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Found 23 results

  1. Hi. I am trying to do a EE about the economic effects that sports teams in California have on the state. Is my topic too broad? What economics concepts could I use other than taxation?
  2. Hi! I'm starting the IB this August and I am wondering what is is like. Is it true that you won't really have a social life? I'm also doing sports 4 times a week and I'm wondering whether I can still keep that up, or if I have to drop it. Also, I was wondering what CAS is and how you would go about and complete it. I'm completely new to all of this and I know practically nothing. I'm taking these subjects: English Lang Lit HL Chemistry HL Film HL Psych SL Chinese B SL Maths SL If anyone has any experience in those subjects please let me know what they are like! Thank you so much in advance.
  3. Im planning to do a SEHS EE next month, so i need some ideas. im very interested in topics related to track and field, but im not really good at choosing topics, so plzzzzzz i need some ideas Quote
  4. Hello, I've been struggling to find a topic to write about, but I know that I want it to be in the SEHS field. After thinking about it, I had an idea to do "An Analysis on the Statistical Development of NFL WR's" (title not locked). I was wondering if anybody had ever done something similar, and if anybody had any opinions or relevant data. Thank you in advance.
  5. This fall I'm entering the pre-IB program, and even though college isn't for a while, I like to plan ahead. I currently play a sport but I don't want to do it competitively in high school because of the time requirements - I'd basically have no free time for other activities between IB and a year-round sport. I was wondering whether or not colleges actually care about clubs. Two clubs I want to get involved in are photography and science club. I'll still do the sport recreationally (great CAS hours), I just won't compete or dedicate my life to it. I know here in America sports are everything to a lot of people, and especially to a lot of colleges, so I feel as though not playing the sport competitively will knock me out of the running for any sort of college scholarship. My grades have always been exceptionally high, but I've heard nowadays that's not enough for colleges and universities. I'm hoping that being in IB, in a few clubs, and still playing a recreational sport will help me, but I'm not sure. Thanks to all who answer!
  6. Hey guys, so I was wondering... Are/Were any of you people in clubs, sports, or on any sort of teams in or outside of school during your IB years? Of course, you're also free to talk about what you're in now, but the main topic is really about your pre-IB and IB years. I'm not in school yet, but I've been considering several different clubs and teams. My school has a wrestling team, which I think would be fun, though I'm not the strongest so I'm a little unsure of if I should join... I'm taking Advanced Japanese for the next two years, so I could participate in the Japanese Club, which instead of teaching you more of the language focuses around the various cultural differences and traditions in Japan... Seems like fun... Oh, or maybe I should join the GSA? I'm not too into that idea, but it'd be fun knowing who else is transgender at my school... For those of you who don't know, GSA usually stands for "Gay Straight Alliance", but at my school they've changed it to "Gender Sexuality Alliance". X_X Anyway, that's just one of the many possibilities for me. So... What about you guys?
  7. Hi guys, I am starting to revise and I'm looking for past papers to practice. As SEHS is a relatively new subject I can't find any past papers or anything to help me... Do you guys know where can I find past papers?? Thank you!!
  8. Currently, I am a sophomore playing high school soccer, as well as club soccer. I plan on doing full IB, but I am unsure of whether or not to continue to play soccer. At my school, the soccer program is very competitive and is one of the best in California. I want to continue to play soccer so that I can say that I have done an extra-curricular for four years on my college application, however I do not want soccer to affect my GPA. High school and club soccer requires much practice (as does any sport) and I feel that I won't receive the best GPA possible as if I was not playing soccer. When applying to colleges, is it better to have a higher GPA and not play soccer, or is it better to continue playing soccer and have a lower GPA. I am aiming for colleges, such as UCLA, Berkeley, UPenn, etc. Thanks for all your help!
  9. Hey Guys, I was thinking about taking about sports and how it helped me to change my knowledge about conflicts and become a more understanding person looking for peace in the Middle East using sports. My question was "To what extent does sports shape our knowledge/personality?". My home teacher said I need to improve it but not sure how. Help please? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I'm just new to this website and decided to try and get some expert help (you guys). So, I was thinking of doing my ee under the theme of sports, exercise and health science. I'm going in the direction of results and consequences of sports injuries. Along the lines of therapy and psychological effect. Since this spectrum is quite broad I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how I could narrow it down? If someone could possibly throw out a few a few directions I could go (title focus etc.) that'd be much appreciated!! Thanks! Annelise328
  11. Hi! I'm just new to this website and decided to try and get some expert help (you guys). So, I was thinking of doing my ee under the theme of sports, exercise and health science. I'm going in the direction of results and consequences of sports injuries. Along the lines of therapy and psychological effect. Since this spectrum is quite broad I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how I could narrow it down? If someone could possibly throw out a few a few directions I could go (title focus etc.) that'd be much appreciated!! Thanks! Annelise328
  12. Version PDF


