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Found 17 results

  1. IBsurvivor2015May

    Physics SL

    How did it go for the Tz2 paper Physics guys? I was unsure about quite a few in paper 1 but I think paper 2 was easier. Some paper 1 questions were so different from past papers or is it only me??
  2. HELLO Does anyone have a copy of the may 2013 Chemistry Hl exam with the mark scheme ? (both TZ1 and TZ2) Please I really need it ! Thank you
  3. jo-david

    Chemistry P1, P2 TZ1

    How did everyone's papers go? Paper one was at the expected level of difficulty, or a bit easier than past papers. I noticed some twists they tried to put in, in order to increase the distinguishing factor (is that even how its called idk) On the other hand, paper two was TERRIBLE. I gotta admit, I didn't prepare well for Chemistry in general, and i only skimmed through one past paper 2 just to look at its structure, so yes I wasn't prepared. But oh. my.god. I'd be lucky if I got 50% out of it. Was it just me not studying enough, or was this paper hard in general?
  4. So for the deer question, they said that t=1 for Jan 1st 2014 and t was in months. I assumed that t was in days (didn't read the question properly) so I counted ALL the way till May 1st 2014 and I got 121 days. My steps were right and I would have gotten the right answer if I used t=5 instead of using t=121. Will IB give me Error Carried Forward or will I lose 8 marks? :/
  5. plshelpme123

    IB Math HL paper 2 TZ1

    What did you guys think about paper 2?? So many probability questions! Lets discuss some answers!
  6. jo-david

    Math HL TZ1 Paper 1

    How did you guys think about the paper? I found the difficulty of the questions fairly doable except maybe a couple of them. But I had a trouble with managing time properly, so I ended up not answering to almost 25 marks. I'm confident about other 95 marks that I answered, though. :/
  7. Hey! How did you guys find the HL paper 1 and 2 from TZ1? I thought paper 1 was pretty good and paper two was alright as well! I did questions 6 and 9, anyone else do those?
  8. Hi everyone, Was anyone able to do #10 on Paper 2?
  9. Queens&Lionheart

    Biology HL Paper 3 TZ1

    Greetings and salutations to everyone! Your impressions on Biology HL paper 3, time zone 1? I did the evolution option which I found to be a bit hard and the further human physiology which was quite easy
  10. How did you find the exam ? Paper 1 was easy, but there were two strange questions ... The one in the definition of Avogado´s number was really weird and there was one about hydrogen bonding which was mistyped (the dipole-dipole option) Anyways ... Paper 2 was also easy ... In part B I chose the question on energetics and equilibrum ... I think I got 620 or something like that for the first part of the question .... In part A, I couldn´t manage to calculate the molar mass of the acid. And the question about electricity applied to sodium and sodium chloride was really weird (did they asked for the chemical reaction when electricity is applied to sodium and to sodium chloride or the effect of applying electricity on the different particles ?). And the question on the economic importance of the use of garvanic cells was also really weird. However, I felt I scored enough marks to get a 6 ... hopefully
  11. Bumblebee

    Math SL exam TZ1

    Well, Math is done! How did you find paper 1? Personally, I did NOT like it :| I messed up so badly on questions 9 and 10!
  12. TZ1 Brother and Sisters Unite! To be honest, I thought aced Paper 1. I do admit they had tricky questions and when reviewing over my answers I caught them, oh IB you suck. I think Paper 1 was my forte so that's why I thought I did so well. For Paper 2, I had a bit of trouble with this one question that talked about intensity... I looked through my text and realized that intensity was in my options. I don't know if that was taught in the core or not, can anyone else confirm? I also chose Question B2 because I thought I would be able to tackle that easily, I was so wrong haha.
  13. So, what did everyone think about the test... I thought it was relatively easy overall, but I always get hung up over the Data response questions in papers 2 and 3, not that it was difficult to understand but I'm never sure what they want in the answers. Options E and F were were so-so to me... probably should have revised a little more though...
  14. Hey guys, What do you think the grade boundaries will be for the IB Math SL exam for paper 1 and paper 2? What do you think the holistic scale will be for a 4 out of 100?
  15. 007imagine

    Mathematics SL Paper 2 TZ 1

    So how was it? I found it to be easier than P1. I blanked out on that Section B question with the triangle intersecting with the circle. I knew how to solve it but kept getting weird angle values. 0_0 So I just at least wrote down the formula for method marks.
  16. Smile44

    Math SL TZ1 2012 Exam

    Hey guys, what did you think of the Math SL TZ1 exam? I thought it was much harder than past exams, it honestly made me cry.
  17. nobrega

    Math SL paper 1 and paper 2 TZ1

    hey, i just wanted to know what you guys thought of the exam for people in TZ1, i know we cannot discuss about paper 2, but i found paper 1 rather easy, there was some confusion about number 10, but i got t=5pi/6

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