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Found 14 results

  1. throughthelens12

    Subject Choices

    Hey guys, I was wondering if the following subjects would allow me to take an Economics Course in the top colleges in the United States, especially Ivy leagues? I am keeping the option of Ivy Leagues open here. I have taken the combination based on the idea of managing my academics with personal developments and creativity. (Balance between logic and creativity). I do have an interest in Media and designing. I could replace CS with DT if required to show colleges the idea of handling challenges. I have just finished an MYP course. 1. English HL 2. Math AI HL 3. Economics HL 4. DT SL 5. Film SL 6. French AB SL
  2. YoDaddy

    Help me out guys!!!

    Hii! My HL's are Biology, Chem and Business management. MATHEMATICS SL, English sl and Hindi sl. I had physics up till grade 10 (IGCSE A*). Can I major in Computer science with these subjects in the US (colleges like Georgia tech, Purdue, Wisconsin Madison, etc) (or Canada)? I know they review each applicant holistically, but still subject do matter... Also roughly how many points (out of 45) will I require to be competitive for admission in Georgia tech!
  3. Hey! What do the CalTech Admissions people look for in a candidate? How do I maximise my chances of getting in? Any CalTech Alumni here, I would love your advice.
  4. OmarSawalha_

    Good IB score for NUS or NTU?

    So I just started the IB in September, and I'm wondering; what is a good score to aim for once I graduate? I want to apply to NUS or NTU for Business Admin or Accountancy, but I'm still not sure about what exact scores are good enough to be accepted with. I'm also an international student, if that helps. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I am a first year IB student and I have started to consider my EE topic. I want to study Biomedical/Biological Engineering in future; my courses are Chemistry, Physics, Math, Turkish A, English B and ITGS. Keeping my goal in mind, I thought that an extended essay on Physics or Chemistry would look good for the college applications. However writing an extended essay on those is a tough job and I am not genuinely sure if I can hit A with an EE on Physics. On the other hand, Language A is a course that I really enjoy and I believe that a research on Turkish literature would be both easy and fun. My concern is that an extended essay on Language A could be a weak spot for an engineering applicant. Do you think that would affect my application? Should I switch to Physics or Chemistry even if there is a possibility that my grade will not be high? Thank you in advance.
  6. Montse Muñoz

    Is IB worth it?

    I am currently finishing my first year in the IB diploma. My current grade average is of 90. I am a Mexican student planning on applying to American universities in December. I think we all know that IB is VERY rigorous and I don't know if it is really worth it. The main reason why I'm staying in the diploma is in order to get into a good university. The alternative I have is taking three IB courses (I would choose HL Math, HL History, and SL Information & Technology in a Global Society) and I would probably raise my overall GPA. Do admissions officers really value the full IB diploma instead of just some courses?
  7. So, I really want to go to Yale. It's been my dream for a long time. I'm also applying for Harvard and Princeton, because those are the only Ivy Leagues that offer good financial aid to international students (I'm from Canada). If I get in, I plan on majoring in history or political science. The thing is, I'm in Math Studies SL. I don't plan on doing sciences or math or anything like that, I only want to do humanities. Do I have a good shot at getting into Yale, Princeton, or Harvard's history or political science programs with a 7 in Math Studies, given that my other grades, extra curriculars, and standardized test scores are perfect? Is it required of me to take Math SL to get into a humanities program? Thanks!
  8. Hii, I've applied for computer science to waterloo, mcmaster and carleton. I don't know which one to choose. I already got into carleton and I have to reply soon. The thing is I haven't heard anything from the other two universities. I expect to hear from them in may as I read that that's when they make most of the offers. If I go to carleton, I get a scholarship. I also like the campus and how its near the rideau river. I've heard mcmaster is good too, but I'm not applicable for any scholarship. Waterloo is where I want to go, but I'm doubtful whether I'll get in. Should I accept carleton offer or decline and wait for the other two?
  9. palewhimsy

