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Found 12 results

  1. I'll be completing the IB diploma in 2021 and the predicted scores will not be out till march next year. However, according to the grade that I'm getting right now, a 37 to 41 predicted score can be presumed with the major weakness being at Chinese Literature at 4 or 3. I'm a Chinese national with a Canadian maple card (Permanent residence) so I will apply as a domestic student with an international diploma. I'm aiming at applying to the business schools (Sauder, Rotman and the like) or the Faculty of Art (Economics, Political Science) What are my chances? Thanks eh
  2. 29 points without the bonus points. Math HL, Chemistry HL, and Physics HL.
  3. I was predicted a 35. Economics HL: 6 Global Politics HL: 6 Physics HL: 5 Math SL: 6 English SL: 5 French AB: 5 TOK/EE: 2 What are my chances of these universities 1) Western University (Ivey) 2) Queen's University (Smiths) 3) University of Toronto (Rotman) 4) Waterloo (AFM) So far I've been accepted into 1) McMaster 2) Ryerson 3) Wilfrid Laurier 4) York (BComm)
  4. Hey all, I have just got my predicted grades and I am looking at about 34 points. I want to apply to UBC badly and I'm not sure if they are likely to accept 34. Did anyone get in with anything lower or the same points ? Appreciate all your helps guys !
  5. tp1999

    Partial IB

    Hi guys, I'm in Grade 11 and I just dropped to partial IB because I was failing IB chemistry. I was just wondering if my horrible chemistry mark will affect my chances of getting into a good university like UBC, McGill, UofT. I will be taking normal Chemistry 11 and 12 but will my IB Chemistry 11 mark affect my acceptance. I am still in full IB as I have to finish this school year and next year I will be switching to partial. I hope to go into sciences in post-secondary and I was wondering on what IB HL courses I should take as our school only gives us the option of taking HL courses. I am getting 82% in IB English 11, 89% in IB Biology, 90% in IB Geography, 50% in IB Chemistry, and 87% in IB Math SL. Hope you guys can give me good advice. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi, I was just wondering how many IB points do I really need for the listed universities? UBC McGill Kent I am in grade 11 semester 2 and currently getting around 30 IB points. However I do take hard subjects like Physics HL and Chem Hl. I think I will be able to get around 34 points by the end of this semester.
  7. Hey guys, I was thinking about doing the full IB program next year, and I want to go to UBC sciences or applied biology after I graduate. Do you guys know if UBC offers scholarships for IB? Can I also apply for regular curriculum scholarships if I'm doing IB? ( I live in BC, Canada) also, approximately what score do you think I need to get to get into ubc? I know it's really competitive and I don't want doing IB to ruin my chances to get in, since I'm a 95% student. Also, do you think maybe doing IB Certificate, (only IB sciences) could ruin or help me get into UBC?
  8. hi guys, so im gonna start off by saying that my school doesn't offer AP, and only IB. I want to apply at UBC for a bachelor in science and then try to get into med school. However I don't think I want to do full IB. Although I'm a straight -A student,I don't want to spend my last 2 high school years drowning in school work, and I have a lot if extracurriculars that I want to do. So I was thinking about only doing IB in science related courses. This is how my grade 11 schedule would look like: IB Chemistry HL IB Biology HL IB Physics SL French 11 Math Pre-Cal 11 Ch Psychology English Spare I was planning to do in social studies 11 in the summer so I can get it out of the way. However, do you guys think this is a good idea? My school doesn't offer Physics HL, and I'm not good at Physics anyway, so it doesn't really matter I can also take up to 4 certificate classes, so would I benefit if I took an English HL class, to help write essays and such in university? Which do you think a uni will prefer: Getting low 90's -high 80's in IB sciences, or getting high 90's in normal classes? Thanks guys!
  9. Ok so i have a predicted score given below: Maths HL : 6 Physics HL : 7 Chemistry HL : 6/7 French ab intio : 6 English A SL : 5 Economics SL : 6 TOK + EE : 2 total predicted score : 38 /39 Can anyone please tell me if the University of British Columbia will accept on the basis of my predicted scores for engineering. If yes, what would be the minimum IB points required to get in my final IB exams in order to get into UBC? Please help me! I have been going crazy and I am really stressed out and worried.
  10. These are my grades: Math HL - 4 Physics HL - 4 French B HL - 5 ITGS SL - 5 English A2 SL - 6 Spanish A1 SL - 4 TOK/EE Physics - B/B What do you think? Update: I just got accepted to UBC and thought I'd put it here
  11. Hi guys, I'm going to bombard you with questions~~ haha, I was just wondering which university is better : UBC, U of T, Mcgill, or HKU. I'm planning to apply for early acceptance for these universities, but I'm not sure of the scores that are required to even have a chance for conditional/unconditional acceptance, as I know the scores on the sites are probably too low. My parents are from HK, so I'm planning to get my ID card right when I graduate in May, so is it possible for me to study in HKU not as a international student? or do I have to live there for 7 years? which I haven't, because I was born and raised in Canada. *edit* And I'd like to state that I am fluent in Cantonese, and pretty fluent in Mandarin... My english is also fluent. But my chinese writing is not that good... Oh, and I've heard you need to know Japanese for Business in Hong Kong? I am planning to work in HK, so if I can't get into HKU, I was considering UBC, U of T or Mcgill. And I've heard mixed stories about these universities... apparently UBC is a shame to Hong Kong? Don't ask me about that, I just heard that Hong Kong people look down on people who say they graduated from UBC. But UBC seems easiest to get in at the moment. And I have heard that Mcgill is really hard to get into... most of the IB graduates from my school go to UBC. I haven't gotten my predicted grades yet, but I will this month... I'm confident to say it's over 30 and under 40... haha Oh and I'm planning to study Medical, Business, Criminology, or Psychology, sorry about the big scope. And I am not really considering universities in the US yet since I didn't take SATs I will thank you guys in advance
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