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Found 18 results

  1. For Paper 2 in English A Lang & Lit HL, my class studied multiple poems written by Philip Larkin and Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore". My question is: in Paper 2, we have to refer to two texts that we have studied in class, so, if I choose to cover "Kafka on the Shore" and Larkin, should I talk about only one of his poems? Or can I talk about a number of his poems?
  2. Hey guys! My class recently did a few in-class Paper 1 samples, and I did absolutely horribly in them! I seem to always get the wrong main idea and impression of the poem that we get, and the teacher told me they were not convinced by the examples I used to back-up my main idea. So I was wondering! Does anyone have any tips for analyzing poems you have never seen before? I already am aware of the "Read the poem at least 3 times before analyzing" rule! What can I do to be as close as possible to the real main idea? Are there any works that you guys can recommend me to read to gain a better insight of poem analysis in English A Literature and Language? (I'm HL, btw!)
  3. Hi, I am struggling with a written assignment in Language A: Literature and I have faced a significant issue, while the deadline is approaching. Is it allowed to compare a translation of a poem (to a language that it is taught in) with its original version? Is it allowed to prepare written assignment just on one poem and its translation? I have chosen the following topic: "About different ways of presenting the major character in „Carcass”. A comparative analysis of the original poem by Baudelaire with its translation." I am comparing the translation of a French poem with the original work and the purpose of this comparison is to evidence that the translator lost - to certain extent - the sense of the original text. Is it a properly chosen topic for a written assignment in Language A: Literature? Can a written assignment be a comparison of a translation with an original piece of literature? Can one poem by the subject of analysis? I would very much appreciate anyone help me to answer this question!! Joanna
  4. Are there any good web sources or notes for the Carol Ann Duffy poems––especially Foreign? I know that I probably shouldn't be asking this here, but my teacher is quite bad at explaining and didn't discuss most of the poems in class, she expects a lot from us. Thank you, any help is appreciated!
  5. Hello, I have decided to do a poem for my IOP since it seems like the easiest option, but I really don't know which one I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good poems? I would also appreciate suggestions regarding presentation ideas for Wide Sargasso Sea or Zoo Story!
  6. anyone that can help me write this poem I have shut my windows. I do not want to hear the weeping. But from behind the grey walls. Nothing is heard but the weeping. There are few angels that sing. There are few dogs that bark. A thousand violins fit in the palm of the hand. But the weeping is an immense angel. The weeping is an immense dog. The weeping is an immense violin. Tears strangle the wind. Nothing is heard but the weeping. plz...
  7. Hello World! So more than 24 hours have passed since all of the IB english paper 1's have taken place. How did all of you do, and how were the papers in each of the Time Zones? I am in TZ2 and chose the poem !
  8. Hey guys! I am preparing for my IOCs and I have no idea how to analyze a short story. Is there any tips how I can analyze a short story? We are reading Poe's short stories now, and I am struggling with understanding them!
  9. In my English Lit. Class, our teacher assigned us a "baby IOP" five minutes long to help prep us for our real IOP next year. I'm doing mine on "The Great Gatsby". Since I'm a really theatrical person I wanted to do something that would involve more performance than presentation. I was thinking of doing a monologue as one of the characters from the novel and then analyzing it but I feel our time limit is much too short to allow for that. What I have chosen to do is to perform a colour poem that analyzes each use of the word "gold" in "The Great Gatsby", which was actually pretty prevalent. So, I would give a state of intent first, describing what the poem I'll be reciting next is describing and the whole point of it being in a poem (which is to provide direct emphasis on the ways "gold" had been used in the novel). Then, I would begin with my poem which will be about 3 minutes. Each line would begin with "Gold is" and it would get into what Fitzgerald meant in that quote and I'd be displaying the exact line the word "gold" has been used in the novel on a projector. Example 1: What I would say: "Gold is... a classical lavishness that entails with it beauty, success, and exuberance which is what Jordan is composed of to Nick." What would be presented on the projector: “With Jordan’s slender golden arm resting in mine, we descended the steps and sauntered about the garden.†(page 59) I was also considering doing a comparison of the uses "Yellow" and "Gold" which would follow the same aforementioned structure but the beginning would alternate between "Gold is" and "Yellow is". Example 2: (example 1) What I would say:"Yellow is... an aspirant gold, a more veneer version that revolves around coating and appearance than merit and quality. Yellow is to gold as plastic is to glass. " What would be presented:“She held my hand impersonally, as a promise that she’d take care of me in a minute, and gave ear to two girls in twin yellow dresses, who stopped at the foot of the steps†(page 58) I would love to have opinions on which one to do or if I should even bother continuing with either one of them. Suggestions and criticism are also profoundly welcome; thank you!
  10. I am currently doing my extended essay on Edgar Allen Poe's poetry. Writing about how his poems depict how Love, whether towards family, wealth or etc will give birth towards a sense of obsession. I don't know how to go about in writing it honestly ". So i want to ask for advice on what i should write for its analysis or generally. what should i do. TL:DR Doing an ee on poetry, what should i write? (If you need any further information just tell me =) )
  11. Version word


