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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Uncertainty Calculation

    A burette reading is recorded as 27.70 cm3 +/- 0.05 cm3. Which of the following could be the actual value? I 27.68 II 27.78 III 27.4 A I and II B I and III C II and III D I, II, III I'm not how to solve this, but I used the total error equation to dtermine which one had less of an error - that would be the actual value and I got C. Not sure if it's right?
  2. Hey Guys here are a few IB Physics resources! I will be posting more as well For now enjoy the worksheets! Contains: OPTION A Questions with answers OptionA.docx OptionA_Answers.docx
  3. New Bitmap Image.bmpHello Everyone, I am new to this forums and is really happy to be here. I would like to request some help on a test question that I have completed yesterday, but found out I have completed the question incorrectly. The first box is not attached to the second box, and will fall if a force is not applied. The question being: What minimal magnitude of force is required to prevent the left box from falling down, when the friction is u=0.5 between the boxes, and with a friction-less surface. I got 530 with two sig figs, from finding the Force of gravity the left box exerts, then doubling it for the friction between the boxes, and doubling it again because Force of normal from the right to left box, is half of the applied force. However, the teacher said the correct answer was in the 300's. Please help? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  4. 25 downloads

    Economics worksheet on Market Equilibrium and PPF
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