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Found 26 results

  1. Here are some of the exam-style questions I have adapted from questions used in previous exams so that my students have something new to practise with even if they have already done the past paper they were inspired by. I hope they help in giving you more practice before the exam. Good luck. http://bit.ly/IB_SL
  2. Giulia

    Biology IA

    Hello, I'm in the process of choosing my IA question, I do biology standard level and was wondering if this topic fits in the syllabus for sl: What is the effect of soil moisture on the length of ribwort plantain leaves? Thank you
  3. I made a mistake and conformed myself with Math Studies in 10th and 11th grade (my current year) but just now I am noticing that many universities require SL, or simply don’t accept Studies. Would it be wise to change to SL next year (Senior year) if possible or should I just stay in Studies? I get 100’s on Studies, but I feel like the gap between Studies and Standard is immense. I’m planning on doing mechanical engineer (which yes I feel like I can take) or computer science, two courses / majors which require a minimum of SL. Is there any other alternative (other than VHS) that could allow me to enter top universities with Studies? Extra: I’m doing well on every other subject, so I feel like Math is the only thing bringing me down from achieving my dream university.
  4. ok so like on the IB SL chem exam if i get a 7 on paper 1 and like a 1 on paper 2 and like i do ok on my IA, what will my final mark out of 7 be??? my school is doing a mock ib exam to help us prepare and we just did paper 1 today and I think I did well on it so like im just trying to see how hard I need to study for paper 2 pLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!! thank u
  5. Hey, guys. I have just started my IBDP and these are my current subjects: HL: Chemistry, Biology, English SL: Psychology, French, Maths I was initially okay with taking Maths SL but now that the school year has officially begun, it's kind of intimidating me. I'm not horrible at Math, but I'm not super comfortable with it either. I'd have no problem taking it but I'm afraid it might lower my score. I was wondering if taking Mathematical Studies instead would cause a problem? I'm planning to go for Medicine, most likely in the US, or Canada. I just don't want to take any chances and risk dropping my score just because of a confusion. I've asked various people and counsellors and they told me that Maths SL/HL isn't necessary for medical schools and that Studies would suffice. I know it will make my application less competitive but I really don't want to end up with a low IB score and just lose both ways if I can prevent it. Would most universities mind if I take up Studies instead of SL? Thank you!
  6. I've tried the spreadsheet method but the standard deviation doesnt seem to be correct? Or maybe I've done it wrong. Could someone please explain how to get the standard deviation on TI NSPIRE?
  7. I am an IB student in Denmark and I am currently planning on applying to universities in Scotland and Ireland I want to know if Math studies is generally looked down upon, even if you are applying to the humanities/social sciences I am planning to apply to either English lit. or History courses at Edinburgh uni, St. Andrews uni, University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, Aberdeen uni and Trinity college Dublin Will universities prefer Math SL students even if they have a lower grade?? (it's likely that I will achieve a 7 in Math Studies) Thanks
  8. I am about to enroll the IB DP programme by the end of summer. I am a little concerned about my subject combination for being too rigorous. I am up for a challenge, yet a bearable one. In the future, I would like to study at uni in the US. However, I am not sure in what area I may want to study in. But I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance and/or environmental sciences. (Hence why I have both Econ and Bio at HL). Overall, I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on what you think about my subject combination. Is it reasonable considering my future plans? Also, as English is my second language, would you suggest me to do B or A2 at HL. Note that I will be having Swedish A2 SL as well. But please leave some thoughts based on experience regarding English B and A2 at HL. I am not that much into literature, to be honest I hardly ever read. But with the right mindset I could still be willing to learn the "literature" part, I just don't want to struggle too much with it since English (language-wise) has otherwise (so far) been a strong subject of mine. Could it in general make it easier to have 2 subjects in A2, since the structure may be similar, or is it easier to just have one A2 and the other one as B HL as the workload perhaps becomes less (?). Subject combination: English B / A2 HL Economics HL Biology HL Math SL Swedish A2 SL Physics SL Also, what topic did you write your EE on? Simply curious as I have no idea what EE's are all about. Oh and btw, is it possible to write your EE on a combination of two subjects? Thanks a lot!!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm going to be signing up for my courses in a few days for the Grade 9, Pre-I.B French Immersion Program and I've been debating taking standard level math or advanced. Math is not my best subject, and I'm not very confident with my math skills, but I think with a LOT of time and effort, I can make it through advanced. I do feel advanced might be a big push for me though, considering how math is not one of strongest subjects. I've also heard it's better to start in the advanced program rather then try to jump into it in grade 10 or 11... is this true? I was wondering if someone could help me make my decision by giving me an idea of what each program is like (and maybe a pros and cons list for each one?) Thank you so much!!!!!!! - Girl Online
  10. What I'm trying to ask is pretty obvious from the title, but I still want to know. I'm doing the DP next year and I want to know how much math is involved in Chemistry HL. I'm decent at math, this year I'm getting 80% in math so far. I have two options for next year, I can do Chemistry HL and SEHS SL or Biology HL and Chemistry SL. I want to do something in the medical field in the future and I just need some advice. So how much math is involved
  11. Hi there! Are we meant to be using the population or the sample standard deviation, or both? My maths teacher taught us both, but didn't make it clear which to use, and it never seems to be specified in exam papers. Thank you!
  12. Hello dear friends; I'm so confused about maths. Honestly, I'm not good at maths, I don't love it tho. I want to be an editor/journalist/director in the future. I'll choose one of them soon but what should I do with maths? My teacher said you can take Maths HL because your all friends will take Maths HL. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  13. Okay guys so I'm supposed to be handing in my first Math standard level internal assessment draft by the 15th of December but i can't seem to find a good topic yet..any suggestions?
  14. lailanasr97