    This is a journal used to explain Ghosts, a different play by Ibsen
  12. Hey! Could anyone please help me with analysing this poem? I'm not confused about the overall message, i just need to go into deep analysis of it which im finding hard to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! The Poem is, The Answer by Bei Dao Debasement is the password of the base,Nobility the epitaph of the noble.See how the gilded sky is coveredWith the drifting twisted shadows of the dead.The Ice Age is over now,Why is there ice everywhere?The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered,Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea?I came into this worldBringing only paper, rope, a shadow,To proclaim before the judgmentThe voice that has been judged:Let me tell you, world,I—do—not—believe!If a thousand challengers lie beneath your feet,Count me as number thousand and one.I don't believe the sky is blue;I don't believe in thunder's echoes;I don't believe that dreams are false;I don't believe that death has no revenge.If the sea is destined to breach the dikesLet all the brackish water pour into my heart;If the land is destined to riseLet humanity choose a peak for existence again.A new conjunction and glimmering starsAdorn the unobstructed sky now;They are the pictographs from five thousand years.They are the watchful eyes of future generations. Thanks!
  13. Major help needed. We are doing poems for our IOCs and I have no idea how to do it. My teacher gave me an outline how should I approach IOC but it's not working for me. Let's say you get a poem, how are you going to analyze it? What are you going to start with? Please if you have structure you are planning to use on yours or if you have already used it, please,please do share it with me. Thank you
  14. any good sites for a jist of analysis for the poem Mid-term break by Seamus Heaney
  15. Hey! So, I got back a commentary I had written in my English final on a poem Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden. I ended up getting a 6 on this commentary. The 6 doesn't bother me, what annoys me is the reason I was given for not getting a 7. My English teacher said, "The poem is about a woman seducing and manipulating men with her charm and beauty and seduction abilities." I said the poem was about lecherous men who were tots put on edge by a beautiful, provocative woman who saw no reason to mask her independence and beauty. Suffice to say, I had a very feminist take on the whole thing...and I clarified, that it isn't necessarily the author's intent, but the mood that the poem is like giving off to me as a reader. My teacher disagreed with me, so I got a 6. Is this a good enough reason to petition my result? Can I be downgraded like this because the examiner sees things differently from me? Please help!
  16. Version pdf


    A good commentary on Sylvia Plath's Three Women
  17. I know it hasn't been 24 hours so I'm not allowed to speak about the exam. Nonetheless, consider this hypothetical situation: the poem you're doing your commentary on for paper 1 is called BlueTiger. You start off writing 'the BlueTigers are blah blah blah' However, for reasons only God is aware of, you slowly fade into and start writing 'BloodTigers' instead of BlueTigers, which of course is not the title of the poem although similar. And you do this for the rest of the exam. How screwed would one be and how much are you likely to be penalised for writing the title wrong?
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