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Found 7 results

  1. I´m not a strong math student so I´m trying to study a bit over the summer before going back to school in the fall. I´m going to take Grade 12 SL math and was wondering what units they cover in that course (or what topics I should be looking at when I study). Also, would anyone have any math websites or youtube channels that they found helpful when studying? Thanks
  2. So I currently take HL Biology HL Economics HL Math SL Chinese B SL English Lit SL Visual Arts Semester reports came out recently and i ended up with a 6 in bio, 7 in Econ, 4 in math, 6 in Chinese, 5 in english, and a 6 in art. I also participate in a crazy amount of after school activities and face a LARGE amount of stress from my math class. As far as college, I plan on applying to highly competitive schools (UC Berkeley, Stanford, UChicago...) I currently have a low 4 in my HL math class and I know it's only going to go down from there. The only thing discouraging me from dropping math' classes is the fact that colleges will see that I dropped to an "easier" math class and will see me as a quitter or unintelligent. Which weighs more, me getting a higher grade in an "easier" class and my mental health or the possibility of getting rejected for dropping classes?
  3. ALO


    Hello to all, Okay...so I have chosen a math IA topic after finding out that my previous topic was a bit too complex and it was out of the syllabus. But, now for this new topic, I'm stuck with this one part. I have attached a file that has a picture as to what I'm talking about. Its basically a model for a blood vessel. Now I want to write and equation for the total energy loss which could be modeled by E = E1 + E2 = kl1/r14 + kl2/r24. However when I try solving for l1 and l2 in terms of θ, and then substituting it within the equation, I end up with a quite odd looking function, which I can't graph. I think I'm doing something wrong but I just don't get what it is. The equations I am getting for l1 and l2 in terms of θ, are: - l2 = 20/sinθ or 20 - l1/cos θ - l1 = - l2 (cos θ) + 20 or 20 - 20(tanθ)/tanθ Oh and the values I used for the variables are: a = 20mm (2cm), b = 20mm (2cm), r1=6mm, r2= 2mm
  4. Hey guys! I'm currently taking these subjects for IB. HL Bio LangLit Visual arts SL Math Economics French Will my subject combinations be too rigorous, and will I have a lot of work? I'd also like to score at least 40 points in my exams. I'vs still got time to change them though, so please let me know!
  5. Hello I was wondering if anybody could help me come up with a topic for my math exploration. Ive been trying to think of one for a few days now, and theres just no way I can. I need one desperately right now. Im interested with doing anything with probability, expectation or statistics, from a math point of view, and from a topic point of view I was thinking either sports, or cards, or lottery. If anyone could help me it would be really greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot Luka
  6. as you all might know, the Internal Assessment (IA) for SL Math has changed this year because of the new curriculum. Now we have to find a topic ourselves, and investigate it [ t(-_-t) to IB ]. But I am stuck with no topic right now and im in desperate need for some suggestions. some suggestions my teacher made were trying to investigate things with relationships. Like maybe traffic vs. construction or reaction time vs. time of day. but these have already been taken. So i desperately need suggestions for some topics. please help. )':
  7. Today I was just wondering about how the IB marks math exams. So, lets say on a question, you completely mess up the numbers because you read the question wrong, but the steps you did with those numbers are the correct ones. Your end answer is 100% wrong but using your method you get an answer. Does this account for method marks, misread or what? Also, if you do get method marks, are you still able to recieve full marks on a question or just a few? Thanks in advance
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