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Found 27 results

  1. The school I'm going to right now is pretty new, our class is going to be the first graduates for the school. So, a new school means no experience, and you can see that with no Math HL offered to students. Well, they actually do now, but last year when I was in DP 1, they didn't offer Math HL, but then they started when I was my second year DP 2. And I wanted to do Engineering, and the university which I want to go to (Technical University of Denmark) accepts IB students who have Physics HL and Math HL. So you can see the problem, I don't have Math HL because the school can't offer it and it's not my fault. But I really want to go that university. Has anyone experience this before? Maybe by having a 7 in Math SL would do? I need help. THANKS!
  2. So I have been in the IB Program since kindergarten and now I am in 9th grade at the IB High School and they kick people out but I have seen the seniors class of 2018 most of them have and hair grades below an 80 in Mississippi you must maintain in 80 or above in IB. I have a 71 average in Spanish and a 57 average in geometry but I haven't 80 in above and all of my six classes. Im not sure if i will pass this semester. They have to give probation letters before they kick you out. They always said 2nd term they give letter amd they kick you out come Christmas. But once a again their are seniors thah have failed more than 1 IB class since their High school IB career. But ny school does kick people out. Can anyone explain is it selective?
  3. Hi there, I am in IB Y2 currently and I have a major problem with my German class. During the first year I had a German teacher who never had done IB before, was about to retire, and didn't prepare many materials for the class. We ended up doing 3 out of the 5 core topics, but not writing down or learning really anything throughout the year, except a lot of talking about it. Fast forward to this year and a new German teacher, and she tells me I am supposed to be on a C1/C2 (advanced/native speaker) Level but telling me I am at a B1/B2 (intermediate/upper intermediate) level currently. Also, she commented I am grammatically at a A2 (lower intermediate) level. I basically need to redo the topics I did last year since I don't have any keywords or important reminders of the topics, learn the new topics this year, practice my grammar and vocabulary like crazy. I want to get atleast a 5 and prefrably a 6-7 range for HL German. So: Do you have some tips for me to succeed? What specifically do you think is the most important for the exams? Do you know any good study tips/tricks/habits? Any good apps to succeed with for German? Thanks fellow IB'ers!
  4. Hi Guys, Just want to take a moment to share that me and my friend in Maths HL have created a snapchat helpline for math problems. You can send your math problems that you are facing problems with and you will most probably get the solution in less than 24 hours. It's free, as we genuinely want to help people and discover new and amazing problems! You can add us on Snapchat: Username: snapmathematics Good luck
  5. hello everyone, I recently finished my chemistry 2016 exams and only realized after I came out of the examination room that I wrote outside the answer boxes. Although I did not exceed the boxes very much, only by maybe 2 cm max, do you think my answers will not be scanned?
  6. My average grade for Chemistry HL is 7. Trust me, I am not too bad when it comes to written exams. However, my teacher sent me the chemistry IA recently which will be sent to the IB very soon. However, when I read his/her comments, it's very negative. (E.g: The candidate attempted to provide technical errors to satisfy the evaluation criteria. All of these are entirely trivial, they are entirely general and does not reflect anything specific. / MISGUIDED IA) I am not here to blame my teacher, but I am worried right now after reading the whole report. When I have put a lot of my efforts in my IA, the reality is not reflecting anything at all. Now, and I know it is too late, I realized that I will and definitely fail my chemistry IA. Will it affect my final grades a lot? Can I do anything about this at this point? (IB Exam - May 2016, oh god please have mercy on me)
  7. Heyo So I've had this account for some time now, but even though I've tried endless amounts of times, I simply cannot add a profile picture. I go to my profile, and try to select to upload a picture, and I can choose one, but it never appears. Does anyone have the solution here?
  8. Hey guys, I was just wondering how much significance the IB grade has on the university applications to the US. For example, in my school, some of the teachers are really lazy (because the school does not want to cut them) and thus, it is really hard for the students to ask for help after school/questions about a summative assignment. Furthermore, the teacher that teaches the subject I want to major in the future, does not give a SH*T about his students, as he is long-term contracted with the school and will receive his pay anyways, no matter in what manner he teaches. In conclusion, the question I want to ask is this: Do US Universities care more about a applicant's SAT grade then their IB grades? In other words, if I have a low IB grade but a high SAT grade, would it cover up for my sad IB grade? (I'm not saying my IB grade is under 30 or anything, it is around 30-40). If anyone has seen this case in real life, mind describing what happened (what grades he/she had etc.)? Thanks, Aesop
  9. Hi! I'm having trouble with an integration problem. 2π × integral between 0 and 6 of (0.02x^3-0.39x^2+1.77x+0.18) × (sqrt(0.0036x^4-0.0936x^3+0.8208x^2-2.7612x+4.1329)) dx Does anyone know how to solve it or have any suggestions? Thanks heaps!
