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Found 4 results

  1. hi, so I have just finished IGCSE and in August I will be going to IB. I want to go into the medical field and the university advice team of my school suggested that I take HL bio, Chen, n math, as the completion level for medicine is high. The problem is I am not very sure about HL math as I only took IGCSE math. Another thing that is bothering me is that I NEED a scholarship to get into a university. I wanted to know if HL math would be a must for the scholarship n for medicine? I also wanted some suggestion for the universities that I should apply at as I want to begin my research asap, I want to go to the UK but it all depends on the scholarship, if I get one in the USA I will be more than willing to go. about my academics; I am an above average student. For example for IGCSE (school tests) I mostly got As n Bs but I had Cs in the languages (eng Lang, eng lit, French) as they are my weakness. I really really need the advise as I feel kinda lost.
  2. My school just started the EE process, and I need help deciding between World Studies and Film Studies. I was wanting to do something with the Cold War and the use of film in propaganda.
  3. HI FRIENDS! So I am about to start grade 11 very soon and I am considering pursuing law in university. However, I'm unsure of what IB subjects to take that are related to law since most of the universities only specify A-level subjects, not IB ones Also as a side note: I am also very interested in pursuing business management in university but my math skills are VERY VERY weak and I'm probably taking Math Studies next year (recommended by my teacher). Will that be a problem when I'm applying to good universities for business? THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS ALSO p.s. is taking two history's (American History, and Ancient Civilizations) a good idea for Grade 10? or should I stick to one history and one geography?
  4. Ok, so I'm really close to making my final decision on subjects. I just need you guys to check it out and see if it sounds best for me, alright? As of now, here's my ideal combination: English Literature HL French B SL Geography HL Biology HL Mathematics SL Theatre Arts SL At college level, I'm mostly interested in doing a biology major (with a focus on genetics, I enjoy studying it immensely) and a minor related to the environment and conservationism. I love reading, writing, and literature so I decided on the English HL based on that. There are a few changes I'm considering though, and I'd like you guys to comment on whether it sounds better or not. . 1) Replace Theatre with Chemistry. While I love the broad curriculum the IB offers, I think maybe taking Chemistry would help me more in terms of college admissions. It'd definitely be more related to what I'll be learning in Biology than theatre. The only reason I haven't switched it is because I'm not sure exactly how much more advantageous it would be, I guess. I personally just love the opportunity to take an Art subject, haha! If I do change it though, I'd probably take it at HL as well. Is there any benefit to having it at standard level? 2) Take Mathematics at HL I heard Mathematics HL is pretty tough! I'm pretty sure it's not expected of me to have it but would it benefit me compared to my other options. . If I change just one, I'll drop Lit to SL. Both and then I guess Geography will go down. Depends on whether I take both sciences at HL or not. I'm wondering if that's best, considering my interest in say, environmental studies haha. Alright, so what do you guys think I should do?

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