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Found 30 results

  1. I'm in year 12 and I have started my EE halfway.. but until now I still dont know what should I do for my EE. Can anyone please help?
  2. So I'm writing a Mini EE for Inquiry Skills, and I was wondering if one of these two questions was good? How have laws regarding homosexuals changed over time around the world? OR How does religion affect homosexual persecution around the world?
  3. Hi guys, I have heard this argument being brought out on several occasions about atheism, at least in my country of origin which is Indonesia. In Indonesia, religion is part of the law because the nation is supposed to "believe in one supreme God", as mentioned in the constitution of that country. Due to that, there has been violence and attacks, to the extent that it started to become physical, on religious minorities and atheists. However, I have decided to focus this on a very specific slice of this whole debate. I think the first time I had heard this argument come about when I was around 10 years old. At that point in my life, I was a relatively religious person because I was still seeking for mental help (this is another story). However, I saw this heated debate of a Muslim "expert" and an open "atheist". At first, I did not know that atheism could possibly exist and survive in a country like Indonesia because literally, the first sentence of the Constitution is the belief in one supreme God. However, the debate started to get more interesting on the religious side because he brought up some "relevant" arguments yet he could not back it up with evidence, therefore I dismissed the argument as written in the title as a big joke: because it was not backed up by him on his side. Then came around the time when I was 12, I started to get involved in the debate club in school (I was still Indonesia back then). And so, this argument was brought up again. However, this time it was backed up with evidence that showed some relevance to the question. It soon became a philosophical debate rather than whatever we were supposed to be debating about. It soon became a really gigantic part of my life because it shook the foundations of morality and the sense of decency in humanity. REMEMBER: DO NOT ridicule other people's beliefs. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE: Remember that this debate allows you to evaluate everyone's stances. this can be a really good TOK presentation topic. Just saying...
  4. Hello! if my TOK presentation's RQ is to what extent can we understand love, and my AOK is religion, how can I better do it? For example, I want to take Buddhism and Christianity, can I just compare their views on love? Would it be enough? It's just I don't really get the concept of making the presentation when you need to answer your RQ by AOK. How can I answer my RQ just by comparing to religion views?
  5. Hello, I am doing my IOP on the book Persepolis and I am working on "How people abandon religion when faced with conflict/misfortune/adversity". X by TurboMac I have written about like 5 pages just filled with notes and evidence of where people abandoned religion in Persepolis (mainly focusing on Marji the character) but I still haven't written an actual thesis or introduction I guess and I'm struggling in doing that I don't know how to form it how to make it um interesting from the start. I will also record an Interview with Marjane Satrapi the author asking her questions about "How people abandon religion when faced with conflict/misfortune/adversity" but I'm not sure what type of questions I should ask... So if anyone could help me or give me advice that would be great.. :)) Ps. My course is SL English Lit.
  6. Hello everyone I am currently in eleventh grade and today I have to make a choice on the topic that I will be writing my EE on. The ones that interested me the most were world religions, psychology and language and literature. From what I've read before, a lot of high scores come from language and literature. I am mostly interested in world religions, but I am not sure about how good my supervisor will be and also I am not sure about the criteria for it. For psychology, I heard that it is harder to score good considering the criteria they have for that subject. I am very confused because I do not want to choose something that will make my EE experience awful and will bring my grades down. Just for reference, my subjects: SL - Bio, Spanish (Ab initio), Maths (Studies) HL - Econ, English A, Psych Please answer, especially people who have the experience with these specific topics!! I have to submit my choice today :/ Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently working on my TOK presentation (only the mock one though) and I have decided on a RLS, an article about how christians view homosexuality and why it's wrong according to the bible. I have a hard time coming up with a claim and counterclaim but my KQ is How does religious knowledge systems affect our ethical views? Do you guys have any ideas on what my claim and counterclaim could be? I was thinking of something like "The higher power that a person believes in affects the persons ethical view and will tell her what is right or wrong in every situation" as my claim, but I''m not sure. The presentation is in 13 days... So I'd appreciate all the help I can get!
