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Found 61 results

  1. Heyy! I am a student who is currently in Y11 and is going to study the IB Diploma starting next year. I would like to study astrophysics or law in uni and here are my current option choices: HL Physics, Maths AA, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish, Chemistry The problem here is that I absolutely love theatre but equally love chemistry and so I cannot choose between the to. The majority of the universities I have looked at and even spoken to do not have chemistry as a requirement but a few recommend having two sciences instead on one. I am passionate about both subjects, get the same grades in both (around an A/A*) and don't have a requirement for them in the future and therefore I am stuck in a dilemma. I really want to be able to take both, but the pressure from 7 subjects would be overwhelming but if I decide to take Theatre instead of Chemistry, I would like to take it at HL instead and have 4 HL'S + 2 SL's. But, my school isn't allowing me to do so. I would really appreciate if you could help me out and suggest which subject I should take and why. Also, if possible, could you help me find a valid point to convince my school to let me take 4 HL subjects. Thanks!
  2. okay.. so I failed the ib because I was caught with plagiarism in my theatre arts portfolio and I also did not acheive minimum marks to pass.. I was accepted to a performing arts uni, and luckily i did not sign up for the ib to send my final results to my uni. I didnt care about getting my ib diploma, but now my school wants to withdraw my upper school (high school) diploma... so now I feel doomed.. and i kind of dont get why they want to withdraw my high school diploma, but i get it at the same time. what should i do? will my school notify (tell) my uni that i was accepted into? omg.. dying literally...
  3. So i sent off my directors notebook officially and i only just noticed that i didn't in text cite the lines from the play text that i used. I put all the quotes together and divided aganist my total word count and it makes 3 percent of the overall word count. I did however put the play text in my bibliography, will I be okay or should i be really scared?
  4. What does "moment" mean in Theatre RP?
  5. So, I am doing my EE on theatre and I had a few thesis statements however my supervisor has told me that they're too broad and I need to be more specific. My original statement was : - "How does audience participation affect the Rocky Horror Picture Show" (or something along those lines), however, this proved to be extremely difficult to find any information on. My second question was then : - "How has immersive theatre changed the face of modern-day theatre", (again worded differently) however this was said to be way too broad and difficult to write about under the word limit. I was then advised to choose a specific theatre practitioner and think of a thesis that I could write about for this. I was researching and I think that I find Antonin Artaud very interesting with the theatre of cruelty, however, I feel as if every question I create is miles too broad once again. Does anyone have any opinions, or ideas on how to modify one of my statements (or create one) that would be suitable? Thank you. :)
  6. Hey guys, Im in year 1 of the IB and we just got our notification for the Directors Notebook but only have 2 weeks to do the full 20 pages. This seems a bit short to me and I was just wondering how long others got?
  7. I need help. I am just about finished with my Director's Notebook for theatre but I don't know how to conclude it. Do I just leave it without a conclusion and end it with photocopies of the script I'm using? What do I do? The same goes for the Collaborative. How to do I conclude my process portfolio for that? I am confusion.
  8. I'm doing HL theatre, and I was wondering if anyone out there doing their solo project or done it has used Patsy Rodenburg as a theatre theorist. She has many books but I am having a lot of difficulty finding any aspect of her theory actually linked to theatre and I'm quite lost. HELP
  9. Hi everyone, In essence, I'm really having trouble coming up with a solid topic/research question for my EE. For world studies at my school, we have to do the language, culture, and identity topic, which narrows my choices, but I feel like the things I'm interested in wouldn't be evidence-based enough/have enough info for a 4,000 word essay. For example, at first I wanted to explore the evolution of French in Lebanon over the years (maybe specifically Beirut?), including the societal perceptions of it and potentially decreased usage in comparison to English. However, I was doing some preliminary research and I just don't know how I would get evidence to back up my claims/have things to write about. Plus, I don't know if it's broad enough to write on and am not sure how it would connect to a global issue. So then I moved to maybe doing something with theatre history, and became interested in the Soviet use of agitprop (basically propaganda in theatre form). But to do that, I think I would have to compare it to the same type of situation happening somewhere in the present, and after some research nothing really turned up. There's a lot on theatre being used to resist the government, but not so much the government using theatre to indoctrinate. So can anyone help me create a research question/better focus from these potential topics? Or even suggest new topics, I'm definitely open to suggestions! Thank you so much!
