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Found 37 results

  1. What do you guys think about Donald Trump winning?
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if the following subjects would allow me to take an Economics Course in the top colleges in the United States, especially Ivy leagues? I am keeping the option of Ivy Leagues open here. I have taken the combination based on the idea of managing my academics with personal developments and creativity. (Balance between logic and creativity). I do have an interest in Media and designing. I could replace CS with DT if required to show colleges the idea of handling challenges. I have just finished an MYP course. 1. English HL 2. Math AI HL 3. Economics HL 4. DT SL 5. Film SL 6. French AB SL
  3. I am writing my EE on the negative effect of the US-China trade war on Apple, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar topics and I'd love to know how your EEs are going and help out with issues!
  4. Hi all, I'm currently in my first year of IB and I'm hoping to go to the US for university (mainly ivy leagues). I know that US weights a lot on extracurriculars but unfortunately I don't do much besides studying..:( In college, I would like to study in the business fields, so are there any extracurriculars recommended for this? (it would be great if it counts as CAS as well!) Thanks a lot!!!
  5. I am on the verge of choosing my IB subjects: Math HL Economics HL Computers SL/HL Spanish ab initio English Language + Literature SL Should I choose Business Management, as according to popular belief, Business Management is considered a soft subject and my application may not meet the requirements? And if not, which subject should I choose?
  6. themustaf

    Medicine in the UK

    Can I do medicine in the United Kingdom without doing Math SL in the ib?
  9. Hi guys, As I want to study economics at a selective university (in U.S) in the future, and I cannot stand taking Math HL at the moment, would it be sufficient to take Math SL combined with AP BC calc? I find Math SL very easy and score 6's/7's frequently (this is since I am repeating one year of the IB), so how hard would it be to shift focus during IB (repeated) year 1 and really study BC calc for almost a semester to take BC exams in spring? In this way I can compete with stronger applicants without having to struggle through the other than calc material in HL Math? Thnx
  10. Hullo everyone So my problem is this: I have been getting good grades since G9 (UW 3.84+), but this semester, I completely blew my grade up (UW 3.7 ish?) and got a 6 for chem. My first choice is the BSA dual degree program for chemistry and design at CMU (I actually changed my original first choice because of my poor GPA this semester). The program requires you to be accepted into the college of art and the college of science simultaneously. Though the average GPA of CMU is not that high, I am still worried if I will be waitlisted from the chemistry department. I have good and unique chem extracurriculars (like my STEAM education program, outreach with institutions and outstanding chemists, publications/features, blog posts), so I am wondering if I could compensate the score with a 800 on the SAT2 (I hope to get that from next week's testing) and a high SAT1 score (I am certainly gonna retake to get 1550+). Thanks Aquilina Hu
  11. Hey guys, I was hoping to pursue a career as a writer. I have written a few sketches myself and even at school, I mean everyone points out that I should write a few stuff, eventually, even if not as a "real" career. So, I was hoping to take a Law degree. I would like to live in the US, though I would like to start off at the UK, for example, take a degree and thus, if possible, go to the US to make a living. The problem is if I take Law in London, lets say, I won't be able to practice law in the US, right? Or can I take a post graduation in american law? Also, do you think that in the middle of the degree I can do an erasmus or something to the US? Or be a writer in the US? Do writers in the US get well paid? What about lawyers? Can you please help me out in this dilemma? Cheers, Richard
  12. goingtoib