    Minerva Schools at KGI

    The Minerva Schools at KGI is a relatively new institution, so it is difficult to find much information online of the admission processes of past students. Is anyone familiar with their admission standards with regards to IB? Thank you!
  10. Me and my best friend are applying to the same university: Columbia. We are very similar: we had top grades (which are exactly the same in total) for the MYP and now we are in the DP. We take three of the same subjects: Math SL, English A LangLit HL, and Psychology (SL for her, HL for me), two of which we are in the same class. We have great CVs and SAT scores, and we complement each other very well. Also, what I lack in one thing I make up for it in another, and vice versa. We work very closely in terms of extracurriculars as well. What I wanted to know was, is there a huge likelihood that only one of us will be admitted to Columbia (ignoring the fact that none of us may be admitted) because we are similar and go to the same school? How big is the possibility that we may both be admitted in it? If anyone has any other input regarding the subject matter, or about Columbia/Ivies in general, you're very welcome to comment!
  11. Hi guys, I'm an IB student and am really looking forward into getting accepted into UCL in UK for a medical program(mostly the MBBS/BSc). I will have to apply in 4 months and so far I have finished my 11th grade and even though i got a 39/42 in the first term with: 7 in Chem HL 7 in Bio Hl 6 in Psychology HL 7 in Math SL 6 in Spanish SL 6 in English Land and Lit SL, and 37/42 in the second term (iwas kind of sick and ended up not being able to prepare well) :/ : 7 in Chem HL really high 6 in Bio HL 7 in Psychology HL 6 in Spanish AB really high 6 in Math SL 5 in English L&L SL Yeah my second trials weren't as good as i expected but the teachers know that i could've done better. So, according to the information I have, My predicted grades will be: 7 in Chem HL 7 in Bio HL 7 in Psych HL 7 in Math SL 7 in Spanish SL ( my teacher observed that i was putting in a lot of work and told me she was gonna predict me a 7) 6 in English Lang and Lit SL So, This gives me a 41/42 and this would probably be what UCL receives from my side. I will be giving my SAT and am hoping for a score between 2100 and 2300. I will be giving my IELTS and am pretty sure I will be able to do well. What do you think my chances of getting into UCL are and do you think I should probably do more tests or so? Thanks guys
  12. I received my IB grades recently and my predicted grades were 27 but I got a 21. Its reaally low and I know it. I also appeared for SAT my score was 1840 (CR: 560 M:700 W:580 Essay:8). I also appeared for SAT Subject test recently and I'm expecting around 650 for Math I and Physics. I used to be a good student in IGCSE though; 2 A*, 5 A and 2 B. When IB started I was under the impression I'll be able to work everything out as the year will progress but apparently, I devoted a lot of time for the Internal Assessments. Hence, the screwed up scores :/ Anyway, now that I've cleared that, I'm looking at the following US colleges: Virginia Tech UMass-Amherst University of Wisconsin-Madison SUNY Stony Brook Florida Polytechnic Purdue University-Main campus Uni of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I want to pursue Computer Science as a major. Also, my parents are funding my tuition so I'm not applying for a financial aid/loans of any kind. What are my chances of getting in these places? PS. Will explaining my situation as I did earlier be of any help in anyway? I could elaborate and explain it to the admissions committee. I'm sure it doesn't work this way but will a word of re-assurance help my application?
  13. I was looking for applying at AUC (Amsterdam University College) as it turns out you cannot major in social sciences without having taken math standard level. It's almost been a year since I started IB, do you think it is possible to change from studies to standard? It probably needs a lot of work, but could it actually happen? Or should I try contacting the university and ask them about applying with my math studies score?
  14. Erudite

    Does Sports matter to UK Universities?

    Hey all! So I attended a talk with some college counsellors yesterday and while this lecture really stuck to US University applications, they really emphasised the importance of a balanced profile between academics, ECs and sports. I have the academics and ECs down and I used to be in the school handball team until last year, but I took a step back since I have so much other stuff going on now that I'm in the IB. I mean I run and exercise to keep fit but that's obvi not like being in a team sport. Can my Indian classical dance training count as an equivalent to a Sport? It definitely takes up a lot of energy and time and stamina! Please let me know because I can always rejoin a sports team at school in IB2 if it's like super impactful on my chances at a top uni in the UK. Thanks a lot! IDOLS

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