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Found 5 results

  1. I am planning to examine the effectiveness of sunscreen in aquatic biota but I am stuck on how to do the experiment and make it quantifiable. I know that using spectrometer will help this experiment, but I do not know how to test the effectiveness of sunscreen in water condition. If you have some idea, please let me know! Thanks.
  2. So I'm a student in MYP5 and I have only 2-3months left until end of MYP5 meaning, that I'm a DP student this year September. I have to choose my IB/ DP subjects that I will do next year until end of this month. I had a lot of pressure and stress on which subjects I should do next year, however; now I know what studies that I would like to study in uni. I'd like to study GRAPHIC DESIGNING in uni. The problem is I do not know what subjects I need or is obligatory for this study. The subjects I have chosen till now is: Group1: English A (HL) Group2: Spanish B (SL) Group 3: Psychology (HL) Group 4: Biology (SL) Group 5: Math (SL) Group 6: Visual Arts (HL) The only thing I'm worried is that if I should change psychology into economics, and also Biology to physics. Is economics and physics more helpful? And btw for my personal project, I've done "Photography exhibition", will this help as well in thefuture or for the portofolio? Lastley, our school do not have the subject "design technology." Is it ok if I won't have a diploma from this subject? PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND!!!
  3. SuperChickenRun

    Chemistry IA Help please :(

    I was just wondering if someone was able to help me regarding my chem ia for this year because I'm really struggling and the teacher wants them in!! So basically, we began with him giving us different methods that we could choose from, and I chose "determining the total calcium and magnesium ion concentration of Milk" and I've found this for five types of milk, using titration. How could I use the information that I have to make this into an investigation, i.e.. "How does x affect/determine y?" Please help me, I am really struggling and this is taking up so much time that I could be using on all my other IAs!!
  4. Hey!! I have to write an essay on the question: "Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural science" Could you help me with ideas for a 1. Knowledge question 2. Knowledge claim 3. Few AOK Claims Thanks
  5. UK IB


    Hi guys Today is my 3rd day of the IB diploma. I'm doing HL Bio, chem and econ and I am doing SL English, French and maths studies. I feel as though I'm struggling already and although I'm trying really hard to grasp things some subjects such as biology Im finding really complex and hard (we are doing biological molecules currently). Also there seems to be a lot of content to learn and my biology teacher goes through things really fast and Im finding it hard to keep up. At (I)GCSE I got 9A*s and 2As but I find this really hard. To anyone who does biology find bio molecules a hard topic and one of the hardest in the syllabus or not? I really hope I can do well in the IB diploma but am worrying about all the complex new theories and definitions. Does it get easier over time and does everyone struggle at first?? Thanks for your time

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