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Found 46 results

  1. I'm in year 12 and I have started my EE halfway.. but until now I still dont know what should I do for my EE. Can anyone please help?
  2. Hey guys, so my EEs is on risk perception of GMOs, and how this influences implementations in countries. So I have psych as part of my interdisciplinary and bio. So do I do APA citations or MLA citations??? I'm so confused and this is due tomorrow and i just realized this. Welp
  3. Hello, As I am doing my world studies EE research, I came across a few obstacles. For my world studies essay, (which requires 2 subjects to approach a topic) I want to approach the biological and societal effects of using a gene editing technology called CRISPR in modifying and killing off mosquitos that carry Malaria. There's a global project going on called project target malaria, that has already conducted lab experiments and have proved that mosquito populations with malaria can be reduced. However what has left me rather confused is if I can approach the topic the way I want to. I want to explore what would happen in society and ecosystems if this global project does what it aims to. My research would be based on previous information (such as the role of mosquitos in ecosystems) and apply it to answer my question. And this brings me to ask: Is this topic too hypothetical? Should my topic entail something that has already been accomplished? All advice would be appreciated
  4. Hi there, I am struggling to come up with a topic for my extended essay. I have a marine aquarium and I really wanted to do it on something relating to that. I am currently thinking that maybe a biology one about the symbiotic relationship between coral and zooxanthellae bacteria but am unsure how to word the question. Also thought maybe a world studies on chemistry and ESS about the relationship between calcium and alkalinity (they precipitate each other) and how this effects reef formations. I am open to ANY suggestions whatsoever so please don't hesitate to throw any ideas at me! thanks so much guys!
  5. Hi so I have decided to write my extended essay on the world studies topic of Chinese traditional medicine. However now that I have chosen this topic, I am not sure where to go next. I wanted my research question to be something a long the lines of "to what extent is chinese traditional medicine effective...". I wanted to answer this by comparing the treatment and its results for chinese traditional medicine with those of western medicine for a particular disease, however I am finding the research for a particular disease to be quite hard. Do you think I should continue to research for a disease or should I scrap that idea and write the essay to be more along the lines of the history and concepts behind chinese traditional medicine and how it came to be? or is that to broad and generic? I am really lost so if anyone has written their ee on chinese medicine, can you send let me know what you wrote yours about? Also if anyone knows any good sources regarding chinese medicine and/or alternate medicine, please inform me! Thanks
  6. Hey all, I was thinking that my World Studies EE Research Question is too broad and I am having problems narrowing it down. My EE supervisor says that a broad RQ is fine for a world studies EE but when I look it up online it says that the research question has to be focused. I am extremely confused right now. My RQ is- To what extent has the migration of unskilled workers into Dubai, UAE affected its economic performance and how has this affected the migrants themselves? So, this RQ has two parts. The first is focused on economic impacts and the second is focused on personal psychological consequences of migration. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Is this research question appropriate for world studies extended essay:- To what extent has the migration of Indian domestic workers into Dubai, UAE affected its economic performance and racial and ethnic discrimination? I plan on combining the subjects, Economics and Psychology.
  8. Does World studies with Physics and Economics usually score well? I can't find any examples on the internet :((( If it doesn't, I'm planning to take literature to "play safe" (although I know I never will be) Please help, I'm picking my ee topic now and going through hell :'(((
  9. I came to this website in hopes of figuring out how to solidify my question for a world studies EE and so far I feel as if I have one but it would be nice if someone could give some feedback before I finalize it. My specific area of research is animal testing and what issues are surrounding it in the world right now and how does this compare to the experiments of Russia and America specifically in the 1930s-1960s. What I have so far: How has the progress of animal testing contributed to the betterment of society since the Soviet Russian and American experiments of the 1940’s to 1960’s?
  10. Hello, I have decided to do my EE in world studies - language, culture and identity with the focus on study-abroad programs and how they affect the cultural intelligence of students involved. So far I came up with the following KQ: How does participation in study-abroad program raise cultural intelligence and affect career choices of students in the Czech Republic and the USA? (second options is to look closely on how students after study abroad programmes leave to study and/or work to another country due to the effect of globalisation and loss of their national identities) I would look at this though psychology (sociocultural level of analysis), however, I'm not sure about the second IB subject to consider. I was thinking about Social and Cultural anthropology (although this may be too related to psychology) or Global Politics (which is one of my IB subjects, but I'm not sure how to connect it to the topic). What are your thoughts on this KQ? Is it too broad? Should it be reformulated? Thank you for any ideas and suggestions!
  11. Hi everyone, In essence, I'm really having trouble coming up with a solid topic/research question for my EE. For world studies at my school, we have to do the language, culture, and identity topic, which narrows my choices, but I feel like the things I'm interested in wouldn't be evidence-based enough/have enough info for a 4,000 word essay. For example, at first I wanted to explore the evolution of French in Lebanon over the years (maybe specifically Beirut?), including the societal perceptions of it and potentially decreased usage in comparison to English. However, I was doing some preliminary research and I just don't know how I would get evidence to back up my claims/have things to write about. Plus, I don't know if it's broad enough to write on and am not sure how it would connect to a global issue. So then I moved to maybe doing something with theatre history, and became interested in the Soviet use of agitprop (basically propaganda in theatre form). But to do that, I think I would have to compare it to the same type of situation happening somewhere in the present, and after some research nothing really turned up. There's a lot on theatre being used to resist the government, but not so much the government using theatre to indoctrinate. So can anyone help me create a research question/better focus from these potential topics? Or even suggest new topics, I'm definitely open to suggestions! Thank you so much!