  10. Hey guys! So I've been trying to make up my mind on whether to switch to Math Studies from SL. Math has ALWAYS been a struggle for me. I've had Math SL since IB1 and have continued with it in IB2; however, my grade has been constantly a 2, close to failing, but I've just passed my Mocks (basically by taking advantage of method-points.) Anyway, so the student counselor said it might be a risk for me to take the Math SL final exam what with my grade being a 2. I'm just afraid that if I switch down to Studies that it might close lots of doors to unis for me. My intentions, though, have never included studying more math or going into a career in which math is essential (medicine, engineering, whatever). Being in Math Studies would also raise my overall GPA (even though it is good at the moment, but it'd be a bonus.) So: I'm worried that sticking to Math SL will result in me failing the final Math SL exam; but unis would appreciate SL more. Math Studies would give me better grades and I'd pass the finals; I'd have time to invest in my other subjects even more. On the other hand, there's the question of my future studies and universities not liking Math Studies (even if I'm not interested in a math-based/centered career.) I would really, really appreciate the input and any advice you'd have to offer me. Thank you! (:
  11. So I have a problem I really enjoy learning biology and was one of the best in my class in 9 & 10. However, like all if us can relate, IB is not 9&10! Biology is getting tougher and its not that I cant cope with it except I have noticed that chemistry is being introduced into the syllabus and there's only one problem with that. I'm a commerce student! I dont know a thing about chemistry and I dont know whether bio HL is for me. My other option is to take foreign language HL ( Which i might die ) and CS sl or take CS HL and not take biology entirely Now I need you guys to discuss with me Should I take Biology HL having no background of chemistry or take Computer Science HL having no background of computer science =)) #lifeofanIBstudent Any input is welcome, honestly, I really enjoy this forum and the people in it seem to have great ideas!
  12. Hey everyone My friends is having this prob . Im totally sympathy with her. But with other helps may probably lighten her problem . Would u mind to share any of ur opinions ? For example : ur classmates look down on u cause of ur lowest marks in class for overall subjects . U lose ur confidence to speak up in class and give opinions , u turn to be a taciturn student , u cant do presentation well in class due to all causes . U cant even focus in class and end up stuttering too muchh when speaking in front of people even ur own friends . All of those negative attitude is too different with the old u . And now she's giving up in everything . Euwww they're too jerks . Im totally sad for her . She's one of my best friends . I hope u guys can share ur better opinions and tips ?
  13. Hi there! I am an Uruguayan student who is willing to finish his diploma so to apply for unis on the UK. My major concern is the fact that i will be finishing my exams next year, on November. I really want to know if this will be some kind of trouble. As far as i know, courses on the north start on September-October period, while our periods start March-April. I'm really lost on this issue, and i was told to start investigating right now, have not done any research yet though i thought asking you guys in a first instance was better. Cheers! ^^
  14. Hi everyone! Happy New year! *back to intense ib math* Well it's probably not that intense but I don't understand how to solve it... The length of a rectangle is 5 cm more tha 3 times its width. The area of the rectangle is 1428cm2. Find the length and width of the rectangle.So.. if I got it right, we can write L(+5)=3W right? and L*W=1428. Then.. I don't know. I feel extremely dumb... Could you help? Thanks a lot!