  8. My TOK presentation is tomorrow. My partner and I want to focus on the different perceptions of body art, such as tattoos, body piercings and hair being dyed. This is a controversial issue among different religions and cultures. Today, some people are rejected from getting a job once they show up in a job interview with arm tattoos. Others are simply asked to conceal them during work hours, but is this a suppression of self-expression? Our Knowledge Question would be: How does perception help shape our values of art? HOWEVER, according to our TOK teacher, this idea does not go under the AOK Art, since “art is permanent, tattoos are not….” So if this is not considered to go under Art, which AOK would this go under? We also want to focus on Ethics, and Perception and Reasom as a WOK. Heres a brief outline of what Im trying to explain: Cultural Perspectives on Tattoos Japan: tattoos associated with yakuza (japanese mafia), people with tattoos not allowed in public bath houses or asked to conceal them Hawaii: Originated in polynesia, hula dancers have alot of tattoos, socially accepted Religious Perspectives on Tattoos Christianity: First of all, making marks on the skin is mentioned in several verses. Lev. 19:28, "‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the Lord." Hinduism: The marking of the forehead is encouraged as it enhances spiritual well-being and is one of the chakras on the body. Many Hindu women tattoo their faces with dots especially around the chin and eyes to ward off evil and enhance their beauty. The local regional tribes use tattoos to distinguish between certain clans and ethnic groups. Generation Perspectives on Tattoos Older generation: bad, criminal associated, underground society Younger generation: accepted, fashionable, self expression, human right
  9. I am doing a TOK presentation on the banning of religious symbols in France. My real life situation is this banning as a whole, but more recently in 2014 a Muslim student in France was ordered to remove her hijab during a class at the La Sorbonne university. I am trying to think of a good knowledge question but can't come up with anything. I think I want it to have something to do with ethics and religion. Here is a link to my real life situation: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2014/10/01/Hijab-controversy-returns-in-France-after-student-asked-to-remove-her-thing-.html Can anyone help?
  10. I know this is an age old question, but I would like to hear your views on this, as intellectual IB students. Also depending on what answer you come to is this good or bad? So, if you have ever thought about it, do we actually have any control over the actions that we do. Our thoughts are just chemical reactions in our brain, caused by stimuli. When you are conscious of the a thought, the chemical reaction has already happened. So the question turns to do you have control of these chemical reactions? A chemical reaction needs to be started by something so how could you be creating these reactions just by shear force of will, which would also be an chemical reaction. This purely biological approach might seem to some kinda depressing, since it would mean our lives are purely deterministic, since it is dependent on external stimuli, which are dependent on other stimuli. Longish story short, we only have the illusion of control, but in actuality have none.
  11. I'm doing my EE on the general topic of Israeli-Arab conflict. I have several research questions, can y'all take a look and give feedback, maybe suggest the best one to choose? Thanks! To what extent is a difference in religion a cause of Arab-Israeli conflict? To what extent have Israel’s and Palestine’s societies been affected by Arab Israeli conflict? To what extent is Arab Israeli conflict due to differences in religion and foreign policy/culture/idk? How did Arab Israeli conflict contribute to the formation of terrorists? What has prevented the resolution of Arab Israeli conflict?
  12. My research question (until now) is: What are the reasons why traditional churches loose their young members in the last X years, while independent churches gain those in Germany? (The "X" will be substituted with a specific figure as soon as the ordered book containing statistics has been delivered to my place - our post is on the strike right now ) Can you help me with: - Is the question good for an EE? I'm a bit afraid, it contains two (completely) different topics.. Or may it be interesting to analyse the relationship between those and if there even is any? - I already did a survey with around 40 teenagers who are regularly visiting services of independent churches. The main question was: "What are the differences between traditional and independent churches for you and why do you prefer the second one?" How can I now include the results of this survey and do you think it's a good idea in general? (That's especially a question to someone who has World Religions as a subject, because I don't ) - How can I make it not too subjective? It might be a difficult research topic.. Most important: - After I've explained all the reasons why independent churches are more attractive, I'd like to disprove my hypothesis saying that there are also many advantages at traditional churches which young people appreciate (I'd have short interviews for that). But I don't know if I can do that, because the question is not actually asking this.. Can I still somehow incorporate it or how can I change my research question in this direction? I'm really stuck on this Thanks for all help!
