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Found 115 results

  1. Hi everyone, So, I am a junior currently taking IB music SL. My situation is unique because I am the only person taking this course, and mostly am doing Independant study during my school's orchestra period. So I have no proper instruction or resources beside my old, outdated, textbooks. Besides my background in music and frequent practice on my instruments, i want more ways to practice and prepare for my exam at the end of the year. Any online resources or tips or anything that I can use to apply my knowledge would be helpful! Thank you for any responses in advance!
  2. Dear all. I am a grade 11th student and recently our school informed about EE. I am very interested in cosmetics so I hopefully want to study the science behind cosmetics at the university, and now I am looking for the topic of EE on something about cosmetic science. The most worry thing is that Whether I can get a good grade if I choose this topic, and my English skills because I am not a native English speaker and I am not confident enough to write this huge essay. Would somebody has any recommendations or EE tips, I really appreciate it. If somebody says science is difficult, I am going to change the subject to English B but I have no idea about the topic in English B. P.s I am also interested in how herbs are used in organic cosmetics.
  3. Hey guys! My class recently did a few in-class Paper 1 samples, and I did absolutely horribly in them! I seem to always get the wrong main idea and impression of the poem that we get, and the teacher told me they were not convinced by the examples I used to back-up my main idea. So I was wondering! Does anyone have any tips for analyzing poems you have never seen before? I already am aware of the "Read the poem at least 3 times before analyzing" rule! What can I do to be as close as possible to the real main idea? Are there any works that you guys can recommend me to read to gain a better insight of poem analysis in English A Literature and Language? (I'm HL, btw!)
  4. Hey guys, clearly from the title you can see that I'm struggling in IB Econ. I have been probably getting the worst results amongst my class since I started early this year(not struggling in any other subject). I'm in need of some serious tips of attempting to understand the course! Thanks!
  5. I'm doing my 11th grade right now and I've changed syllabus from a national syllabus to the IB. I'm clueless about the expectations, nature of IB and almost everything regarding it. My current school that I've moved into, by itself is new and not very experienced, hence lack in providing the students with clear guidance. The performance of the previous 3 batches was not satisfactory as well. The students in the school are not very willing to provide me with apt guidance as they are very busy themselves. I understand that it is a lot to ask for but I'd be very, very, VERY grateful if someone who's well informed about the IBDP could guide me about it A-Z. I've always been a well-scoring student but ever since I started the IBDP, I've not been performing well at the least and this is taking a MAJOR toll on my self-confidence. DESPERATELY IN NEED OF HELP! Anyone willing to guide me in detail can also contact me via email: [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently in my fifth week of IB Year 1 and I have gotten settled with my new teachers and classes. I have set a goal for myself to get at least 40 points in the IB, but I do know that it will be tough and will require the right mentality (I'm working on it!). So, I wanted to come here and ask if any of you more experienced IB students had some advice or helpful tips for any of my subjects: IB Math HL IB Physics HL IB Economics HL IB Computer Science SL IB German B SL IB English Language and Literature SL Any help (including general IB mentality/work-ethic as well) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce that starting this week I'll be writing about the IB DP. You can follow my articles on Medium. Topics will include everything from general thoughts and advice about the IB DP to more technical explanations for achieving success on IB assessments. I'm a IB coordinator, teacher, examiner with six years of experience in the IB DP. Due to coordinator responsibilities, I'm only teaching English A: Lang & Lit, but I have a lot of experience teaching English A: Lit, English B, TOK, CAS, and of course EE supervision. I hope everyone checks it out and leaves some feedback! Good luck with the upcoming year!
  8. I will write my ee on Neverwhere by Neil gaiman and this is to be my rq, to what extent was existentialism the guiding factor for portraying dispossessed in Neil Gaimans Neverwhere? Is this a good research question and if not how can i improve it?
  9. I’m doing my Extended Essay on the effects on the city’s tourism of a music festival and all the smaller events it sponsors. I’m planning to mention how it gathers people and activates different economic areas, so it triggers economic growth in the region. My question would be ‘To what extent is the music festival effective at increasing tourism in the city?’ or something along those lines. Though I think it’s too broad and should be specified more. I appreciate any tips on how to make it more narrow or maybe approach the question in a different manner! Thanks.
  10. I will be doing my first FOA in a weeks time and I need help coming up with a topic. I plan to do an oral speech and was thinking about the idea of 'comparing and contrasting the portrayal of women in Disney's movies' such as from Cinderella to Moana. But I really don't know what to do, or how to get started on my FOA! Does anyone have any tips on how to start and what to talk about??
  11. Hi there, I am in IB Y2 currently and I have a major problem with my German class. During the first year I had a German teacher who never had done IB before, was about to retire, and didn't prepare many materials for the class. We ended up doing 3 out of the 5 core topics, but not writing down or learning really anything throughout the year, except a lot of talking about it. Fast forward to this year and a new German teacher, and she tells me I am supposed to be on a C1/C2 (advanced/native speaker) Level but telling me I am at a B1/B2 (intermediate/upper intermediate) level currently. Also, she commented I am grammatically at a A2 (lower intermediate) level. I basically need to redo the topics I did last year since I don't have any keywords or important reminders of the topics, learn the new topics this year, practice my grammar and vocabulary like crazy. I want to get atleast a 5 and prefrably a 6-7 range for HL German. So: Do you have some tips for me to succeed? What specifically do you think is the most important for the exams? Do you know any good study tips/tricks/habits? Any good apps to succeed with for German? Thanks fellow IB'ers!
  12. I'm taking the IB Math Studies test this May, and I've been reading about different ways to prepare. A lot of people have said they practice using past exams. Where can I find the past exams for this course; is there a special website? Thank you.
  13. I am starting to do my Economics Internal assessment. I take Economics standard level. My batch is the first batch taking the economics IB exam! Any tips for a good Internal assessment? Which sections do you think I should do? What topics should I focus on? What do you think the checker would be looking for in my IA?
  14. Guest