  10. Hi guys, So I'm starting to stress a little since I have to finish my EE proposal by tuesday and I'm yet unsure what topic/subject I should do it in. I know I'll be doing it in one of my HL subjects so therefore either English, Geography or Theatre however I haven't been able to decide which yet. Although we're often told to focus it on an area related to what we want to do in uni, I will be studying in spain where they don't take the topic of EE into consideration and therefore all that is valued is the points. Are there any subjects of those three that are perhaps easier to score higher in? Since I have recently been to an MUN conference abroad, I had to debate about topics of global importance and one of the issues in my comittee was "eradicating the practice of child marriage", I became highly intrigued by the issue of child marriage in different regions and thought that I could maybe orientate this towards geographical patterns and base my EE around this topic, however right now this is obviously extremely vague. Any suggestions on how I could link this topic more to geography in order to be able to use it for my extended essay? Thanks in advance, I'd be more than happy to take any advice or suggestions. Ellen xx
  11. Hello! I really need some help! I started I.B last thursday with the following subjects... HL: Theatre Business English B SL: Maths Biology Spanish A Business is a new subject for me and I have had four lessons so far of which I have hated all. The teacher who is doing the business course is new to the school and I really haven't liked her method of teaching at all. Nevertheless, business was such a big class that it was split into two, the one I'm in, with the new teacher, and the other one with a teacher I like and am familiar with. Here is my issue, I am not allowed to switch to the other business class, meaning that if I want to carry on with business I need to continue in my current class which I always dread going to. Of course, I also have the option of doing geography or history, and I'm leaning towards the history option at the moment. I'm just concerned that with the I.B I have I will struggle if I swap to History as its so content heavy! What do you think the best option is, business or history? Bear in mind I'm not sure what I want to study at university yet, but most likely something to do with Law or Psychology. My second question is, should I take French rather than Theatre? I have a true passion for drama, and my teacher sees a lot of potential in me. However, I know I won't end up studying anything theatre related, and a third language may benefit me more in the future...My parents insist that I take french, not only for the many benefits of being trilingual but the french class currently contains two students, three if I were to join, so I feel as though I'd learn a lot these two years... What should I do? Thanks in advance for the help!! I need advice! Ellen xx
  12. Hey, I'm going through a big trouble right now, for my theatre assessment "Directors notebook" Im not able to find right published play script that interests me. I tried finding some interesting plays but then I could find text online, so if possible please suggest me some good plays which is also available online PDF version Genre that interests me are - comedy and romantic.
  13. Good morning/afternoon/evening (who knows, right?) I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Film. I do not have it at my school, though it is one of my main interests. My question is on the topic. I have thought about two options, please guys help me out in here: comparison between The Lord of the Flies and The Apocalypse Now (my RQ would be: To what extent does each film reflect the downfall of the oneiric/idyllic and the appearance of the anarchy?). In this first option, I would like to explore the islands and the idyllic as a theme, that is, the idea of perfection in Cinema. If you guys have some other idea than Apocalypse Now please tell me. In addition, I though about comparing Sam Raimi's Spider Man (the older films) and Mark Webb's The Amazing Spider Man (the more recent spider man movies). It would be a cool and original thing to do, also there has been lots of debate on Mark Webb's films as they are considered to be worse and puny, comparing to Raimi's. I don't have a topic for this, since it is simply an idea, but if you think this would be good for an EE... I am kinda frightened with this as I have the feeling the examiners won't really like this... Please guys, I am really in trouble, just let me know of what you think and if you had Film as an EE what was your topic. Cheers, Richard
  14. hello! I am an ib theatre student and we have been working on our research presentations. because it is new to the syllabus i am struggling to find help online. Anybody else out there struggling?? Let's help each other through this!! I chose to focus on Kathakali and specifically the Mudras. For the moment of theatre part of the presentation I am really struggling. I dont know how to choreograph my own piece and i have been advised not to simply copy a video because i'll lose marks in why i chose it. Does anyone have any good sources or some advice? Thank you!
  15. Hello, I am planning on becoming a psychologist when I go to university. These are the classes I like: ENG LANG LIT Ab initio Spanish Philosophy (HL) Biology (HL) Math Studies Theatre Arts (HL) Are these subjects suitable for the career I want?
