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Found 29 results

  1. lkafhja

    IB retake

    I just got my May 2019 result and I'm planning to retake the exam in November. Does anyone know any Asian, preferably Korean, schools which host November exams? Or does anyone know how can I find any school with the November exam?
  2. hi... I took May 2018 exams with 4 HLs( maths,chemistry,physics and EngB) and got a 4,5,6,6 in each subject. I missed Nov 2018 exam so I am thinking of retaking( I mean I must..lol)only maths or both maths and chem in May 2019 I want to change HL maths to SL to get more points. Is it possible to change the level for retake?? Should I retake chem as well? my grades are maths hl 4 phy hl 6 chem hl 5 eng b hl 6 kor a sl 6 b&m sl 6 2 bonus =35 Will there be enough time to do the IAs and exam preparation for both maths and chem? or should I focus on maths?? Thank you!
  3. efilsidoof

    Retake year 1 of IB

    Hi guys. Currently I'm doing year 1 of IB. However, for some personal reasons, I'm moving to another country and the new school requires me to retake year 1 IB. So my questions are: • Is it normal to to retake one year of IB? Because I saw some people changed school and some of them had to retake half year only. I don't mind doing one more year of IB btw. • If I retake one year of IB, is there any case that it would affect my university application? For example the university doesn't accept me because I retook year 1 of IB. (I would like to study university in Singapore). • Is there anything I should know or notice before I apply to the new IB school? (Old year 1 IB reports, CAS, IA, EE,... or any troubles I would probably have in the process). Thank you so much!
  4. Hi, So I will be giving my retake exam for Lang and Lit in Nov 2017, I will be doing this after 2 whole years! please give me some tips and pointers as to how to approach my texts and how to study for it. Also, I received a 4 the first time and I want to take it up to a 5. I received a 4 in my paper 1 and oral assessment while a 5 in paper 2 and written tasks. I missed the 5 boundary by 3 marks. Do you think by achieving a 5 in both the papers I could end up getting a 5 as my final grade? PLEASEEEE HELPPP
  5. Butch Flowers

    Retaking IB Exams

    Hi I wanted to ask if one were to decide to retake IB exams, does one have to do it for all your 6 subjects? Or can you choose to do only a select few? And can you also retake the IB exams even if you're not in failing conditions?
  6. avalanche

    SL Bio Retake?

    Hey, so my school requires me to take an SL science exam in junior year, so in May I took bio at standard level. I really wanted a 6 but ended up getting a 4. I was 4 points away from getting a 5. Is it possible to retake the exam in November or even next May? Thanks!
  7. By separate I mean, like paper one, or one of the internal assessments, rewrite IA's perhaps ?
  8. caffeineC8H10N4O2

    what if I don't sit the exams

    Hi guys, I’m writing to you to ask for some help/ advice. 

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been struggling with a serious thought of not taking the exams. I’m supposed to take the May 2017 session in Biol HL, Chem HL, Eng B HL, Maths SL, Hist SL and Polish SL and I really want to study medicine in the future. However, I have some serious problems:
 - I didn’t apply to England as I thought that the Netherlands would be a better idea. Then, they changed their admission procedures and I decided also not to apply and try next year with this year’s results. At this moment I can only try to get to the uni in my home-country (Poland) which doesn't satisfy me at all. - But the biggest problem for now is that there is less than 100 days left and I realised that my chances for good grades are close to zero. That makes me horribly hopeless. I’ really down in the dumps (I even think that it can be a litte depression) and because of it I cannot concentrate on studying. Tons of work are waiting and I have some serious backlogs from the last year. It’s the worst with chemistry and maths as I make mistakes in the simplest tasks (which did not happen before). 

The situation is getting worse everyday and I get more and more ”paralised”. This makes me think about not taking the exams in May. But I don’t know if it is possible because I have already registered and payed for the exams (however, many is not a big deal in this case). 

Does anyone of you know what happens when one doesn’t sit the IB examinations? Would I fail the IB exams and the next year’s would be treated as a retake? Or maybe they would in some way ”cancel” this year’s registration? Thanks for your help!
  9. Jengamaster

