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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Right now I am working on my TOK Essay. One of my WOKs is sense perception and as a supporting example for my claim, I gave a quote by Helen Keller. Though my counter-claim is also supported by the example of Helen Keller using her touching sense to perceive the reality. My question is: Is it okay to use an example regarding the same person both for claim and counter-claim? My teacher thinks it is kind of not right and conflictual, but I do like the examples. I look forward to hearing from you soon^^
  2. Hi, So I'm wondering if y'all could help me find some counterclaims... My prescribed title is “'There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.' To what extent do you agree with this statement?" I'm basically looking for some counterclaims of both PO and AE so that I can counter the argument. Some examples I have so far are of listening to a lecture (PO), reading a book (PO), seeing someone put something on a table and thus learning about what a table can do (its better than what I just wrote here (PO)), Biology lab (AE), how a farmer knows about land and a biologist knows about nature (AE) ANYWAYS, I need more counterclaims to talk about, or something that is questioning both PO and AE. I also need help with an introduction for this essay? But thats not the focus of this question... THANK YOU ALL so much, As fellow IB students I'm sure you know how much your saving my butt
  3. Hello IB-ers I just wanted to know your opinions on which topic is the easiest to broad your ideas. And can you be specific a bit on how you're going to broad it? For me I'm still confused either title 4 or title 6. And in title 4: "With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.", is it possible to have counter claims? Cause it seemed to me that it is very hard to find many good counter claims, since it is true that shared knowledge shape personal knowledge, in many ways. THANKS GUYS
  4. Hello Everyone I've seen a post about this Prescribed Title somewhere, however I wanted to ask some questions about the types of AoK that come to mind/how to use them appropriately and usefully in the essay. 6. "A skeptic is one who is willing to question any knowledge claim, asking for clarity in definition, consistency in logic and adequacy of evidence" (adapted from Paul Kurtz, 1994). Evaluate this approach in two areas of knowledge. This prompt got me thinking about some of the following topics -skepticism and it's meaning (how it contributes to the development of theories and ideals) -the difference between knowledge and faith, and how it applies here (AoK ethics?) -History and how it has been shaped by skepticism -AoK Natural Sciences What are your thoughts on this prescribed title? I'm not sure if the thoughts I have on it are appropriate, or if they relate correctly to what the question is posing.
  5. Hey All, after submitting my rough draft of my prescribed title to TurnItIn sometime before Winter break, I received my projected grade. I was given a 24/40, which is a B, but my teacher only gave a grade, no comments. He gave limited feedback and did not tell me how to improve the paper. I was just looking for anyone to take some time to read my paper and give some advice on how to improve. Your help would be much appreciated. I chose title 1: Ethical judgments limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. If you wish to help, I can send the paper through an email, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Could someone please help me with the second Prescribed Title question? I'm trying to figure out real life situations that would relate the WOKs to the question. I have plenty for perception and language but I cant think of any for reason and emotion.
  7. Version PDF


    Is faith purely emotional or is it possible to provide a rational justification for religious belief? Is emotion a source of spiritual knowledge? This is not a whole essay but rather the beginnings (body) of one. We did this in my TOK class as one of our weekly forums.
  8. Hi, I am new to this thread and was wondering if anyone could help give me some ideas for this topic - I am currently working on my draft and am lacking ideas. (if a thread has already been made for this topic please let me know) Thanks
  9. For my TOK essay for the 2012 November session, I have chosen the topic: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.“(Albert Einstein) Do you agree? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to approach it? Any help would be much appreciated.
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