provided in the soil will affect the carbohydrates level in a fruit (If this is ok, how many factors should I look at? seems like this is closer to my daily life cause it can tell how to grow nice fruits which are sweeter i guess? is it applicable?) It would be so nice if any of you can give me some suggestions and comments!!!! I am quite worry if I set topics too easily but I don't think I can handle those too hard as my knowledge is very limited and the lab in my school is also very limiting. Thanks a lot!
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