  13. Hi I am planning to do my TOK presentation on 'Religious Cults' and needs feedbacks on it before I present it on Tuesday. My real life situation is my experience in a religious camp in summer of 2014. My knowledge question: How does religious cults mislead people into believing and how can we tell it apart from religion? The main WOKs are Emotion, Perception, and Language. For each WOKs, I will include one real life example and compare it to religion. Any feedback will be helpful
  14. Hi, I'm trying to outline my TOK presentation and my question is "To what extent does artistic and religious knowledge challenge our ethical beliefs?" My real life situation is the novel Lolita by Nabokov and how he challenges the way we see pedophilia. I need two more real life situations + claims and counter claims and guidance on how to structure it. Please, I'm really lost! Thank you
  15. I am in grade 9 right now and considering the IB program. I was doing some research about IB vs homeschooling and I had come across several articles that were saying that IB is anti-christian. I really want to go into it but I don't think that I could handle it attacking my religion without ending up WAY more stressed than IB already sounds like it will make me.
  16. Hi! I'm currently on the second half of IB1 and just got to this new Mexican school a couple months ago. The rest of my IB education I took in Finland and Denmark, and my Group 4 subjects were Philosophy (1.5 years) and Anthropology ( a few months), but the only group 3 subject my school is offering at the moment is History, Route 2. I know nothing about History whatsoever; the methods, the schemes and stuff. All attempts to come up with a topic for my IA (which I'm expected to write a first draft for by the end of the month) end up sounding either like a philosophical or an anthropological or a social study. I really don't get how History works - How are you expected to produce new knowledge about facts you cannot explore or prove. What does History (IB) aim at finding? All this, added to the unfortunate fact that my teacher is an awful lot less than ideal, have my crawling on the floor begging for help. So it's all on my own. Is there a way I can take any of the topics I came up with and eventually got turned down by my teacher on the grounds of mistaken approach, without guidance to shape them into a more historical-looking work? They come in order of preference. Though I really feel no drop of passion for the subject. Idea 1: An causal-consequential analysis of the drop in religiosity-importance indices in nordic countries in relation to the welfare state. Idea 2: The impact of Darwin's On the origin of the species on the ideology of the third reich Idea 3: The impact on the Sweden-USA relations after the assassination of president Olof Palme Idea 4: The impact on global markets of Monsanto unethical practices upon the Green Revolution. Just help me understanding how the deal works. I kind of get the hang of things after just a single perfectly coherent explanation, but I'm also going through culture shock, so there's really few I can do to improve these broke communication problems. I feel like people just go around the topic by speaking a bunch of empty unrelated words without ever answering my questions.
  17. Hi I'm struggling with my extended essay... I took my topic as Buddhism in national protection. I know this is very rare topic , but doesnt that make it more unique? Buddhism is a religion which follows the concept of nonviolence, however in korean history, they followed a policy made by the king in which whenever there is a foreign invade, buddhist monk should fight for the nation fron foreign invation. This policy became one of the secret power of korean military strength back in those days. This is the reason why most of the korean buddhist temples are located deeply inside the mountains.\ I would like to recieve opinions for you guys and about the appropriate tracks i should follow and suggest me some good titles for this topic. Thank you Have a nice day
  18. I just spent the last 30 minutes reading an old thread on God and the correlation between intelligence and religious beliefs. Personally, I am very well educated and top of my class and yet I still have strong religious beliefs. But this is besides the point, I only use myself as an example. This question is generally directed to anyone who is atheist, agnostic, or just is completely unsure! (But of course anyone feel free to answer, I'd also love to hear the religious side of the argument!) So, in essence of saving time I'll be direct; If anyone out there doesn't believe in God, why? I honestly just want to hear your opinion and what lead you to your beliefs. Was it lack of religious background, your education, a personal revelation? What reasons do you have for not believing in God and will your beliefs ever change? Do you look down upon people who do believe in God/how do you treat them and their beliefs? And please anyone who is religious feel free to comment the inverse! I'd like to see a very unbiased debate on the issue because I am genuinely curious and interested in your answers. Thank you all!