    Maths SL IA

    I've started working on my maths IA.. I'm doing mine on the relationship between reaction time and time of day. My teacher said I can involve calculus into this but he won't tell me how.. any ideas? Also, any other aspects of maths that could be explored in this topic?? any help is much appreciated
  15. Hi guys Today is my 3rd day of the IB diploma. I'm doing HL Bio, chem and econ and I am doing SL English, French and maths studies. I feel as though I'm struggling already and although I'm trying really hard to grasp things some subjects such as biology Im finding really complex and hard (we are doing biological molecules currently). Also there seems to be a lot of content to learn and my biology teacher goes through things really fast and Im finding it hard to keep up. At (I)GCSE I got 9A*s and 2As but I find this really hard. To anyone who does biology find bio molecules a hard topic and one of the hardest in the syllabus or not? I really hope I can do well in the IB diploma but am worrying about all the complex new theories and definitions. Does it get easier over time and does everyone struggle at first?? Thanks for your time
  16. I need to make my course selection really soon and I do not know what I should pick... So far, I have decided on some of my potential subjects, but I need your help to make my final decision. The subjects I am considering are: - English A Language and Literature (SL) - Japanese A Language and Literature (SL/HL) - Math (SL) - Biology (HL) - Chemistry (SL/HL) - Geography (HL) Please Help me! Anything from your experience would be really really helpful.
  17. hi guys, I really need some advice here! I know nothing about the IB diploma except that you need at least 3 HL courses! So far I have put together the following potential schedule: HL economics HL history HL english lit HL Bio SL Mandarin SL Math Are these courses too rigorous to take at the same time? I know some of the ones I'm considering, like IB mandarin, are pretty big jumps from the courses I'm currently taking... But I have no idea what they're like. Help me out, I'm new! Thanks
  18. Joey Lackman

    Math IA

    I'm starting off writing my Math IA, and I don't completely understand exactly what the point of it is. I'm pretty sure I want to write it about basketball- possibly the correlation between field goal percentage and where on the court the basketball is shot. I don't understand how I'm supposed to develop this into a full fledged essay though? Any help would be much appreciated..Thanks!
  19. I'm at SL and my option is Abnormal psychology. I realized by seeing other past papers that exam questions tend to ix 2 objectives or take a part of one. Everything is related. My exam is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. I have started studying by looking at the etiologies and treatments of an afective disorder and an anxiety disorder by just reading because I don't have time to make notes (it's already 9:25 p.m. I find this option veeeeryyy large and with everyting related it's kind of confusing. Can someone help on how to study well this option please?!?!?!? Thankss
  20. Im trying to find a topic for maths SL for the coursework/internal assessment, i was thinking about doing it on the mathematics behind beauty, and we perceive as nice and beautiful to our eyes is a result of the golden ratio, symmetry, and how matter is constructed in relation to the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence etc. But i'm not sure how many words the assessment is. Does anyone know?
  21. I am currently forecasting for my classes next year, and I am having difficulty deciding whether or not I should I take IB Chemistry SL, due to fear of it being incredibly difficult. From upperclassmen, I have heard stories of grueling study hours and extremely rigorous exams. To place this fear into perspective, I would consider myself to be a scientifically/mathematically inclined student. I will also be taking either IB Math SL or HL. Thoughts? Opinions?
  22. So what do you guys think? I found it harder than usual and very tricky mostly, but overall not as good as expected. Last part of last question was pretty diffecult although i got the gradient 1/3.
  23. Hey guys, I studied maths Standard for a year and now I have to decide whether or not to go down to studies. I want to study business at uni. Some courses require Standard maths, others don't. I got a 5 in my end of year exam and I put an average amount of effort in it. I am confident that I could easily get a 7 in studies. What do you guys think I should do? Is it better to have a 5 in standard or a 7 in studies? Thank youuuu
  24. Hello I'm in IB1 and I have want make my standard level chemistry higher. I already have 3 high levels (physics, math, english B) but I don't think universities in the us/uk value this subject very much and I thought I'd take chemistry HL to compensate for that. My 1st term score was 38/42 and I want to raise it or at least keep it the same. Is that possible if I take HL chemistry?
  25. I'm currently trying to choose what subjects to take for Y12 (first year of diploma) next year, and I'm stuck between a few! Higher Level: -English Language and Literature -Geography -Film/Visual Arts Standard: -Chinese -Biology or ESS -Math Studies (maybe standard..) See? I'm having a hard time choosing. I would do standard economics, but it would mean that I can't do HL arts, as thats the rules for my school. Plus, I'm sure I need to be real good at math to do economics well. I was also thinking, if I did ESS, would American universities still be accepting me? Cuz it's not really a 'lab' science. I would do biology but I'm not the best at it even if I kind of enjoy it. Also, would doing math standard be more accepted than math studies? I'm not sure if American universities look at the grades or more at the subject selection and decide :/ Help!
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