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Found 26 results

  1. Hey, I need help with my Math IA. I am interested in Math and art topic to write about. More into the body proportions and how an artist uses it but I don't know what mathematics is behind it. What mathematics do I use to get a higher score?
  2. !!HEY to anyone reading this!! I am writing an exam on Topic 3: Circular functions and trigonometry in a few days. I have been revising for my physics exam (which was totally worth it) and doing history notes and therefore managed to fail to keep up on my math revision greatly. I am really not good at math even though I really try so there is NO WAY of me catching up. I really can't afford to fail this test due to the fact that it would take A LOT of work to even that out in the course of the year. I have a huge favor to ask: if anyone can give me concise notes for this unit (possibly with examples?) that would absolutely save me! Also, if anyone has any advice on how to learn math FAST then please let me know. Math is my only weak subject so I could really, really use the help! Thank you so much in advance
  3. Hey there, With less than 2 weeks to the math exam, do you guys have any suggestions for math prep? I need to get a 6 in math, and I have the most trouble with paper 2, and some calculus, and I've been doing past papers but I get a bit tripped up with the questions. I feel that just doing past papers is a bit inefficient, do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. So I really suck at math and I'd like to know if there are any good sites that provide SL math IB problems with answers? I find the textbook problems are kinda pointless because I can do well in that but always do horrible on my tests (which are IB questions) Thanks!
  5. So I am writing my math IA on magic squares and I just got my draft back from my teacher and I'm currently at a level 2 My problem is we have not been given any guidance on writing this exploration and the feedback I was given was vague with little suggestions for improvement. If anyone could give me some pointers on writing an exploration it would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hey guys, So I was looking around for an IA topic (of couse i am), and I found something that was interesting to me. I watched a Numberphile video on the sum of all natural numbers, which would be -1/12. I was wondering if you guys had any advice on this, like if it is a good idea to explore or not, if it is doable, etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am still a bit confused as to what exactly should we do for the IA, like do we have to prove something? Do we have to develop a new idea? I know we have to apply the math into a region, but could someone please give a little more detail? Thank you all so much!!
  7. I was thinking of doing my SL Math IA on the optimization of a rugby kick. This involves some calculus and conics. I was wondering if this is a decent math IA idea? Thank you!
  8. Topic: How can you rank up in League of Legends by taking into consideration the factors that affect placement? Here is the proposal so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oiaNvOULQ1B6Da1zgD6MVSNVsCn9SedF0M2199v0Ans/edit?usp=sharing This topic was suggested to me by my teacher when I had to give a list of my interests. She recommended doing it on League of Legends due to the various mathematical factors present within it. She explained that my goal was going to be moving up a full rank by understanding what comes into play to win games. My question to you is, which mathematical concepts that are covered in SL Math can I use in my IA? Also, if you think my Research Question could be better worded or altered please feel free to leave feedback. I have seen others do IAs related to League of Legends (ex. Wards and Supporting IA) and get decent to high marks so I know it's possible, I just need to know how to get started. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I'm currently working on my math IA which is on the Enigma Machine and I'm really stressed out about it and I feel likeI'm going to fail. Do you know what happens if you fail an IA? Do you not get the diploma or does it just lower you grade as it's 20% of your mark?
  10. HEY HEY HEY!! Does anyone with experience know which topics (specifically) have attained them a level 7 on their IA? If so, please list them! Thanks so much P.S. My teacher's a super hard marker and wants a topic with clarity
  11. I am wondering if this would be a good subject combo: HL Economics HL Biology HL English (not sure yet if I want lang & lit or lit) SL Math SL Finnish SL Chemistry Unfortunately I have no idea where I want to study after the IB, or what I want to study. I am wondering if these seem like subject choices that wouldn't close too many doors for me. The thing that troubles me the most is if it is "useless" to take HL bio without taking HL chemistry with it. I don't enjoy chemistry that much, but then again I've always had horrible teachers which has drawn me away from the subject itself. Though in the IB I would have a new teacher. I really don't know if I should take chemistry at all or if it is important. Thank you for any replies in advance
  12. leviosa