    Changing Retake Subjects

    Hey, So my HL subjects are physics, econ, and theatre. I got a 3,4,4 respectively. I did a theatre retake and also got a 4. Again, failed to get a combined 12. i have one more chance to do retakes, and i was wondering wether or not i could change one of my SLs (french) to HL, and do a retake in that. It seems illogical to me, but i was wondering if i could anyway since that would save me. thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, This might sound very retarded and I know I messed up a bit. I got my IBDP in May 2016 with a 35/45 with a 3/3 for TOK+EE. My 2 best subjects were Bio and chem HL throughout the 2 years as I had continuous 7s. Unfortunately I had a surgery a few months before the final exams which cost me 2 months of classes missing out on time to do my IAs, EE and I also missed a lot of the portion for the exams. My 2 best subjects ended up having the worst grades in my finals. (I know i hate my luck) I got a 5 in bio (missed a 6 by 1) and Got a 4 in chem (I WAS HORRIFIED). I'm applying for medschool so even though my 35 is way above the avg ib score I needed better scores in bio and chem. I am retaking them to improve my scores. I had to give my UKCAT in between and did exceptionally well in that and IELTS. I jut wrote my bio test and am expecting a high 6 or a 7. I was always more interested in bio than chem so i spent all my time reading and preparing for that. I also feel like I didn't like IB chem after my chem teacher changed for some reason. It felt more hard to read and concentrate on. Now i have 4 days till my IB Chem retake and I haven't revised anything. I'm petrified and every time i touch the huge textbook i get a flashback of my results and the night before the original exam when i realized I blanked out completely. It would be amazing if anyone can help me by telling what I can do in these 4 days to make my 4 atleast into a 5. I have a good IA score. I just need to make it a 5. I feel like the textbook is too big and I will jsut be demotivated to read even a bit if i try to use the textbook. Are there any youtube videos or revision pages you could suggest which would help me meet the Grade 5 boundary? Thanking you. ( I hope no one else has to ever go through this. I know its my fault as well as I didnt equally divide time for both bio and chem)
  11. FelipeDissenha

    IA retake

    Hi, I took my exam during this years May, and have also gotten into university. However, I am a point away from my next boundery for both English SL and Economic HL, even with remark they have stayed the same. I am wondering if I can just redo my IA? or if the IB has a policy against only doing internal and noth either external or both internal and external exam? I am wondering becasue my school says this is impossible that I can only redo IA if I resit, is this true for all schools? or if in fact the IB has no policy against just redoing internal assesments. Thanks
  12. Hej! This a crucial point in my life. I didn't get the best grades to get into the Uni of my dreams, but I don't feel bad with myself. I went through clinical difficulties through the summer, and had to work part-time to pay for my studies. I also got all of the IB done in 1.5 years because I joined my class late. Anyway, I have a job offer that I really need to take, and therefore I need any form of High School Diploma, regardless of having barely made it to pass. I have 23 points, and fulfill all of the other conditions, otherwise. There's 3 subjects that I scores right on the verge of the mark boundary, for example in History, I got a 3, and got 31 marks. From 32 marks on it would become a 4. The same applies for Literature HL and TOK. I am actually surpised about my TOK essay. I can see that this year new mark boundaries were used for the subject, but still I spent an incredible deal of mental resources toward that essay, so I am going to have it remarked. I got 3 marks from it! So, I am very confident about TOK, but I can only afford to send 2 subjects for revision as for the time being, and have only until September to take my job place. So, the second has to be either Literature HL or History SL. For Literature I got: P1 - 16 (the next mark boundary starts at 18) P2 - 13 (the next mark boundary starts at 15) WA - 10 (the next mark boundary starts at 13) For History I got: P1- 6 (the next mark boundary starts at 8) P2- 10 ( the next mark boundary starts at 12) For TOK I got Essay 3 Presentation 9 As you can see, it only takes one component in either of the three subjects for my diploma to be awarded so I can go on with my life. Please, tell me which two subjects I should choose and if it's possible to do a further Enquire by the end of August when I can pay for it and assuming the other two turn out unsuccessfully. A million thanks!
  13. I took my official test in 2015 november, and I am thinking of trying for EA retake in May... I've decided to do Biology HL, Econ SL and MATH SL For biology, you have extra chapters to study for paper 3, and I remember it was decided by the school. For retake, how do I know which one to study?
  14. sushichan*-*

