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Found 4 results

  1. I really don't want to do it and I want to know the consequences if I don't.
  2. I am doing my Theatre Project next semester. Can anyone give me a break down on the project if I choose the Tech aspect.
  3. Hey guys! I've been a little stressed out lately because my Theatre HL teacher has been really pushing me to do more than I can handle. Because Theatre/Dance are after-school, non-diploma subjects for me, I tend to focus on them more out of interest and appreciation than anything else. It's not like I ignore these subjects. I wake up at 6AM, 6 days a week, and alternatively work on Theatre and Dance, whatever assignments I may have due or work to be done, etc. Recently, my Theatre HL teacher has started to push me really hard. There are a lot of components to the course and one of the important aspects is to experience the making of theatre from all roles: acting to directing to playwriting, etc. The way it works for Theatre HL students is that we rotate roles as a group. So the entire acting cast of the play last semester is now in a directing/writing role of some kind. I've so far been part of the Fall production of The Merchant of Venice. I've currently been helping tirelessly with our Spring musical. Yesterday, a Saturday, a day I usually reserve to catch up with any work/assignments I have left over from the week or for the week to come, was spent at school directing our set designers and art students. Before that, I spent all my free periods the past two weeks going through the script and helping my teacher re-book the whole musical with 'acceptable' cuts so that we don't offend anyone with the more graphic parts (We're doing Les Mis). I love theatre and I'm enjoying this, but my teacher has been pushing me to do more than my fair share. I'm part of a team of six other Assistant Directors, but none of them have even stepped into the theatre since the first read-through! How do I tell my teacher to back off a little bit and get the others involved because as much as I love doing this, I do have loads of other responsibilities and waaaaay more schoolwork than the others to keep up with. She even suggested I drop out of the MUN Club so that I could devote more time to the musical! I don't want to drop out of MUN! I really like it! I want to go to THIMUN next year and we only have 6-7 spots available on our contingent. I have to regularly contribute to MUN to win one of those spots! What do I say to her to ask her to: 1. Calm down? 2. Involve the other students? 3. Stop assuming I'm some kind of superwoman with endless time and energy? 4. Stop pressuring me to devote my life to the theatre? How do I do this politely because this particular teacher is very temperamental and I don't want to be relegated to supporting/extra roles for the remaining productions of my IB experience? Thanks guys! IDOLS PS: Sorry for the extra long message, I'm really stressed about this. It's tots been bringing me down because it's messing with my very detailed schedule that I generally stick to meticulously. If you get through the block of text and suggest something, I would be mad grateful!
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