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Found 13 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Bengali P1 SL May 2001.pdf
  2. Has anyone heard of Kurdish language? I have Kurdish language as my first language, and I'm in Sweden now. So I'll be studying Kurdish as self-taught. Have you ever heard of a student with Kurdish self-taught? any help about the exams, books, the structure of studying... ANYTHING? Thanks for helping
  3. Hi guys, I am slightly worried about Norwegian Self Taught literature. I am decent enough at Norwegian, however I do not know whether or not I should hire a tutor to get practice in literature. I am worried that this grade will go very bad, as it is now because I have no experience with the marking of these papers. The only thing I do know however is that the tachers are supposed to be more lenient when it comes to the marking and grading. Anyone here who has had exams in a self-taught course? Which grade did you get?
  4. Hi all. I really want to switch to computer science HL (i take SL) and drop my physics hl because I am afraid it is too hard for me. I am in my first year of IB, my subjects are English A SL, Arabic B HL, ITGS HL, Physics HL, Computer science SL, Math studies SL. The problem is my school does not teach computer science HL (only sl) so I have to teach myself and I am kind of struggling with it. I scored an A- for computer science and a C+ for physics in my first term exams. How can I plan out lessons? Where can I study from? Are there online courses I can take or something? Any extra tips?
  5. Hello. I have a few questions I would like to ask about my upcoming IOC and IOP in late March. I asked these questions to my teacher but she didn't seem 100% sure. 1. Can we bring as many notes as we want into the PREPARATION room, but only take in 1 A4 paper into the RECORDING room? 2. How many notes can we bring in for our IOP? 3. Is it okay if our IOC is relatively short, even 5 minutes long? (I don't aim to get a 7 in self taught, I just want to pass, but I am really worried about this because when practicing with my extracts I could only get to 5 minutes on most of them, will this be enough to pass?) 4. What happens if you simply read off your notes? (I know this is not allowed but I just wanted to know just how much it affects your grade, is it an automatic 0?) Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I would like to know, I am self studying my Language A literature, what is the actual course work that has to be handed in to the IBO? Thank you.
  7. Do students who are doing a self taught Language A get special considerations when their work is being marked? Or is their work marked the same as 'normal' standard level students? Thank you
  8. I have a question guys, I am currently taking Chinese A: Literature SL in Canada but I'm not sure for the oral exam if i can use Cantonese or mandarin? My mother tongue is Cantonese so if i can, that would be helpful. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there are any people in this website that are going to take, are currently taking, or have finished the Math HL online course through Pamoja Education. If there are any of you that are currently taking it or have already taken it, please share your experience! Is the course harder than the usual classroom course? How do we get marked (Online tests?)? I just want to know the experience that anyone of you guys have concerning this online course! Thanks!!
  10. I am from China and I live in Estonia. I lived in Finland for 12 years and could take Finnish B (though I didn't pay as much attention to Finnish as I should've), but I am much more fluent in Chinese than Finnish because both of my parents are Chinese and speak to me in Chinese, but I am really terrible at writing in Chinese. Should I take Chinese A or Finnish B?
  11. Hi, I just started IB last week. These are my courses that i'm taking: HL Physics Econ Film SL English Lang & Lit Spanish B Math I'm facing a dilemma choosing between English Lang & Lit A and Self-Taught A1 (Thai). I'm study in China so I can take either English or Thai both in SL for language A. I'm ok with both Thai and English literatures (except for english poems...). But English is my second language and taking English A1 might reduce my overall score (._.). If I choose to take Self Taught course then I will change Spanish B SL to English B HL. I'm planning to study engineering program in Thailand or United States. So whether i'm English A1 or English B, I still need to take either SAT, IETLS or TOELF to get into the university right? I'm also concern about English B if I take English B HL, the chances to get into aboard universities besides Thailand will be lower right? ._. Anyway, should I take Thai or English as a language A. Thank you!
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice and suggestions of whether or not I should take IB HL math or not. First of all, these are the courses that I am deciding to take for my first year of IB: HL French (I am an immersion student so it's mandatory) Chemistry Biology Math SL English Geography Okay so I have many questions concerning Math HL. From reading other forums of this topics I know that it's one of the hardest subjects to take in IB and it's also hard to get a 7. In this semester, (2nd sem. of grade 10) I am taking a pre-ib course (Functions - MCR 3UB) and I find it easy (I am getting a 99-100%). And the only reason that I am considering to take this course is the fact that I was recommended to take this course since I am a very independant learner and I have a great passion for maths. However, if I were to take this course, I would have to self teach myself through a website called pamojaeducation.com because there are not enough students to create an HL math class. Anyways, these are the questions that I would like to ask to you guys: How hard will it be for a student that is very good at using computers, has a passion for maths, and is an independant learner?How would the work load be for me since I have to self teach this course WITH also 4 HL courses?I am planning to study medicine at uni so would there be any advantages of taking this course? Is it necessary?If I were to take this course, are there other resources that I may be able to use to help me with this course?I hope to hear from you guys! Thanks!
  13. I need suggestions for topics that I could use to write a World Lit about Romeo and Juliet ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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