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Found 7 results

  1. Barbra

    Recommendation letters

    Hi, I'm thinking to applying to British universities for the course of accounting and finance. I was initially thinking to have my economics teacher write my recommendation letter but I read on the page from LSE for accounting and finance that you would be assessed on high numeracy skills and on strong analytical skills. So, I started to think that maybe I should get my maths teacher write my recommendation letter. I have good relationship with both the teachers and I take the 2 subjects as my HL courses, but I am doing better in Economics than in maths. What do you guys think?? Any suggestion/advice is very much appreciated!!
  2. Dear all, I am from MARA College Banting, Malaysia. I am currently in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and will be continuing my degree in 2016. I’m interested in reading law (Bachelor of Law, LLB Hons. - UCAS Code: M100) during my degree programme. Below is my subject combination at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). English B (HL) Economics (HL) Business Management (HL) Malay A (SL) Chemistry (SL) Mathematical Studies (SL) Before changing my subject from Maths SL to Maths Studies SL, I've emailed admissions team from various universities in UK, including Oxbridge, and the top universities for law course like LSE, King's College, Warwick and Manchester. They said they are okay with Maths Studies, because I'll be applying for law. (Which I feel, logically, law doesn't need maths) After 6 months I changed my subject, I have recently been told that most universities in the UK including the top universities in the country do not recognize Mathematical Studies (SL) and that they prefer Maths (SL) even when applying for Law. To confirm again with the universities, my teacher told me to email them again about the requirement. So today, I emailed the same universities and up till now, only one replied me (Churchill's Cambridge). Admission team from Churchill's Cambridge told me there isn't any specific subject required to apply for law course, and they don't really bother about SL subjects. Therefore, I assumed that they are okay with Maths Studies SL. So my questions are: 1. Is the email from university admissions team reliable? 2. If any of you had experience with maths studies thingy, do you think maths studies for Bachelor of Law (LLB Hons.) in UK is acceptable? I'm not interested in doing other law (law with business, law with criminology etc.) 3. Is Maths Studies being recognized to enter UK Universities for Social Science courses such as law? The reason I asked the first question is some of my friends questioned it to me so I'm just asking on behalf of them. I personally believe emails from universities admissions team are reliable and can be trusted, since they are the one who will be choosing us to enter their unis. Thank you for your help & opinions!
  3. Hi everyone Since this Autumn I'll be sending my applications to universities, I think that summer is the best time to decide where I want to apply. So, I was wondering maybe someone is studying Chinese and knows which universities are considered the best in teaching Chinese? Right now I'm thinking about University of Edinburgh and SOAS (School of Oriental and African Sciences) since I think they are pretty good or to be more exact, amazing . But that's just my opinion, so if you're studying Chinese/Asian studies (since I'm not sure which East Asian language I want to study) at these two universities (or anywhere else) it'd be great if you shared your two cents about studying it. Thank in advance P.S. It doesn't matter if the universities aren't in the UK as long as they teach in English
  4. I currently hold a Japanese citizenship, and I can also get a British passport because I was born there. However, I did not live in the UK long enough after I was born, so I did not receive a British citizenship nor a passport. I grew up in Japan after living in the UK (for a short amount of time), and now I am planning to get a British passport, if there are any benefactors that exist when I apply to the universities in the UK. Can you please list some of the benefits of holding a British passport, when you're going to apply to the UK universities? Most importantly, are there any differences in terms of cost for attending UK universities with British citizenship and holding a British Passport?
  5. -._._.-

    Durham or Bath?

    I think I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to exeter and durham or exeter and bath. This is for civil engineering. The main question is between durham and bath, but I can use exeter as an indirect route to help in my decision. I prefer durham to exeter because of the collegiate system. So if I compare Bath and Exeter and I find that I prefer Exeter, then it's simple because my to firm choices will be Exeter and Durham - if i meet the grade for durham, the I'll go for durham; if not, then exeter. Some complication will arise if I prefer Bath (even between these two, I can't decide which one I prefer). In which case, I will have to look at by how much I prefer Bath over Exeter and how much I prefer Durham over Exeter. I can also make a comparison between durham and bath, but as you know, I can't make a decision. ----------------------------------------- Durham pros: collegiate system (my college fits most of my criteria, except that it is more traditional in the sense that we wear gowns for formal events, which I don't really want but it's a minor factor)general engineering (so I can change to mechanical engineering if I decide to then go into product design, although it is unlikely that I can branch out to architecture from mechanical engineering)campus is quite niceDurham cons: condition is high (38, when my predicted is a 33-35)I'll have to share a room for at least one term (as of now, it's a con, but I don't know maybe it can be a pro)Bath pros: good sporting facilities (I think - correct me if I am wrong, or maybe durham has equally good sporting facilities?)I can pick a campus with en-suite rooms (if they are available)campus is quite nice (both campuses are nice, but bath is more modern. I suppose the modern-ness is not that important a factor)ranked quite high for civil engineeringBath cons: I don't know if this is true - UK residents are not in favour of Bath? (to put it bluntly)Durham is more reputable?Exeter pros: campus is quite nice, modern tooconditions are achievable (because of this, exeter will definitely be one of my choices)pretty active in sports tooExeter cons: actually I can't really think of any. Maybe it is less reputable compared to the other two?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is unlikely that I will meet both Durham's and Bath's offers, but I am more likely to meet Bath's. One of the things I look for is campus beauty, nice student life (more towards sport rather than music), fully catered (maybe partly too), preferably en suite and basically a great experience. Also, I have been given conditional offers from Glasgow and Edinburgh, so maybe your opinion is that I should reconsider these two? I would like to know your suggestions, input, opinion, and factors I can consider that will help me make a decision.
  6. Hi I have received my conditional offers for civil engineering and it's almost time to select my two firm choices. My insurance university will be Exeter which wants a 5 in Science HL, 5 in Maths HL and a 34 overall. The thing is, for the other unis, the conditions are slightly high and I am afraid I won't be able to make it. Bath wants a 6 in HL maths, 5 in SL Eng and 36 overall; Edinburgh and Durham (for general engineering) want 38 and 666 in HL subjects and Edinburgh wants an additional 4 in English. Glasgow wants a 34 with a 666 at HL. For the Scottish unis, they are offering me point of entry two and I believe (though I'm not sure) that I should be able to go down to year 1 should I not make the grade. I kinda like Bath because it's quite good for architecture and I am interested in architecture, but I kinda heard rumours that it's erm overrated, so to speak. While we're on it, is it actually possible for me to change from civil engineering to civil engineering and architecture when I am in the uni? Glasgow has this civil engineering and architecture too. What I like about Durham is that it starts off with general engineering. I'm sorry if I rambled on. I don't even know what I'm trying to ask. I'm just kinda confused and I want advice to help me pick my other firm choice. Like what to look for when accepting or declining offers, and any other general advice. Thank you for your time. Edit: I would like to add that I like nice modern campuses and a fun student life, but I'm not sure how much importance I should put on these.
  7. Hello, my predicted grades are 28 points. (yah, i know its low). i have already narrowed down my 5 UK universities, but I would like some suggestions. If you could, can you suggest the 5 universities I should apply to, considering my 28 points? And also consider 2 safe, 2 target and 1 stretch university. Thank you.
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