    Tips to Improve at Math

    I'm entering my 2nd year at the IB in Sweden and I would be very grateful for tips, methods, guides or any of the sort that helped you to improve at Math. Any tips also to maintain motivation is also important to me. Or to "get into" math, as I was proficient in the subject when I was younger. It's the subject where I'm lacking and need to improve, as I want to study Economics in the UK, and of what I've Heard, University level Economics uses a lot of math and many Courses even need a high score in Math HL. Thanks for suggestions!
  15. hello everyone , I am going to start DP 1 next academic year. I was wondering if any of you have any tips or advice? I am going to be taking Chemistry and Biology HL and I heard it is really challenging. I want to study medicine could you recommend what my course of action should be? Thanks !
  16. Hello! I have to decide on a math exploration topic but I'm not sure what I should do. I'm very confident in the binomial theorem, arithmetic and geometric sequences so doing something concerning this would be great. I know the rules are very strict for what others are allowed to say, but do you have any suggestions on things that are possible to investigate in these topics? Also do you have general tips and tricks that could help me with the math exploration? Thank you so much!!!
  17. Well, I am taking the IB exams in 5 days and I haven't done much studying. I have only covered my maths option and briefly all biology. Both of these subjects are HL. However, do you think it is doable to study maths HL and bio HL in 5 days? If yes, can you please suggest some ways?? I'm in desperate need of some advice.!!!
  18. I recently had my first HL mathematics mock exam on topic 1 of the curriculum. It followed the same pace and style of the final exams. Despite preparing pretty well (and for a long time), the test caught me by surprise, and didn't go well at all. The pace especially was very hard to keep up with. From all of you people, I'd like to ask, what are some ways to get better at doing the hl maths exams, how to better prepare for them, and please feel free to give any tips and tricks in general. Thanks!
  19. Why not only rely on past papers? In my opinion, the best preparation with past papers is not to look over mark scheme. Essentially, as the name suggests, mark schemes only aim to aid teachers to mark student’s work on his paper. Not only does it lack with the detailed explanation, but also students lose their opportunity to encounter real IB style questions if they rely too much on mark scheme. For section A questions it relatively gives a good explanation; for Section B questions, however, when things get lengthy, explanations tend to be very concise and often do not make sense for students. It solely aims to guide teachers to base their grading criteria; it is not built for a model of ‘worked solutions.’ I encourage students more to discuss their solutions with friends. Also, IB community is very strong among students via internet, such as IB survival and IB Facebook group page. It’s a good place to start a discussion. Let me give you an example why you should avoid the habit of relying your study with mark schemes: Example: This is one of my favorite questions from IB HL. It not only tackles on definition of functions, but also it requires students to understand the concepts on Topic 1 and apply their skills to ‘unseen’ questions. If we look at Part (d) (iii), it asks about giving area in terms of a certain function A. The first part of the questions asks us to find out the relation between Fn and its inverse; here students are required to know what inverse relation is. For the geometrical interpretation, functions that are inverse to each other are symmetric along y=x. Then the second part tests our inequality skills with algebraic and geometrical interpretation: For Part (d), if you realize in the square box of 1 by 1, Fn is less than x, which means it is below y=x from 0 to 1, and since we know its inverse must be symmetric by y=x, the inverse must be above y=x. From this aspect, we can draw a random 1:1 function and work with the area to derive an answer. I believe this is how a student should approach to this type of question, since this ‘interpretation’ of function’s inverse with its algebraic property of composition and geometrical property of symmetry is the key for the unseen question. Let us compare our approach with the mark scheme of the question: As you can see, it’s painfully concise, and students cannot obtain their logical processing of this question from the mark scheme. Yes, when you apply the numbers and methods given by the mark scheme you could get the answer. But you will lose the essence of ‘interpretation’ skills as well as the half-independent attempt on this nice question. You can always elaborate your answer if your logic is correct; that is one of the greatest tactics for IB maths exam. PARTIAL mark!
  20. Hey guys, I am a geography HL student in my first year of IB, does anyone have tips in getting a 7 in paper 3? Thanks, NS
  21. hey everyone, do u have any great study tips that helped you in your studies? thanks, NS
  22. Hi, I'm doing my Math HL IA on finding the volume and surface area of a frustum (from a cone). I'm determining the volume in three ways, out of which one is integration. I'm calculating the surface area in two ways, one of which uses integration too. However, though the formula for surface area is out of the HL syllabus, I feel like this is a very simple idea, and might not fulfill the 'Use of Mathematics' criterion as formulae for the volume and S.A. is available online. My Math teacher says this is sophisticated enough, though I feel the opposite. I would like an opinion on this topic and whether I can do anything else to make this topic more sophisticated. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey guys, I happen to take French B at Higher Level, and was wondering if you guys have any tips which helped you speed through learning a B language and really ace it (like getting a 7)? Any help would be greatly valuable!
  24. Hello, so my supervisor recommended this research question to me: To what extent can microfinancing in the Philippines help women and families escape the poverty trap? I personally think this is way to broad. Help?
  25. I am currently enrolling in the diploma program and I'm taking math hl, physics sl and chem hl. I am wondering should i worry about the universities later and focus on my subjet choices that will get me through ib, or select my subject choices based on my targeted uni? Help
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