  15. I'm new here and I'm excited to be a member here. The purpose of this topic is to look for help. To introduce first, I'm in a ib school, which is very small with a few students and teachers. Most students are local, and also there are international students from different countries. However, as an ib school, our CAS system is unsatisfactory. We can do CAS only three hours a week, in regular periods. Everyone is forced to join no more than one in each period. What's worse, available activities are on at the same time, which provides us with few choices. Then, I was determined to talk about it with school. However, our CAS coordinator kind of disagreed and said that : students were not that willing to do activities, so we needn't provide that much time for CAS; teachers didn't have that much time and energy to supervise; ib only needs 150 hours, so we didn't need to do so much activities; ib also said that 25% CAS could be done without school teachers as supervisors. As a matter of fact, I doubt all of those, and I'm sure you do as well. For the time being, I need more proof and information about the CAS system of other ib schools, and also some suggestions for me about what to do next or opinions on any of points that the CAS coordinator said. I really wish I can get help here. I will appreciate it! Thank you very much!
  16. Good night everybody, in September I'm starting the IB in England, but actually I live in Turin and I've never lived in other countries so my level of English isn't very very good. I think it can compared to the Cambridge Exam FCE. Do you think I will have problems for the language during my course or not?? thank you very much
  17. Hello fellow IB Survivors! I have an urgent problem to settle, regarding UCAS and universities in general. On my UCAS application I selected the STEP examination as a qualification that I would be obtaining. STEP is an entrance examination in the field of mathematics, which is mandatory only for prospective students at the universities of Cambridge and Warwick, and usually only for those wishing to read mathematics, although there are some exceptions. Because I was applying to Warwick, I just put it down, as they require STEP for future (?) mathematicians. Other universities I applied to have a different policy towards STEP: Imperial College and Bristol, for instance, don't require STEP, although they encourage applicant to take it. This means that you are supposedly more likely to obtain an offer if you are taking STEP, but if you do so, they might ask you to obtain a certain grade in your STEP papers (that is, you might be getting an offer on STEP as well). I obtained offers from the three aforementioned institutions: Warwick gave me a STEP offer, but I declined it. Bristol and Imperial College gave me offers as well, I declined Bristol but firmed Imperial. However, none of them asked me for a certain grade in STEP (they only want me to get certain grades in the IB Diploma, hence no offer has been made on STEP papers). I am not living in the UK, and STEP papers are fairly expensive where I live (about 4x the amount in the UK), so I ended up not sitting the examination. Now, my offer would mean that even if I didn't score any mark on the STEP papers (Say, I would leave them blank!) and get the required IB grades I would meet the offer and live happy afterwards. However, I did not take them. Is this a big difference? Should I start worrying, and e-mail them? I really didn't think about this before, and now I feel pretty terrible and naive, not to mention that IB results will be published in less than 6 days!
  18. Ok so the problem is as follows: "A tractor is moving across a field at 10Km/h on a bearing of 150. Express its velocity vector." Can anybody solve this? thank you in advance.
  19. I was thinking of doing an EE on Preservation technique to prevent browning of apples but my teacher said it was too simple and too biology-ish, is there a way that i can change this topic to fit chemistry?
  20. Is there any helpful hints anyone has for ToK? I am going to start it soon and have NO idea what to expect.
  21. Hi, my name is Tugce, I'm an IB student in Istanbul. Our school management planned our lesson shedule according to our choises, but there were some problems about group 3 and group 6. so I had to choose ITGS for group 3 and TSS for group 6. the problem is I am a very talented about arts, I am thinking to study art in the future and I have an amazing interest on painting, on the other hand I really want to take TSS (Turkish Social Studies) course. Besides, I really do not like ITGS and I am not interested about it. I cannot choose TSS instead of ITGS for group 3 because of my school's plan. Is it possible to take Arts for group 3 and Tss for group 6? because I thought that in IB we have to take one social studies course, so I am taking TSS, Is it really matter group 3 has to be specficly social studies and 6 has to be art? Can it be reversed? please help...
  22. I found this a while ago, and have been using it every since. It has the answer for every problem in K.A. Tsokos's Physics for the IB Diploma (SL and HL). It not only includes answers, but also shows and explains the work done to get those answers. It is broken down by chapter and section, with each section as a downloadable PDF. http://www.katsokos....ySolutions.php Enjoy!
  23. Hey, my question might be pretty straightforward but it has caused some problems doing the past papers in Bio. Is cytokinesis a part of mitosis according to syllabus? Its very confusing because some books state that it is and some that it is not. While the newer textbooks say that cytokinesis occurs AFTER the cytokinesis and it is not a part of mitosis when I did the past papers (2010 or 2009 I think) there was such a question in Papers 1 and according to the answer it actually is part of mitosis. Could anyone shine some light on the topic?
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