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Found 10 results

  1. Hey there fellow IB people, I've decided to do my Extended Essay in History, and my supervisor said that the topic I've come up with is way too broad. I tried to narrow it down myself but I've been finding it a little difficult, so I was hoping some of you would be able to help me out. My topic was "To what extent were the Serbian people persecuted during World War II". Any help is super appreciated
  2. Hi, I have been unsure about my research question for weeks, and I keep on rethinking everything. I have decided to write about Nazi Propaganda, and my research question as of now is "to what extent was nazi propaganda effective in maintaining the compliance of the German Citizens from 1939-1945." For my categories I was planning on writing about Anti-semistic propaganda, Nationalism propaganda, Purity of race propaganda, and "admiration" of Hitler propaganda. I mentioned this to my mentor and he said that I should refine it because it may be difficult to quantify (which I agree with). I'm just wondering how am I supposed to refine my question? Are there any other questions I could go for that would have more quantifiable answers? Thank you (sorry to be a bother)
  3. alii264

    History IA Help <3

    Hey Everyone, Did anyone by any chance do a History IA on something to do with the Cold War, WWII or something involving the holocaust? All tips welcome. Research question ideas are welcome as well. I was thinking something along the lines "To what extent were social exclusion and economic persecution of Jewish people between 1941-1945, contributing factors to the rise/establishment of Israel as a Jewish state?" Thankss
  4. Sharmaine the First

    On the Look for a Book

    Hello! I need to start research for my IA soon. One of the cool things I learned I could do with this assignment is compare a movie and a written account, so for my topic I came up with: How accurately does Barefoot Gen portray the devastation caused by the Hiroshima nuclear bombing? Can anyone recommend a good read that gives accounts of the Hiroshima residents that survived and/or were witnesses to the effects of the bombing? Also, I hope the fact that the film is animated doesn't mess things up. It's historical fiction, so I wouldn't think so, but just to be sure..... Thanks a bunch!
  5. alisonwong7

    HI topic

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with an HI topic that is related to either Hitler or World War II. I know this is a broad topic and I am really trying to narrow it down to something interesting. Any suggestions? I know this may be dependent on the person, but what would you find interesting? Thank you!
  6. lokislollipop

    World War II Notes

    These are the notes I made during class on World War II. For the Topic Causes and Effects of Wars (Paper 2)
  7. Hello everyone, I'm in a crisis. Not to say I have no advancement, or my deadline is close; neither of those are true. I have done some research, and my deadline is far from now. However, I have a question about my question. My Topic: Navajo Code Talkers on WWII My research question: To what extent were the Navajo Code Talkers an important element in the American victory of Iwo Jima and Okinawa? My question about my question: It seems as if it's too narrow (I couldn't find much sources, mainly due to where I live). I want to know that if I were to change the question to: To what extent were the Navajo Code Talkers an important element in the American victory against Japan in World War II? Thanks
  8. So, my History EE topic is: How did the strategy and mobile armored divisions of Nazi Germany affect the outcome of the Battle of the Bulge? Yeah, yeah, I've already read that you shouldn't do a World War II Extended Essay, but it's a little late for that. I'm getting ready to turn in my first draft, and I'm worried it won't sound interesting when my advisor reads it. It's a lot of technical specs on the Panzer tanks and discussion on battle strategy, wrapping up with an explanation of how even though the tanks were good, the strategy wasn't, and how that affected the outcome. I think it's interesting, but I love watching documentaries on history, I'm a fourth-year member of our school's History Club, and I just love history in general, especially World War II. So, if you've done a History EE, were you ever worried about sounding boring? If so, what did you do? I mean, I figure since my mentor is a World History teacher and one of two History Club sponsors, he surely can't be too bored by it, right? I mean, if history bored him, he would have to be really bad at picking careers.
  9. Sir Azder

    WWII in the Pacific Help required

    Here's my situation, I'm an IB student studying in the UAE. However, I am from Malaysia, thus my entire summer would be spent in Malaysia. Now I have chosen my EE and IA topics for History, but the thing is, the books that I require apparently are not in the libraries in Malaysia. I require books about Navajo Code Talkers and books about Saipan. Thing is, now I am in trouble because there are no books for me to consult. Are there any websites that you know for sure that has the books that I may need, I am willing to pay, but I don't want to end up having to buy the books. Please, someone save my life...
  10. I am really interested in doing a history IA relating to psychological warfare, brainwashing, or something of that sort. Any ideas to help me narrow down my topic?

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