  16. So I wish to take two subjects in the Arts (Theatre and Film) but apparently I can't take two arts subjects? Also, do I need to do examinations for either of these subjects? Apparently I don't for Theatre but I'm not sure for film. Also, I will be doing the Film course online. I am asking because I am planning on moving to a new school next year for my second year of IB, and the school told me that my subjects will be quite difficult to catch up (Physics HL, chem SL, bio HL, english HL and spanish SL, maths SL) BUT possible if I am willing to put in a lot more work! However... -English we are doing different books so I will just need to suck it up and study theirs. -Maths is maths whatever school I go to. I have the textbook so I am all good. -I love biology so there is no way, no matter if they have studied everything that I haven't already, I am not dropping it. -I know another european language so spanish is not that hard for me so I'll be okay. CHEM AND PHYSICS THOUGH. I have no idea what was going through my head when I chose them! I never liked either and I just thought that maybe I will want a shot to go to medical school. WHYYYYY I suck so bad at them and I hate them so much that I literally have no motivation. So, is it possible to swap subjects after my first year? I literally am the biggest theatre geek out and at my previous school I was part of every film club out and have studied the history and stuff about angles and all that, so I will try SO HARD if I am able to do film and theatre. I love them so much, I have no clue why I didn't take them. Silly me. I just thought they wouldn't get me anywhere but honestly I just wish I stuck to what I loved Anyways, is it okay to swap two subjects if the original two I suck at, and the next two I love and will literally quit sleep to catch up and do??? (I'm like serious, I take like four different drama classes a week, theatre is my baby). I am pretty ahead in Bio so I am fully serious when I say that I will study the crap out of dat Bio textbook and do my exams in May if I have to (in the country I am in, the exams are in november). Like, for reals. Then I'd have more time for my film and theatre catch up as I wouldn't have any more Bio to do. And my other question is, can I take two arts subjects? I will literally cry and beg and beg and beg if there is any slight chance that I can. Thank you!
  17. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of an EE in theatre. My school hasn't introduced the EE yet, but I thought it'd be better to plan ahead a little bit so that I don't get overwhelmed by the work. Are there any restrictions on the theatre EE topics? Do we have to do it on a specific practitioner/tradition (as we do in the IB Theatre Syllabus) or can we do contemporary works as well? Any other advice regarding a theatre EE or the EE in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group6/d_6_theat_tsm_1408_1/pdf/Example05_report_en.pdf Above is a link to a Task 2 example published by IB. On the first page, the student cites Wikipedia. In schools in the U.S., we are taught never, under any circumstance, to cite Wikipedia. Is this the same in other countries? If so, why does IB consider it to be a reliable source?
  19. I'm starting the IB tomorrow, but my school is giving a week to make changes. As of right now, my group 6 subject is theatre. I love theatre. I am really passionate about it and I want to take a master's degree in Theatre Directing, something I would love to do in the future. I love theatre, and it's the one thing in my life I'd keep doing even if I fail, because I love it so much. However, I need an undergraduate degree (Theatre directing is not available). So far I've been thinking of Human Sciences or Psychology and Linguistics, but a third option has come to mind: Population health. There is no specific IB requirement for that, but I think that Economics would definitely help. I really like theatre, but should I change it to Economics instead? Any other input about those two subjects in general will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I'm doing IB all the way from Nepal and this is my second year. I have planned to do my E.E on theatre, I would appreciate some inputs on where to start and how to go forward. Thank you.
  21. I'm interested in taking either Music sl or Theatre sl. In your opinion, which one is easier and more likely to get a good grade? Also, I don't know much about theatre. Is the class going to be hard for me? Thanks:)
  22. I would really like to study either theatre or film production as an undergrad. I plan to double major in one of these and perhaps some sort of business major. Is anyone here planning to study either of these? What kinds of universities have good programs for theatre or film? Yes, I've been researching on Google and whatnot, but I wanted to know other people's experiences and opinions. Also- is anyone else planning to use their Theatre Independent Project in their portfolio for performing arts schools?
  23. Hey guys, I have to come up with a "thesis" (question) for a 2000 word essay on Hedda Gabler (the play). Im having lots of trouble coming up with something, so any help would be much appreciated.
  24. I really don't want to do it and I want to know the consequences if I don't.
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