  19. So, answer the poll, question is do you think the science can understand everything, or are there things that go beyond human understanding? They may be deities, Gods or stuff or then natural things, like how does human feelings work, and can they be seen just as measurements and science. Just anything, that you think the science might not be able to understand. Comments and arguments apprechiated.
  20. Hello, I am currently researching my EE but I need a little help with the topic. My EE topic is as follows, To what extent was the American Christian Right responsible for instigating the Second Red Scare? (1947-54) I am wondering two things, 1. Is my topic narrow enough or do I need to narrow it further? 2. Are there any book or journal recommendations for research? It seems to me that religion has been a little explored topic in the Cold War, this is part of the reason why it interests me so much. I am having some trouble finding good secondary sources on my topic. I know that there is a connection but I haven't been 'striking gold' as of yet. If anyone could offer suggestions or improvements that would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  21. Hello! I'm doing my TOK presentation in a month with the KI: ''How can reason be used to justify religious beliefs''? I was wondering if the general debate, between science and religion (atheists coming to believers and asking them to prove this or that) an RLS? Thanks in advance, ibsurviving.
  22. Let's talk about the World Religions internal assessment! Yay! I've received my assessment to start over the summer and as I am feeling sick with nothing to do I might as well start it. I have no idea where to start though,; not even the religion I'd like to study in. So I started this because I didn't see another topic like this; however if there is one please had me in the right direction as I'd like help with my IA. What was your WR IA topic? Or are you in the same place I am? How did you come about picking something to investigate? I'd love to hear all about it -Katie
  23. So I have to do my TOK presentation and I have no idea where to start. My teacher is rubbish at TOK and I am clueless as to how to touch the topic. I was thinking of taking a real life situation of a debate Wendy Wright and Richard Dawkins on Creationism vs. Evolution( obviously evolution wins, duh) and to extract a knowledge issue as follows: How does a belief in sth affect our reasoning? OR How does religious belief affect our reasoning? Which one of the two is better,if it is good at all? What tips would you give me?
  24. Lately I have been asking myself whether the IBDP is as open-minded as I first thought. What I find difficult to understand is that neither religion nor faith has a part in the syllabus. With cultural understanding as a core of my English Literature and Language I have had the possibility to get knowledge about how people think in other cultures, and how my way of perceiving might be different from yours. I do believe religion as a subject would allow me to do the same. The issue and reason that I made this thread in the first place is following: By the current fundamental theorems within science we are not able to explain how the universe was created. We do not yet understand how something can be outside time and place (as in never created, always existed), nor do we understand how something comes from nothing (Dawkins tried to explain this in one of his books, but failed terribly by ignoring facts about a quantum mechanic vacuum and logic itself). Since we do not understand how the universe was created, how can the IB, who claims to be open-minded, say that science has a better explanation than religion? Obviosly, the IB doesn't put it that way. However, they do include a lot of science in the syllabus while religion is not even a part of it. Don't get me wrong. I am not a closed-minded student who claims science is ridiculous while religion is the only answer. I just wonder why we the syllabus does not contain a combination of those, at least for the sake of understanding Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Jews and their world view. Long story made short: Is it possible to have an open-minded educational system while saying religion is not an area of knowledge? - Try to be as open-minded and objective as possible When it comes to religion I would love to discuss that, howevern not in this particular thread. Feel free to PM me about that! Cheers from Norway, Fredrik Lingås
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