  12. Hello! So recently I have been struggling to with the Extended Essay research question or topic in general. My supervisor isn't much help tbh, but I think I might have figured it out. Basically I am doing World studies in English and History. I chose immigration to be my global issue and decided to focus on Germany (my local area). This my research question: To what extent did Germans try to push the Turkish guest-workers (immigrants) out of Germany during the time 1960-90s and how was literature used to isolated immigrants? Is it any good? Is it too brought? The thing is I am not sure how I can bring English into this without trying to find a piece of literature and analyse it. Another thing is, a teacher of mine told us to choose the subject that we are going to study later but I don't think I am going into English and Literature even though I would love to do political science, my parents are planning something in Biology, basically science area. But I chose World Studies because I am really interested in global issues and political issues such as mass immigration, or identity politics etc.
  13. I have some confusion regarding the theme Health and Development. What do they mean by development? Economic development or mental, social development?
  14. I'm in my first year of IB and I'm currently about to start my extended essay. I was wondering if anyone knows the details of the new interdisciplinary option for the EE? I was hoping to do a paper on Biology and Art and the EE supervisor at my school originally said it would work but she's not sure anymore if the IB will allow it. Does anyone know the specifications for which subjects are allowed?
  16. Is it appropriate to start an EE in world study question with "what" and analyse the impacts of terrorism in a particular region? Will this kind of question be appropriate according to world studies' criteria?
  17. Hey! Thank you for clicking this to help me. My extended essay draft is due on Friday and I need more data. Please fill in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VWMDWDR Thank you so much for the help. All the best to those who are doing theirs,.
  18. Hi, I am about to choose my EE topic and I am thinking of doing a world studies one, area: Conflict, peace and security on the current refugee crisis in the Euroepan Union. I just wanted to know if there is anyone who's done their EE on a contemporary topic, possibly even in the area of conflict, peace and security and how they approached it, since it appears much easier to me to research a topic that's happened in the past and has books had written about it. Thank you for reading, I appreciate any feedback
  19. Hi guys, I am not too sure how to structure an EE, my supervisor is one of those people who is stuck up and not willing to helpful unfortunately. Also, I am a little confused on whether the whole EE is based on just facts and figures and if not what kind of discussions are included? PS: I am doing a world studies ee on the syrian refugee crisis and its impact on germany
  20. Hey so I want to do an extended essay in world studies, some of the topics I have brainstormed are: 1. The implications of the one-child policy on the world and chinese economy 2. How and why the world business language is becoming mandarin instead of english? 3. The rise of right wing governments across different countries and the world implications for this. I don't know how to narrow down my topics. So pleasee help me narrow them down and form a research question, also are these topics good for a world studies EE?
  21. My school just started the EE process, and I need help deciding between World Studies and Film Studies. I was wanting to do something with the Cold War and the use of film in propaganda.
  22. I recently heard about the possibility of doing my EE in world studies, but my IB coordinator is skeptical and will not guide me any further. I ask you in the hopes of getting a little more information.. (I cannot find the IB guide book for world studies) Is it correct that I can only choose two subjects to talk about? Does that mean I can't include anything else that fits under these? I am very interested in ocean conservation, and would like to write on this. Is it too broad to talk about overfishing, climate change and pollution and a world without ocean? Bringing the issue down on a local basis is no problem. Would this qualify as a world studies EE - a good one? THANKFUL FOR ALL THE INFO I CAN GET...
  23. I'm thinking of doing a world studies EE, but I can't seem to find any good example essays or helpful material on writing one. I've found only two sample essays online, but nothing beyond that. Does anyone have any good resources? Or anyone has written an essay on world studies could you share your experience? Thank you! Well, I managed to find some resources for myself and thought I could leave it here for anyone who might be looking for examples in the future. http://spmoodle23.aisgz.org/mod/folder/view.php?id=44664
  24. Hello everyone! I am currently struggling between two disciplines and topics for my extended essay. 1) WORLD STUDIES: examining the effect of conflict between religion in a certain world issue (syria/palestine, I have yet to decide about that) 2) PSYCHOLOGY: how dreams affect our realities OR something that circles around sexual orientation (fluidity, identity) OR something about how pscyhopaths become psychopaths through nature/nurture I'm just very stuck and frustratingly indecisive, there is so much to research for both of them. What do you think would be the "better" one? Thank you so much.
  25. Hi all, I'm writing an EE on the effects of social media on social movements in World Studies. I'm looking at media theories (mass communication media like news, printing press, etc., basically mostly stuff prior to the Internet and web 2.0 stuff) and resource mobilization theory (which talks about what is needed for a social movement to be successful. Up until this point, I've put media theories under ITGS, but now I'm not so sure it fits... since ITGS talks about the Internet and communications through the Internet and similar networks, but media theories isn't all about that. (Resource mobilization falls under sociology, which I'm putting under psychology, so it should be all right.) So my question is, what IB Diploma subject might media theories fall under? Surely it'll fall under something? The gist of media theories, if it'll help: "Who says what to whom, through what channel, and to what effect?" So that's the content producer, the message, the audience, the medium, and the effect of a message. Thanks!
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