    Hi Guys! Here is a template so you can write your CAS activity descriptions on managebac easier, better and faster! Hope this helps!
  13. Hi! I'm having some trouble thinking of some decent arguments for my research question... My topic is psychology and my subtopic (?) is sports psychology. So far, my research question is, "How do sport psychology methods prevent choking and improve athletic performance in competitive sport?" (I realize its somewhat broad but, personally, I'm not aiming for any 3s here ) I'm trying to work through it systematically, and as of now I've got some questions for myself to answer, which are: - (the more obvious questions of) What factors affect sport performance? What is sports psychology? - What causes "choking"? - What are the sports psychology methods used to prevent choking and improve performance in competitive sport? - What areas do these methods target/address? (- What factors contribute to lowering sport performance?) I'd also like to throw in some stuff about how stress and anxiety work and hopefully that'll be more psych-course related, but I'm having difficulty thinking of specifically some arguments I could use... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello, My extended essay first draft is due in 5 days and I have yet to formulate my topic or research question and have not even met with my advisor. I want to do a topic on the economics of the Brazil World Cup and World Cups of the past and determine whether or not hosting a world cup is economically and/or socially beneficial. The trouble, however, is that my school does not offer Economics so: 1. I don't have any knowledge, other than prior and recent research, and 2. I don't have access to a teacher I can ask questions to. So I fear that I won't be able to successfully analyse the World Cup in relation to Economics which would lead to a poor EE score. Any ideas on the aforementioned topic or ANY ideas on another topic would be highly appreciated. My current IB classes are: `1. English Lit. HL 2. Business and Management HL 3. History HL 4. Spanish B HL 5. Biology SL 6. Math SL
  15. I want to do my Extended Essay on the bio mechanics of the throws in Judo, that being said I have no experience in Judo or any Martial Art and I'm not that good at physics. Is there any way around making my idea into a physics experiment. If that idea doesn't work I think I want to do something on: spread of foreign martial arts in America during Bruce Lee's timespread of foreign martial arts in America after the UFC 2000'swhy some nations/cultures developed grappling martial arts while others developed striking martial arts
  16. Quick Question: What subject area would sports biomechanics be under SEHS(sports, exercise and health science), Physics, or Biology?
  17. 21 downloads

    Hi everybody, My SEHS teacer had made the checklist for IA from the SEHS book, just in a modified and clearer version. I hope you find it useful.
  18. I would like to get a new sports forum posted... I am personally interested in American football, baseball, and golf. Let's get this thread hot so that we can get a new forum together. What do you guys think about the World Cup pools? Any thoughts on early contenders? I have my eye on Argentina and Germany
  19. What would you guys think about a sports forum for us to discuss anything and everything within the realm of sports? I know that most of us do want to keep the roots of this website intact, so we keep conversations within the IB. However, I find it difficult to discuss sports with people! Either the only people who know anything about sports are idiots, or the only non-idiots know nothing about sports. I don't know about you, but I need some educated sports discussion in my life Opinons?
  20. Hey all! So I attended a talk with some college counsellors yesterday and while this lecture really stuck to US University applications, they really emphasised the importance of a balanced profile between academics, ECs and sports. I have the academics and ECs down and I used to be in the school handball team until last year, but I took a step back since I have so much other stuff going on now that I'm in the IB. I mean I run and exercise to keep fit but that's obvi not like being in a team sport. Can my Indian classical dance training count as an equivalent to a Sport? It definitely takes up a lot of energy and time and stamina! Please let me know because I can always rejoin a sports team at school in IB2 if it's like super impactful on my chances at a top uni in the UK. Thanks a lot! IDOLS
  21. Any help would be appreciated! I have some questions regarding extra-curricular activities in applying to top UK universities: 1) Is is true that UK universities will only care about extra-curricular activities related to the subject in which you are applying to? Does this include work experience? 2) If I am applying for an arts subject, would admissions care about leadership roles such as student council president, head boy etc? 3) Does it matter if I happen to be excellent at a sport? Would it improve my chances of receiving an offer if I am part of a sports team? Or a sport which I am excellent at in which I intend to pursue at the university (not talking about a scholarship)? I do plenty of sports right now and I am considering cutting back the time I spend on them for academics, wise?
  22. Guest

    What football team do you support?

    Hello, I'm new here so I don't know if this question has beed asked already but I'm curious on what team people support here? I'm a girl but I absoultely love football. I'm Turkish so my favourite Turkish football team is Galatasaray. Other than that I support Liverpool and Barcelona. How about you?
  23. I am just beginning my internal assessment assignment for my Math Studies class. We chose topics last week, and I chose to determine whether there is a relationship between gender and which sport they prefer to watch. Is this a good topic? bad topic? thank you!
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