    Retaking a Language B exam

    Hey, I'm going to retake my Swedish B paper exams only. A Language B course is divided by Orals, Paper 1 & 2, and Written Assignment. But here's the thing I'm confused about, if I retake the subject, I can choose to retake it without the IAs, but the Written Assignment is externally assessed, does that mean I need to re-write my written assignment?
  15. So according to the IB website, results (anticipated, diploma and retake) were meant to be online yesterday but I can't seem to find my result for Nov session. The only info that appears is my result from the previous session. I just wanted to know whether its just me or other retake candidates are experiencing the same issue ..
  16. HI everyone, I am a November 2014 session candidate and I got my results today in school. The results were far below what I expected.... I didn't do as well as I expected for Economics SL and Biology HL. I was expecting a 7 for each of the subjects but I got 5s. It was really disappointing because I have never gotten a 5 for Biology, and my Economics score was improving much this year. Furthermore, I only got a bonus point 1 and my other subjects are not fantastic either so in overall, I got a 33. I can, perhaps, get into the colleges I want (slim chance though) but the thing is that my parents wants me to get a scholarship in university because the colleges I am applying to are too expensive for them to afford for 4 years. With 33 points, getting a scholarship is FAT hope. They told me that I may have to skip university and get married instead (sounds unreal but this is true) or go to technical colleges (I can barerly get employed after graduating from there...) I told them about the option of retaking the IB tests and they agreed. AND I am willing to work very hard for 12 months to get better scores in the retake tests. If I retake the IB subject tests, I would like to take Mathematics HL, Biology HL and Economics SL. So the questions are : 1. Can I take them in November 2015? Meaning 12 months retake. 2. Must I redo all the IAs and experiments (Bio)? Or is it just retaking the written papers? 3. Do I need a supervisor for IAs if I need to take them? 4. Must I attend the school lessons? (From the IBO website it says we don't have to but double checking...) 5. What is the deadlines for registering the IB subject retest if I want to take them in November 2015? Please help me answer these questions carefully and sincerely because I am feeling very desperate at the moment..!
  17. As written above - I have taken as what is classified as a "deferred entry" in a couple of subjects due to "adverse circumstances". Note that this is NOT a retake - I have not received the marks for those subjects, even though I have submitted some of the internal assesments. Can I use the same research questions for the internal assessments as I had used before? Does this mean that I have to change my approach or my evidence instead to vary the work somehow? Or do I have to do find new ones? I cannot find satisfying answers in the Handbook of Procedures for the IB, and my teachers aren't sure. The History IA bugs me particularly.
  18. So I failed my IB with 23 points in May and decided to do a retake in November. I'm not feeling this retake is going well (did maths already and got geography tomorrow), and I feel like i'm not going to get that extra point I need. You might all say "you'l get that point no worries etc" but really, i'm pretty sure I wont, unless I feel geography is good. I'd like to know if I can still do another retake in May 2015? If that is possible, then could I still apply for a University starting fall 2015? I'm worried that if I apply now that they might find out through an interview or the system that I failed my IB. My plans were to go to Uni in 2015 anyways whether I achieved my IB in May or November but i'm scared that if I don't achieve the November ones then my chances of going to Uni will be very slim.
  19. Hello everybody, I am not happy with my results in few classes and I want to retake them in November. Does anybody know an IB school in Germany, Switzerland or Austria that offers retakes in November?
  20. I'm a student studying in Asia. 3 years ago, my TOEFL score was about 100, and I have HSK 6 degree and my GPA is about 3.97/4.00 I got a conditional offers from Newcastle, Exeter, York, QMUL which demand around 36s in actual exam. My predicted grade was around 38 but my actual IB grade is 27. (I was shocked when I checked it) Should I retake my IB exam? I'm afraid I'll get even lower mark. Btw, my ib subject was English A Lang Lit SL, Chinese B HL, Japanese A HL, History HL, Biology HL and Math Methods SL.
  21. Hello I am retaking biology HL because I got a 4 in it, and I am not happy with that at all. What I wonder is, what IF, I get a 3 now in November, will that be my new grade or will still the "highest" = 4 counts? If the highest counts, does this apply for all courses? Take care
  22. Vahagn Tumanyan

    Retaking Math with Internals

    Hi everyone, I am retaking IB Math HL with my portfolios, I was wondering if any of you guys knows whether I should chose the other topic for portfolio or can I improve the one that I started? Considering that the topics for 2013 May and November sessions are the same.
  23. Hello everyone, I am planning to sit for retakes this November (2013) but I don't really know how it works; does the retake mean I have to do ALL the marked work in a subject (i.e. including IAs, internal assessment, coursework, etc.) or does the retake only include the timed written exams taken in the school hall? It'd be great if you all could help me clear this up, as my coursework is fine, but my written exam scores need improving. Thanks!
  24. Hi there I just finished my first year of IB and I took my French B SL exam last May. My school does IB exams kind of weird from what I understand, at the end of our first year we take our second language exam to get it out of the way and everything else at the end of second. I got a six in the exam, and though I don't think this a bad grade, I didn't really work very hard or study at all and was considering retaking my exam. This isn't really because of my grade (though I do think I could do a lot better, my French is pretty strong), it's because of my horrible pride complex and I just wanna see how high I could get. What do you recommend? What do you think in general of rewriting exams?
  25. timmotytimmoty

    Biology IA Retake

    I'm going to retake my biology IA, and I'm wondering if I can use my previous lab's topics or ideas, if not, how can I come up with any lab ideas without any supervisors?

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