    Is this subject combo good enough if I want to study econ at top uni's in the US. Econ hl Bio hl english l&l hl Swedish L&l math sl physics sl I want to keep my options open, hence why Im doing bio and econ hl. will it orherwise suffice for ivy's anyway? Is it too "all over the place" and unclear or does it show that i am well rounded+ "strong" in many areas? Btw, are there degrees which combine econ and bio (or just science and economics) as I am inclined towards both areas. Do you have to declare / mention your major when applying to Us colleges? Is math HL required for ivies econ? thanks a lot!!
  13. With factors like acceptance rate, finance in mind is applying to a US community college as an international student and then transitioning to better Universities a good idea?
  14. Hi, I have a IA topic in mind, though is it ok to investigate this? To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 Reagan's Cuban Missile Crisis? / Compare (and contrast) the invasion of Grenada in 1983 to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. or To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 in line with the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1905? Would any of these work?
  15. So right now in school, we're choosing our DP courses for next year. However, I am still unsure if I will be taking the full IBDP or just IB courses I know a lot of you will tell me that the IBDP is worth it and stuff, but I'm a pretty competitive swimmer (I swim around 9 times a week) so managing the IB as well as all my co-curriculars just sound absurd to me at this point. On top of that I would be having to do the EE, CAS, and TOK which I'm not particularly interested in, to be honest So my main question is will I still be able to get into a (RELATIVELY) good university by doing partial IB? Please keep in mind that I go to high school in Canada so I will be graduating with an Ontario Diploma (OSSD) as well as my IB Certificates. Is this sufficient? My university options are mostly in the UK, but also a few in US and Canada. My subject choices look somewhat like History HL English Lang/Lit HL Biology SL Math Studies Economics SL Latin SL ******************btw, planning on taking Poli-Sci or International Relations in Uni, maybe even Law in the future******************************************* Are my subjects alright btw? I might even take Biology as an HL Thanks in advance guys!
  16. Hey guys, I was just wondering how much significance the IB grade has on the university applications to the US. For example, in my school, some of the teachers are really lazy (because the school does not want to cut them) and thus, it is really hard for the students to ask for help after school/questions about a summative assignment. Furthermore, the teacher that teaches the subject I want to major in the future, does not give a SH*T about his students, as he is long-term contracted with the school and will receive his pay anyways, no matter in what manner he teaches. In conclusion, the question I want to ask is this: Do US Universities care more about a applicant's SAT grade then their IB grades? In other words, if I have a low IB grade but a high SAT grade, would it cover up for my sad IB grade? (I'm not saying my IB grade is under 30 or anything, it is around 30-40). If anyone has seen this case in real life, mind describing what happened (what grades he/she had etc.)? Thanks, Aesop
  17. I have stumbled across this link listing the "2015-16 Common Application Essay Prompts". https://appsupport.commonapp.org/link/portal/33011/33013/Article/1694/2015-16-Common-Application-Essay-Prompts Are these "essay prompts" the real and actual essay titles for 2015-16 Common App applicants? Large thanks in advance!
  18. I received my IB grades recently and my predicted grades were 27 but I got a 21. Its reaally low and I know it. I also appeared for SAT my score was 1840 (CR: 560 M:700 W:580 Essay:8). I also appeared for SAT Subject test recently and I'm expecting around 650 for Math I and Physics. I used to be a good student in IGCSE though; 2 A*, 5 A and 2 B. When IB started I was under the impression I'll be able to work everything out as the year will progress but apparently, I devoted a lot of time for the Internal Assessments. Hence, the screwed up scores :/ Anyway, now that I've cleared that, I'm looking at the following US colleges: Virginia Tech UMass-Amherst University of Wisconsin-Madison SUNY Stony Brook Florida Polytechnic Purdue University-Main campus Uni of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I want to pursue Computer Science as a major. Also, my parents are funding my tuition so I'm not applying for a financial aid/loans of any kind. What are my chances of getting in these places? PS. Will explaining my situation as I did earlier be of any help in anyway? I could elaborate and explain it to the admissions committee. I'm sure it doesn't work this way but will a word of re-assurance help my application?
  19. Hello good people..! I was completing an online application for one of the US universities and they said I need to send my official transcript to a NACES member to get it translated..?!?? SO .. After a frantic search on google, I found out that NACES evaluates non-US high school transcripts so that US universities can evaluate them. (Which I find it rather idiotic because IB is WORLD-WIDE. I mean come on students in US take IB too..!!) In another forum, some students were complaining about how the NACES failed to "translate" their transcripts properly and did not recognise some of the systems. (which is rather disappointing and alarming at the same time!!) So I want to ask if anyone here sent their script to any of the NACES member and which one is the best for IB transcripts? Here is the link to the list of members and the official NACES website -->http://www.naces.org/members.htm Thanks!
  20. Hi, i need a help for my uni choices. Ive already taken the ib exam and just taking a gap year before but i need help which universities i could go with my current results. Didnt go swell for my ib, only got 25 and took sat last year which is like 1400 plus and 92 for toefl. With these results which US universities could i go? National or state or anything. Need help from you guys! Thanks
  21. Hey guys, so I'm in my first year of IB and we have to start looking at topics we'd like to base our EE on. Now, I know the topic I want to explore and everything, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Does anyone have any idea on where I could go with this? If you do, please reply. Thank you!
  22. I am a student in IB2 with Physics HL, Chemistry HL, English HL, Economics HL. Maths SL and English SL and I have always dreamt of becoming an engineering particularly a mechanical or electrical engineer. I know that many universities in the UK would not accept me because I do not have HL maths however what is the case in the rest of the world such as Canada, the US and rest of Europe? Could anyone who was in the same shoes or is in the same shoes as me help me out ? PS: I know I am at a disadvantage in the UK for having taken SL math so it would be appreciated it that was not reiterated for I feel enough upset about it.
  23. So basically my question is which social science/humanities career is the most recognized and respected and has most career scope in US/Europe?
  24. Its a very big irony. Almost all my seniors have predicted grades 6-7 in all their subjects including math hl but they all get 1850-1950s in SAT-I. Why so?
  25. I've been considering going to university in Switzerland, but my main problem is the living cost. From what I understand, the Erasmus scholarship covers that, but I'm confused with their website (not only that, but they're changing the scholarship). As I live in the US, would I be eligible to apply for that scholarship? Also, if anyone knows, when should I apply and what are my chances of getting the scholarship? And if the chances are low, are there other scholarships besides Erasmus that could help me with that problem?
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