    IA Topic Help

    Helloo I had an idea for my sl math IA topic but wanted some input on whether or not its doable/appropriate before I hand in my proposal. So I was planning on exploring if there is a correlation between a country's Gini Coeffcient ( http://www.investopedia.com/terms/g/gini-index.asp ) and their overall stock market trends. Let me know what you think, I need any and all advice! Thanks in advance
  13. I have read conflicting accounts on the level that your math ee should be on. Some said the level of your class or beyond. Some say only do what is in your syllabus. I was thinking of doing something with Fourier transform and music (some other application really) or Taylor Series with an application. But I am not sure whether this would be too advanced. I also heard if your topic is too advanced you risk failing it is this true?
  14. Hello, I am a student currently doing my IGCSEs. I opted for triple science (the three sciences as individual subjects) and geography plus Spanish. We have to make our 1st draft for IB choices very soon, and I am feeling a little conflicted. It's quite difficult for me considering I am unsure of what I would like to study in university, so I am sort of going for what I am good at and what will open me up to university options (I want to study in Australia). So far my choice is as follows: HL Geography HL Economics or business management HL Physics (yikes) SL Math SL Spanish b SL Lang/lit or Lit (which is better?) I am considering a double degree of law and commerce in Australia, so do I need a HL essay based subject like English? In that case should I opt for 4 Hls or is that insane? Which one is better if I would like to take commerce in university econs or b&m.? I herd that b&m is less respected. All in all, would the work load be too much to take econs (never done it) along with physics, considering that physics is quite hard? Do my subject choices give a large variety of options for university or are they too everywhere? Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to read this, please feel free to replay with the blantent truth!
  15. I will be starting IB in august and was wondering if anyone has any tips for me for the upcoming two years. My subjects are: SL math SL english SL economics HL chemistry HL geography HL french I have done all of these subjects at an MYP and IGCSE grade, EXCEPT economics. So that's my problem, I have very low knowledge on economics, so i was wondering of what I can do to prepare myself for this subject. If you take/ took any of these subjects, all tips are appreciated btw im new to this forum so idk how this works ok
  16. I am pretty sure we can now discuss paper 2! SO guys, TZ 1 and TZ 2, what did you guys think? How did it go for y'all?
  17. Here's the question: Find the Cartesian equation of the line that passes through point (4, -2) so vector [4, -2] and has a normal vector given by vector n = [2, 5] Now here's what I did: vector n = [4, -2] therefore slope of the normal = 2/5 thus the slope of the line is -5/2 so the direction vector of the line is [-5, 2] The vector equation would then be r = [4, -2] + t [-5, 2] And the parametric equations would be x = 4-5t --> t = (4-x)/5 y = -2+2t reduces to y = -1+t --> t = y+1 * Was this my critical error? Reducing when I wasn't supposed to? So then (4-x)/5 = y+1 4-x = 5y+5 5y+x = -1 But that's not the answer...it's supposed to be 2x+5y = -2 EDIT: Yes...I went through it and it is, never mind. Sorry about that
  18. Hello. I have already completed a first draft of my math IA, but my (severely limited) feedbacks from my teacher tell me that it is really poor right now. I have chosen a horrible topic but I have to stick to it as I don't have enough time to explore a new one. Basically, I am exploring the properties of hypercubes (tesseracts more specifically -- 4th dimensional cube), as inspired by the book Flatland. I have explained how one can go about finding the coordinates, vertices, edges, facets, and diagonals of a tesseract (and dimensions beyond), but my math is still severely limited since the most complex property I'm working with here is the pythagorean theorem. I have researched for HOURS, and literally just spent 3 hours trying to find SOMETHING to add, but I cannot find one appropriate for the syllabus! They are either too complex or too simple, so I am really, really stuck and frustrated and almost in despair. Does anyone have any idea how to go about approaching this topic? Any suggestion is appreciated - I am desperate! Thank you.
  19. Currently, I am taking Math HL, Physics HL, Business HL and French SL, English SL and Economics SL. I chose math and physics hl so that i would be able to go to the UK to study engineering in university. Im struggling in math hl and dont feel like its for me. My first question would be what combination i should change to, as i also heard that business was not a respected subject by universities. my possible combinations are as follows: HL: Physics, business, econ SL: math, english french or HL: Physics, Econ, english SL: Business, math, french my second questions is about universities. if i want to get into an engineering university in the united states, are those classes enough to get me accepted into a good engineering uni (for mechanical or civil or computer science, nothing including chemistry or biology), even though i dont have two sciences and only one science HL? Thank you EDIT: also , would it help if i took the SATs plus the SAT math and physics subject tests?
  20. guys, i wanted to know if this calculator would do for MATH SL: TI-84 PLUS silver edition. i used some casio one before but the normal distribution functions weren't working.. please check this link and let me know if this will do for sl math. http://education.ti.com/en/us/products/calculators/graphing-calculators/ti-84-plus-silver-edition/features/bid-specifications thanks
  21. guys, i wanted to know if this calculator would do for MATH SL: TI-84 PLUS silver edition. i used some casio one before but the normal distribution functions weren't working.. please check this link and let me know if this will do for sl math. http://education.ti....-specifications thanks
  22. Hi all, I've hit a brick wall with my SL Math's exploration - the type of thing that annoys the heck out of me because I'm not sure where to turn to and my school hasn't started yet. I chose to investigate the probability of experiencing a rolling blackout in Jakarta, Indonesia in any of the 5 given city provinces (venn diagrams). I also try and hypothesize why this may be the case by postulating a relationship between more probable areas with province population size. Could I be doing more with this topic, in terms of more ways to interpret/analyze with probability or statistics? My math teacher moved schools and I don't know who my new teacher will be, so I really have no where to turn to for guidance. Any help at this point would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks for giving it the light of day!
  23. Hi, I'm writing the SL Math exam (as many of you probably are) on May 3rd and 4th. My question is - how important is this math mark for university? I'm a particularly weak math student, but my IA marks have been overall decent (level 5). I want a 6 or 7, but I'm never too confident despite studying. Do universities still accept students who don't have an amazing math mark? Like a 4 or 5, for example. Also, for people who have done the SL Math exam in previous years, how hard was it? Thanks!
  24. So I have to pick my courses by this Friday, so far I have decided to take French, and Chemistry SL For my HLs I'm taking English, psychology for sure. I want to take math SL but I can't decide between math studies, SL applied calc or SL APAB Calc the teachers for calc aren't good and I don't like my current Precalc teacher or the subject but I'm pulling As and Bs and math studies would be easy. For my final HL I can't decide between Bio, in 9th grade my bio teacher was horrible so I don't know if I like biology or not ;( or ITGS which is an easy A but I hold little interest in. I'm thinking about majoring in criminology, psychology, or some form of forensics perhaps. Opinions? Please and thank you!!!
  25. I have a couple questions about SL math... so, I'm currently in the course and just got our first IA back and um...kinda failed it..but this was our teacher's mark, so is it going to change? I mean, it still needs to get moderated, right? I'm so confused on this whole process :$ Also, if I get a 7 on the exam, what is the minimum /40 score required to get atleast a level 6 for the course? Thanks
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