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Found 6 results

  1. JackalJack

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Like the title says: shout your recommendation in favour for your favourite bands out into the internet skies or towards your fellow people on this forum :3 Let's expand our music libraries!! I recommend the following for people to check out: Imagine DragonsOf Monsters and MenWeird Al YankovicThe Foo FightersThe KillersThe Lonely IslandThe BeatlesBlink - 182ParamoreLindsey StirlingWeezerYellowcard
  2. flinquinnster

    Common App - technical issues

    It's that time of the year when US applications are starting to pile up, and Common App becomes your most visited website. For anyone else trying to apply through Common App, have you had major technical issues? One of my teacher recommendations has apparently been filled in, but it can't be submitted and has a screen with a spinning wheel and "PDF generation in progress. Please be patient." Both my teacher and I have sent off support tickets using the Common App help centre or whatever it's called, but there hasn't been a response yet. Does anyone know whether there is a way to get over the specific issue of the PDF-in-progress screen? I'd even appreciate hearing from other people about whether their technical issues have been speedily resolved by Common App, and how long the wait is to receive a response to an inquiry. If worse comes to worse, I was thinking of removing that particular recommendation and making my teacher fill it in again with a new invite, but the same issue may recur again. Common App not having a phone number may be more efficient, but it does remove the opportunity of actually speaking/shouting at someone over the phone, which is quite cathartic.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if it is necessarily important to send in a recommendation letter from my respective teachers when applying to universities located primarly in the US or UK area. This is due to the fact the significant part of my teachers hate me for personal or occasional reasons and would most likely write a negative letter if they would consider writing one at all. However, I consider myself as an overall manageable student; since I don't struggle with the workload and recieve remarkable grades on the small tests my teachers decide to have occasionally (besides chemistry, which takes up 90% of my study time and still provides me poor results ). So this bring us back to the question, which is: Does the recommendation letter have to be sent when applying for admission and if that is the case; does it play any significant role for me being admitted to an US/UK university? Thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts! ~Sina
  4. Rahul Srivastava

    Historical Investigation

    Hi everyone, I have a topic in mind for the Historical Investigation. 'To what extent did the Simla Agreement of 1972 ease India-Pakistan relations after the 1971 War?' Of course, I can mould that topic question to make it suit me better. But I needed help on how to go about developing an essay on this. To those who are experts on the topic, would you recommend that I go ahead with this. There is a lot of material on journals and magazines regarding that. I'm sure finding the material won't be a problem. However, apart from that, what would you recommend? And what line of thought do I take in such a topic. Thanks.
  5. Hey all! My dance instructor who's like training me for my final showcase for my Kathak degree is a Harvard and Princeton alumnus and she offered to write one of my recommendations to these two schools. I should specify that I am in the last stage of my Kathak degree in Indian Classical Music and it is an accredited course recognised by Indian universities to get into further study programmes for Dance. I'm studying for theory exams (and have given 5 in the past) and everything. So I was wondering, do you think a teacher/supervisor from a non-school academic pursuit can write one of my recommendations? Do you think it makes a difference since she's an alumnus of those two schools? Thanks!!!!! Erudite.
  6. Forum, Please help me make this decision. I want to study economics at university, most likely involving mathematics (finance, econometrics). Should I get a teacher recommendation from mathematics or economics? Thanks, Kris

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